Jung Il Woo Sighting At Seoul Fashion Week: Adorable Smile, Epic Fashion Fail

My favorite response to the Lee Min Ho is dating Suzy reaction bonanza has got to be Kim Woo Bin professing his surprise along with the rest of us, and then adding that he won’t be hearing from Min Ho hyung for the time being. I love how Min Ho’s buddy wisely knows when to not bother a dude in love. With that said, maybe another Min Ho good friend Jung Il Woo needs to ring him up soon and ask for a second opinion, how else to explain the utter complete inexplicable fashion walking fashion disaster Jung Il Woo donned to attend a fashion week event last week in Seoul.

Jung Il Woo was in the Studio K runway audience wearing that above. What exactly is that, I can’t even begin to comprehend. A blue version jail stripes modified into a three piece suit and then adapted into shorts for a beach outing? Regardless of what the heck it’s intended for, what I want to know more is why Jung Il Woo would wear it, much less out of the house and in public. Oh my boy, please bother Min Ho-shi during his dating honeymoon and get some buddy fashion advice and make sure you burn that monstrosity as soon as possible.


Jung Il Woo Sighting At Seoul Fashion Week: Adorable Smile, Epic Fashion Fail — 37 Comments

  1. The short is too short… And stripes everywhere..

    I wonder what he was thinking before he wore this to a fashion event.

    • He was thinking either “I should wear this because this look is in vogue for S/S 2015.” or “I think a jailbird from the old days would look nice for this event. I just have to change the color to a bluish tone so no one would suspect where I got my inspiration from.”

  2. That third pic shows the face of embarrassment. I would like to hope that Jung Il Woo was forced into wearing that. Looks like a cross between Waldo and Madeline.

  3. Wow… that outfit is a piece of work. I can safely say it’s not my style at all (in terms of liking it). Although i wonder if Min ho would answer with recommending strangely ugly (imo) sweaters. LOL well, one thing is for sure, JIW should not wear that again. Which famous designer is that?

  4. lol I think it would actually work if the shorts were a little longer. I could totally see some skinny kpop idol working this, but for someone who actually looks like an adult man it’s a bit out there. He’s got nice legs though.

  5. As KWB said Min Ho is busy for the time being but JIW is welcome to call kim bum anytime.. Kim Bum stylist will be at his serve

  6. LMH dispensing fashion advice! LOL. What about the days where he was ridiculed for wearing those fugly sweaters two winters ago? Well, his fashion advisor is to be commended for letting us forget his bad taste in sweaters.

    As for my darling Jung Il woo he looks like a lollipop, the electric blue is too bright for the eyes. I wonder if the outfit would’ve worked if it were black and white instead? But I’m loving his smile…

  7. Koala you should read Go Fug Yourself, the ladies there sound like people you could be friends with and this is exactly the kind of thing they would call fugly lol.

  8. This cannot be serious.
    He lost a bet with LMH.
    “You’ll never go public with Suzy. If you do, I will wear whatever YOU pick out to the next fashion event.”


  9. What he’s wearing is part of the Studio K men’s collection for Spring/Summer 2015 (the company whose show he is attending). He’s either very very loyal to them or was paid to wear it and get attention.

  10. I don’t get it. Is it supposed to be a ladies wear? The distracting color aside, I think this would work better if worn by a female. Like a chic office dress?

  11. I feel so conflicted about this… I mean, if the shorts were longer I could see them work if combined with a nice white shirt for a boating outing or something.

    But it all is just too much together. And the jacket is too long, especially with the short shorts. It’s also the way the blue looks almost painted as well..

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