K-ent Baby Watch: Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung Welcome Baby; Ji Sung Takes Lee Bo Young on Babymoon

K-ent has been following along with two big celebrity couple pregnancies in the last few months and both had some updated news this week. The Lee-Lee married couple of Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung welcomed a healthy baby boy on Tuesday morning in a Seoul hospital. The baby was born via C-section and narrowly avoided having an April 1st birthday. The couple released an official statement confirming the safe delivery for mother and child, as well as vowing to be good parents and create a happy family going forward.

A baby’s birth is always a joyous occasion so I want to congratulate the couple, especially now mommy Lee Min Jung for having her pregnancy mired in her husband’s blackmail and sketchy behavior scandal. Their baby did nothing wrong so here’s hoping the little boy does indeed grow up in a healthy happy family, and the couple has worked through their problems and doesn’t let it affect being good parents. On the other hand, the beloved acting couple of Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young have hit the third trimester of her pregnancy and all continues to be swell in that family.

After wrapping the critically beloved Kill Me Heal Me, Ji Sung did a ton of media interviews to unwind from his epic and memorable performance of a man suffering 7 dissociative identity disorders. This week he jetted off to Thailand with wifey Lee Bo Young for a much deserved babymoon while she can still safely fly. Their baby is due sometime in June and neither have any acting projects on the horizon as they settle in to anticipate the arrival of their bouncing bundle of joy. Fans in Thailand spotted them at the airport and snapped cute pics showing Ji Sung carrying all of his lovely wife’s big bags for her. Awwww.


K-ent Baby Watch: Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung Welcome Baby; Ji Sung Takes Lee Bo Young on Babymoon — 21 Comments

  1. Awww! I like you wishes to baby Lee. And sleep. Wish them lots of blessed sleep.

    As far as my fav celeb couple of all time, best of health and love to them. JS and LBY are lucky to have each other.

    • I personally know someone who was born a day too close to April Fool’s Day too. I pretty much spent her day, a thankful day, at Baskin Robbins for the cheap $1.31 scoop of ice cream. Haha~

  2. What a different image do these two couples present (although to be fair we would never know what’s going on behind closed doors). Dear Lee Min Jung, congratulations on the birth of your baby boy! I wish for your son to grow up healthy and happy and for your husband’s dick to shrink and fall off.

  3. I don’t know about korean and pregnancy but did they didn’t have baby bump? Even in a drama its rarely show a woman with pregnancy and baby’s bump (except Ho Gu). But LBY is 6 months pregnant and doesn’t look one at all and even LMJ when she is heavily pregnant.

    Anyway congrats for both.

  4. Baby..baby…I love babies…they are so pure and cute. I hope more celebs (especially still single one) will get married and having babies soon. Many celebs still not married yet. It’s really wanna make me pairing them one by them..XD

  5. Congrats on the Lee couple and I wish a lifetime of health & happiness for the baby.

    Safe delivery for Lee Bo Young.

    Is there are significance for not wanting April 1st as a b-day? I know it is April Fools day but choosing a c-section just for that?

    • I’m pretty sure the birth date is not the reason for the c-section, but the included PS. I bet she got a tummy tuck as so many celebs do, who try to make us believe they gained back their model look miraculously after three, four weeks.

  6. I’m so ridiculously happy at Jisung and Lee Bo-young’s “babymoon”.

    And of course, congrats to LMJ on the baby boy. 😀 Giving birth is no mean feat. Hope her life gets better from here on.

  7. It’s funny, comparing those two pictures, couple 1 wife no smile and looks stressed with fake smile on hubby, couple 2 relaxed adorableness~

  8. hope this old man will stop with his habit of sleeping with young woman. now that he have a child. feel bad for LMJ. why does she have to married to a man who sleep around with young woman.

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