Suzy Talks About Her New Romance with Lee Min Ho on Happy Together

What to do when your idol group has a comeback new album out, which happened to coincide with news breaking about your out-of-the-blue new romance with a high profile top star? How about slay ’em with candor, as Suzy just did in her first onscreen discussion about Korea’s fixation on her new relationship with Lee Min Ho. I find Suzy adorable in any non-acting setting and recently she’s been in full idol mode promoting Miss A‘s new album. She’s the most popular member of the group and in a new relationship, making the media attention focused on her understandable if a bit unfortunate for the other members.

Sitting down for a chat on the variety show Happy Together, Suzy made her first onscreen statements about her new romance, explaining that it really has only been a month since the romance started and she would hope to receive congratulations as people’s response to the news. Check out her full chat below on this topic, she didn’t say anything terribly revealing but I did take note of her beaming smiley face just like a girl in love.

Suzy discusses new romance on Happy Together:


Suzy Talks About Her New Romance with Lee Min Ho on Happy Together — 25 Comments

  1. So adorable! And it’s awesome to see that she’s being so open about it and not caring about her first love image. Korea is all over her with a bunch of articles released everyday and it seems her idol group is 1st on music charts against very strong competition, so all is well, I guess.

  2. It’s a good thing her image is not damaged, since it’s the most important thing for her cfs. I don’t think she could have survived treatment like what IU got, it’s not like she had IU’s levels of talent to fall back on…..always a danger of being popular for an image.

    • I wouldn’t say her image is not damaged as it did effect her in some bad ways… Like there’s a lot of comments floating around calling her “easy” for staying in the same hotel as Lee Min Ho after dating for a month.. Some even dubbed her “Nations First Experience”.

      Other fans no longer like her cause apparently there were 2 other Miss A members that claimed that LMH was their ideal type and that she “stole” him from them. LOL!

      I think it’s ridiculous the amount of hate she is getting although it’s not on the same level as IU! Suzy is so adorable I hope that people will stop getting so involved in her love life!

      • Her image is effected, not damaged, and especially no where near the level of destruction that has befallen IU. Considering she was photograph entering a hotel, the backlash against her as an epitome of chastity is no backlash at all.

  3. Its good to see her in non-acting situations that despite she is a famous idol,star she looks like a smiling girl in love. Let them date free and its sick pressure on the stars in that culture that she has to say it out aloud that its not like she did anything wrong.

  4. Yes, she’s glowing these days. A girl is in love. She keeps playing with her That’s the sign when she’s nervous. So cute. I saw some people complaining (not here) that she talked a lot about him but in reality she really couldn’t escape it especially when her group is promoting right now. Because of her carefree personality the MCs love to tease She’s so shy about it. Have a long lasting love u two. I think by now in general Koreans are supportive towards their relationship.

  5. Wow i didn`t think she would talk about him that fast. It`s been over a year since Lee Seunggi and Yoona started dating and we still avoid questions about each other.

    • It’s not like she volunteered to talk about him.This episode was filmed 5 days after the dating news broke out. Reporters were looking for her. So I dont think she can avoid the topic. If u watch the whole episode she’s really careful and nervous talking about it. The mcs keep teasing her about it doesn’t help it either. But just like she said i hope she will date quietly. But it’s cool she’s not avoid it. After all dating isn’t a crime.

      • I’m sure she could’ve avoid question , Yoona had to promote album and Seunggi his drama soon after their dating was reveled and they still avoided questions on all shows. I`m sure they would respect her decision to stay quiet.

        I don`t why but i feel like most likely she wants to brag about dating older oppa.I get that vibe from her, she seems very young and naive.Not that i blame her, i would brag about dating LMH too lol.

    • Yoona answered questions way back last year about it. Though both LSG and Yoona are really careful people and different from her. Suzy has a bit of a I don’t give a fuck attitude you can tell, not in a bad way.. but she’s not as image conscious as those two. I doubt she’ll be answering many questions from now on though.

  6. I personally don’t care about their relationship. I’m happy that they’re dating, but I’ll be fine if they broke up. I feel like she should be more coy with publicizing her dating life. It seems too quite seeing as how they’ve only been dating for a mere month. I appreciate celebrities like Lee Seung Gi/Yoona who keep their relationship low-key.

    • Lee Seung Gi/Yoona are smart in doing so. External pressure from public sometimes does hurt a relationship. It reminds me of INFINITE L dating news breakout that almost ruined an idol’s career life just because his ex gf was so outspoken about their romance on social media. L was almost broke down under public pressure. Stupid as it was, this was also real.

  7. I agree, I think she is good in variety, any non-acting situation really. She can be so free is because the netizens aren’t as harsh as they were with IU. And also in these shows the better option is to have something to talk about, good publicity.

  8. Suzy is a breath of fresh air, both in look at attitude. I admire celebrities who don’t try to hide their dating life, they are adults, and got to live without worrying too much of others’ ideas and judgement. I like her now because of her healthy and frank honest attitude. Lee Min Ho is one very lucky guy.

  9. She is so cool, i like her more, she is the typical “yes i dont give the fuck”.
    i’d choose with her answer rather than some idol/sctress who is older than suzy but hide behind their agency or being asking but give the aegyo or smiling answer, it is so annoying.
    she is 22 years old but she handle it fine despite her crazy and greedy agency.
    With 11000+ upvote knet support them. when the Top star dating with The korea national first love, yeah K-net is blaming dispatch.
    Congratulations Lee Min Ho and Suzy. You two Lucky !!!

  10. i like suzy’s courage she has done more dan enough in talking abt her relationship wit lee mi ho…bt if only lee mi ho can just for once openly admit nd acknowledge d relationship..things wuld be better wit their image..after all d man is suppose to do all d talking nd support his woman in d public

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