Big Screen Calling: Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Min Ho Seriously Considering Separate Film Offers

It’s nice of these potential movie casting news to drop on the same week so I can bundle it into one post. I’ve noticed fans of one or both actors tend to bring their names up in each other’s posts so this ought to make things easier. First up is Kim Soo Hyun, recently named honorary ambassador for Incheon airport, and already busy at work filming the upcoming KBS Friday night drama Producer. It will be his first acting project (movie or drama) since the smash hit You From Another Star, and I for one am eager to watch the drama and see how his acting has changed with the year away.

He also has a thriving movie career, with two back-to-back hits with The Thieves and Secretly, Greatly, and his agency has confirmed that Kim Soo Hyun is considering a specific movie for his next project after he wraps Producer. It’s a movie from the production house that did The New World and will be directer Lee Jung Sub‘s first movie (he recently directed Healer). The movie is tentatively titled Real and is the crime thriller involving a man suffering from split personality disorder. Looks like the whole DID topic isn’t dying down this year, just moving from dramas to movies. Kim Soo Hyun hasn’t signed on the dotted line yet but is reportedly considering Real favorably.

While Kim Soo Hyun has Producer coming up, Lee Min Ho still hasn’t picked a drama after his last small screen hit Heirs. He mentioned in interviews earlier this year that he was going to comeback this year with a drama but currently everything under the sun is getting cast all the way until the fall already. So unless he’s eyeing a sageuk with Six Flying Dragons or crime thriller Signal, or a winter drama that isn’t currently on the radar, it’s looking less and less likely he’ll be seen on television anytime soon. In the meantime, Lee Min Ho has received an offer to star in C-actress Zhang Zi Yi‘s upcoming cross-border movie called Eternal Doll. It’s based on a Korean novel of the same title and is described as a mystery thriller. He’s also reportedly seriously mulling over the offer and keeping a close eye on the production, which is currently still in the early stages.


Big Screen Calling: Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Min Ho Seriously Considering Separate Film Offers — 23 Comments

  1. LMH is going to comeback to dramaland in November. He will shoot a movie before that, most probably this one with Zhang Ziyi.

    • He has to go to military at the beginning of next year so I don’t think he has enough time for a drama if it starts in November. It usually takes about 4-5 months to film it.

      • November would be airing date. Filming starts earlier. Drama will probably end in January so enough time for March 2016 enlistment. But i think he will go in September like Joo Won.

      • @k – he still needs a drama that starts airing in November and that it’s looking for a leading man like him. You can’t say he’ll come back in a particular month when we don’t even know what dramas are scheduled for autumn.

      • poeple usually enlist marts-31 or sept. so there is enough time for november come back.

        rumors has the movie will be announced soon and the drama might be announced even before that..

        KSH has so far come out aggressive this year and knows the enlist will be forever and LMH haven’t responsed well to this pressure yet. He just got girlfriend and besides that i don’t know if his heart 100% is into this. but still he will come out extremely prepared and hungry in this year. to make a statement before he enlists

  2. Yes Mr Lee go do the movie & quickly get enlisted.
    Mr Kim do your drama & movie & get enlisted next year already.
    I wonder why Korean males enlist so late in their twenties.
    I thought the authority should enlist all males when they turned 21 & after 2 years can continue with their civilian lives & whatever plans…

    • That would work for actors like in this case, but for idols they need their early 20s to build their careers. They are often forgotten after they turn 30 since there are so many idol groups forming all the time in Korea.

    • Normal korean males do enlist early, usually after high school before going to college. But celebrities go late because often they began their career when they were still in schoo. So they try to leave their marks in the industry before leaving, hence enlisting late.

    • Seriously wish ifans would stop talking about enlistment. Or judging the actions of these celebs. It’s non of your business and it’s a very sensitive and complicated matter, especially for those more famous with contracts and CFs. Most of these guys can’t just up and leave.

  3. KSH is an 88er so there’s time before if he still wants to wait. LMH and all the 87ers have to go next year at the latest. I’m waiting to see if LSG will do a drama before enlisting. He was considering early in the year so I would be surprised if he doesn’t. But then again, he always has knetz behind his back screaming for him to leave already. Price you pay for having such a clean and clear image, I guess.

  4. for last 3 years this two guys been competing in the top for CFs, megahit wars, chinese-market, awards and popularity.

    This year it will heat up more then these last years since 2015 might be the last chapter of this competition before enlistment but I have no doubt that even after enlistment they will continue the furious competition.

  5. Hehe… yep, it’s the bundle package. 🙂

    In terms of projects, I always liked KSH’s better (not saying that LMH isn’t just his project and roles haven’t moved me personally). I think in both cases, these two boys will be just fine in whatever they choose. I must admit after Hajina “trauma”, I have been pretty allergic to DID of any kind. I couldn’t even fully enjoy Ji Sung oppa, whom I love. But at least KSH is doing Producers so I can watch that.

  6. LMH has kept quiet all throughout that breaking news and even after. No hint or clue of next projects tho he did say he will come back w/ a drama this year. everybody’s been waiting. I just think he’s got so many things deal on and wants to do ( drama, movie, cf, lovelife, family time, fan meet, etc) before enlisting. Maybe putting pressure on himself or maybe he’s feeling the pressure.

    I say just get it over with and when he comes back after 2 years he’ll still be the big star that he is.

  7. Im waiting Lee Min Ho comeback! gosh i miss him on screen. Any of you alr watch Gangnam 1970? he is sooo good there. Idk he makes my heart flutters watching that movie (lol its action cruel movie) hahah he acts so good there. Now im waiting his new project. He is so careful picking his next project. Hope he’ll find a good one soon. Im thirsty for his acting comeback. Palli mino ya palli!!

  8. yes lee minhos acting in ganganm blues was sooooooooooo great. i miss him so much. he won the 2015 asian male god poll for second time.

  9. LMH!hope you do find time to read these comments?CF,pays better?it’s a question I believe also in popularity,fame,skill,or you are not getting rolls? or your agent are to approve for you? will I say you are the one rejecting?”your music is very loud now dance dance and dance if not????remember!upcoming actors are in making many LMH are on the way so decide now we want to watch your new dramassss!enough of fanmeetings,Re-Minho!!!!

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