Celebrity Magazine Snaps Dapper Gentleman Ji Chang Wook

I wish Celebrity magazine would change its title, just to avoid the inevitable cringe I get everytime I see a cover star’s face plastered right under the too obvious title. Aside from that, the latest Ji Chang Wook pictorial in Celebrity magazine signals the end of Healer Seo Jung Woo as the drama hair is gone and replaced with a reddish tinted hue and a lot more volume up top. He’s also doing a combination of dapper gentleman with weekend professor look which I dig.

Ji Chang Wook’s star rose considerably in greater Asia after Empress Ki, but that drama was a female lead centric vehicle where he happened to delight a swath of fans as the resident man candy. Healer hasn’t aired yet outside of Korea so it’ll be interesting to see if that drama is as popular as EK, or at least for Ji Chang Wook continues to build his fan base and exposure. He’s not butting up against military enlistment deadlines just yet and up next will be a leading man role on the big screen with the movie Modified City with Director Park Kwang Hyun.


Celebrity Magazine Snaps Dapper Gentleman Ji Chang Wook — 33 Comments

  1. I don’t know if Healer will be as popular as EK but everyone keeps telling me to watch it! I didn’t know that Healer hasn’t been aired outside of Korea…that’s pretty impressive considering how many people I know who’ve already watched it!!

    • Healer was interesting at the beginning and middle of the drama, but it died off towards the end for me. I invested a lot of time in it, but stopped at ep 17. Still haven’t watched the rest yet.

      • Really?! Its the only new drama that I finished and completely surprised how beautifully executed it was from beginning to end. I have watched so many dramas that I was about to give up on kdramas because it was the same thing over and over again. And here comes Healer and reignited why I like watching kdramas.

      • @Janice I would recommend it to you, but of course everyone has their own taste in dramas.

      • @Angskeet Well… It’s the same for me.. Healer or SJH’s character is just alot more interesting when his focus more besides romances. As much as I love their chemistry together, CYS is just too weak and innocent/kind besides his real identity. I’m not that interested by the main plot either, which about their past. But I gave the show credit for making JH’s character some flaws, like he has it in him that have an idea to kill someone he hated in his head, it’s makes him more human.

    • Yeah, I didnt know Healer has yet aired in other countries given the craziness JCW has experienced while travelling around Asia. In Thailand, he was mob like crazy. In Hong Kong, he couldnt move without various security guards around him. In Shanghai, he couldnt go to the Dolce and Gabbana event he flew for because safety concerns of so many fans around him. So, it is pretty impressive with the international sensation Healer is getting now without it being aired yet.

      Wonderful for him. I didnt even know who JCW was before Healer, and very impressed with his acting. It felt like I was watching the character and not an actor playing that character.

  2. For me Healer is my favorite of drama of 2015 so far. I didn’t watch Empress Ki until after Healer. I have to say that I was totally impressed. Love him.

      • That crossed my mind but 1 April has long gone…
        Probably something puck from the air on a no news day.
        Anyway these two have never work together before very unlikely.
        Ok next!Haha.

  3. unless they’re like minzy? doin a photoshoot in different country! proably where? hk,shanghai, or bali? 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • he went to Bali.. but how about kang sora, did she? hehehe im okay if he dates someone, i won’t date him lols.. 😀

      • LOL same here, i prefer that She’d date the girl who is playing on my mind right now 🙂 🙂 PMY PMY :p :p

  4. I couldn’t get pass the first ep of Healer.but I picked it up again,only to get irritated by the skinship.I’ve always love JCW(especially in Warrior baek dong so).nut I couldn’t watch Healer.I felt the drama had no real plot but just romance

    • I couldn’t finish it either for the exact same reasons as you. I felt that the plot had no direction and was almost 80% about the romance. The skinship was a turnoff. Honestly, it was marketed as a ‘action’ type of drama. The action scenes were so few and basic. And if I wanted to watch a drama that explored the romance genre properly,

      • Sorry didnt finish. If i wanted to watch something that properly explores the romance genre, i wouldn’t be watching Healer.

  5. I couldn’t finish Healer because of JCW’s plastic face. I’m sorry if I offend anyone here but it’s just my opinion. That fillers botox or whatever it’s called make his face look so unnatural, makes him look like a plastic doll and have that strange creepy smile. I don’t get men doing this kind of things, especially young men because gosh they just dont need it, ok when you get old but at this age!! Didnt like him in Empress Ki and Healer and dont like him on the pics above. Once again just my opinion. And sorry, don’t mean to offend anyone

    • He never got a single thing done on him. If you dont like him, more for others. But you dont need to go make stuff up and bash anyone. And you stating false claims, is you wanting to offend and put people down. How sad.

      • Don’t mean to offend anyone? Yeah right. Obviously you do or you wouldn’t write such crap when you don’t even know if it’s true or not. He hasn’t had anything done to his face. Think your oppar is 100% natural? Don’t count on it.

    • You cant judge if someone use botox by seeing him on a photoshot like the picture above or watching his face through drama or movie. Dont forget the power of make up or technology. Some actor will change their look according to their character. If I compare his face on a drama or his real life (you can watch on reality show as running man or so many video of him at the airport) you can see the different. And you can understand what I say. I believe you are smarter than this..

      • No difference. Same guy with the same natural features. I think we are all smart to believe false statements from a commentor on a web with no proof and just wants to offend. Throughout his career, there have been no reports of any at all because there were none done. People are surprised now a days with natural good looks with all the plastic around. So if you dont like someone, move on to someone you like instead of making stuff up to offend.

  6. I really like the drama Healer ! The second characters are great ! The hacker, the adoptive dad, their real parents, his “master”, etc. And I don’t think the drama, it’s only romance. Yeah in the last episodes, but for me, it’s a plus because they look like a real couple and not just like a innocent couple we have in other dramas.

  7. I fell in LOVE for the first time with a drama like HEALER. It was so amazing, addicting, and beautiful that it literally made my heart flutter every episode. The plot, the acting, and pacing, made this drama so wonderful. It’s my all time favorite kdrama. Highly recommend it 🙂 and also made me find out what a true fangirl is, because I became one with jcw lol

  8. well….I love him…
    especially because he’s more into a musical theatre…
    and about a plastic face….auuch….well, he just too good to be true, that’s why people tend to envy…
    he can emotes well….and in Healer, his acting is more than good, he just become Seo Jung Woo, that makes me believes that he’s alives and living somewhere with his beloves Young Shin, eccentric hacker Ajuhmma, loving uncle and the duo daddy….

  9. i hear he currently in relationship with his female lead in Healer. Healer is fantastic i enjoyed watching it i woud say the best this year.Finally he becoming recognized it is awesome.

  10. What a great smile he has. I liked the drama for its action, acting and romantic interest. All the actors were good and worked hard to make this a memorable drama, which I truly believe it will be. It’s cute, loveable romantic side, was darling and worked because of the chemistry the two leads had for one another. Just wait and see…this drama is going places.

  11. Just like PSH, JCW is a natural but he,too just had a MINOR nose enhancement. Both are really handsome men. i don’t understand why someone here has the heart to malign celebrities even if this is a free forum. if you’re an actor or an actress, it’s just normal that you should look good all the time and maintain your looks always aside from trying your best to excel in acting. it’s part and parcel of your career as an actor.if i were one, i would. LOL besides it’s a global fact that Korea is now the leader in plastic surgery. Even an ordinary non-showbiz Korean resorts to it because to look beautiful is an important aspect of life for Koreans.What more in being a celebrity who is
    always in the limelight?! For me, it’s just how an
    actor or actress can get away with it. Many Hallyu/
    KPop celebrities have managed their natural as well as enhanced looks well. as for JCW, i think that he is doing fine. He has achieved his rightful place in Hallyu now after all those years. fighting, Chang Wookssi!

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