Shin Mina Offered SBS Summertime Wed-Thurs Drama Let’s Have Dinner Together

This is most excellent drama news, but a word of caution not to get too excited since it’s still a ways out and much can change in the interim. SBS is lining up dramas well into the summer and a new production joins the busy line up with modern workplace romance Let’s Have Dinner Together. The drama will be adapted from a popular webtoon (what else is new) and is currently in talks with Shin Mina as the leading lady. SBS is pushing thriller Signal out into the fall and plans to have Dinner take over the Wed-Thurs time slot from Mask, which is taking over from the currently airing The Girl Who Sees Smells.

If Shin Mina accepts, it will be her first drama in three years since MBC‘s Arang and the Magistrate. During those three years her Arang costar Lee Jun Ki has done three more dramas, LOL, so Shin Mina definitely is not prolific with her drama output. Two years before Arang she did My Girlfriend is a Gumiho with Lee Seung Gi so I would say she makes the most of the few dramas she’s done, i.e. whatever she does leave a positive lasting impression. I may not love her all the time as an actress but definitely admire her unique strong features and sparkling chemistry with all her leading men.

I love how the netizen reactions to her potential drama land return is the same two-step refrain of “Yay, about time unni!” followed by “Who’s going to be her leading man?”. Forever the exact same reaction whenever a favorite actor or actress gets tapped with a potential new project. Sadly the calls to reunite her with Lee Jun Ki is out since he’s got MBC‘s Scholar Who Walks the Night, while calls to reunite her with Lee Seung Gi seems highly unlikely but definitely not impossible since he doesn’t currently have a drama or movie scheduled. I personally prefer someone new with her just to shake things up a bit. Surprise me, SBS!


Shin Mina Offered SBS Summertime Wed-Thurs Drama Let’s Have Dinner Together — 55 Comments

    • OMG!!!This!!!

      You read my mind, I have been hoping upon hope for this to be realized. It would be amazing if she reconnected with Lee Jun ki again, but since that is not going to happen anytime soon, I hope she accepts this project with her leading man being So Ji Sub. Please, Please, let it come true.

  1. She’s so beautiful and an excellent actress too..but I feel like her natural style ofromcom acting would be better suited to cable than standard network drama.

    I want to see her with a new costar who can match her beauty and acting ability. Like Kim Jae Wook or Park Hae Jin. Though will KJW ever get a lead role? Lee Jin Wook might also be good.

    Too bad my fav otps of hers, Lee Jun Ki and Joo Ji Hoon, are already tied up with other dramas just before/at the same time.

  2. Signal is out of the line altogether per the latest news… I don’t even want to comment on possible male leads because I have no idea how much the story line will be changed based on availability but let’s just say that the character as written is more of an Eric/So Ji Sub/Lee Jung Jae type than a Lee Seung Gi. Anyone else catch the female lead’s new name? Kim Choon Sook? Heck, I’m not Korean and it sounds old fashioned to me! Would it have killed them to retain the name Woo Do Hee?!

    • Sorry I didn’t understand your first setence….does that mean she isn’t doing the drama? 🙁

      Eric would be a good pairing with Shin Min Ah, actually. Maybe they want a lead close to her in age/not one who’s younger?

      • When this drama probably airing?

        Eric might still busy for his group promotion
        Gong Yoo busy for movie promotion
        Jo In Sung and So Ji Sub…this two I don’t hear any news yet. Oh, please…one of them. I’m getting bored with noona romance. There are a lot of hottie actors in their 30s now that more appealing from appearance to acting skills in Korea…

  3. OMGosh … honestly, she has a really good eye on what is good drama. i’m glad she does not settle for less even though that means less output. love love LOVE her!! <3

    • It’s true. None of her dramas in the last 10 years have been bad, she chooses well with scripts even if she does less dramas.

      Even Ijuksa which was a total melo, had a great and compelling first half.

  4. Love her so much. So excited for it.
    Have already thinking about the long list of potential male lead

    Same age or sunbae

    Jo In Sung
    Kang Dong Won
    So Ji Sub
    Gong Yoo
    Lee Chun Hee
    Lee Jun Ki ( was waiting for their union but i guess we have to wait longer)

    Noona-dongseng romance

    Lee Seung Gi
    Joo Won
    Kim Woo Bin
    Kang Ha Neul
    Sung Joon

    • It would take a miracle to bring Kang Dong Won to TV again, so he’s more than 90% out. Lee Seung Gi is off to military pretty soon, Lee Chun Hee is busy with that drama that will star Jang Nara if I’m not mistaken and Kang Ha Neul/Sung Joon aren’t famous enough at this point to get a leading part next to Shin Mina. But the others are fair game. I would LOVE to see So Ji Sub and Jo In Sung on my screen again.

      • I think he expressed interest in starring in a drama recently. He was even rejected for a role he wanted.

  5. For me she is the complete package when it comes to physical beauty. She is the most gorgeous korean actress for me. Song Hye Kyo, Kim Tae Hee and etc are beautiful but no one comes close to Shin Min Ah’s proportional body figure. She is just adorably gorgeous. She’s also one of those very few celebrities who wears very complicated outfits (almost everyone wears the girly girly playing safe outfits) but she’s totally rocking everything she wears.

    • Song Hye Kyo and Kim Tae Hee are pretty but in a boring kind of way. Shin Min Ah is stunningly gorgeous, charming, and totally magnetic. Okay, Kim Tae Hee is charming too but she just doesn’t compare to Shin Min Ah. Shin Min Ah just has a cool and relatable aura about her.

  6. Maybe this time SBS will actually follows the webtoon and hire a competent writer who doesn’t lack creative writing.

  7. I love this actress ! She can play a cute girl or sexy girl or sad girl. And yeah she’s so beautiful ! I really loved her movie with Jo Jung Suk. They were cute.

  8. I don’t know why people are saying Kim Woo Bin, Lee Jong Suk, etc. The webtoon is not a noona dongsaeng romance… there’s a huge difference between being forced to cast someone younger because famous appropriately aged actors don’t want to do dramas and casting someone younger because the male lead was written to be younger.

    • I was surprised at the suggestions too. Doesn’t it say an office romance? Shouldn’t they both look like they’re in their 30s then?

  9. I saw somewhere i don’t remember where someone writting about this webtoon… then in that minute it crossed my mind, this sounds like something LMH would pick.. Manga like webtoons.

    Hopefully cofirmation will come soon.

  10. so what this webtoon about? what kind of guy the lead character? how old he is? i don’t wanna speculate without information.

  11. Early rumors has it is non other then ”The Hallyu King” Himself Lee Min Ho taking on this role… EFFIN mind blowing if this turns out to be true.. BIG guns will come out to I guess since SBS already moved around there schdule for this one..

  12. I’m probably the only one who loses interest once they attach Lee Min Ho’s name to a project. LOL. I mean I liked City Hunter but that’s about it. There’s just something about his acting that makes me laugh, no offense. Peace! 🙂

    If we’re throwing out leading men names, I would rather have the usual actors in their 30’s. So Ji Sub, Gong Yoo, Lee Junki, etc.

    • Call him whatever you want but that man is a conqueror of hearts and thats the fact.

      If he brings his best and in the mode for a drama.. his unstoppable and automatically conqueror hearts. I can’t explain it.

      • This… unexplainable, and its not about looks because i use to think that way but its not true since there is 100 of good looking guys in the k-ent but it he has that ”It factor” but ultimately I think it comes down to strong personality..

  13. Well if his coming out to this then I hope that Suzy cashs in on the Female lead and that would actully mean ratings throw the roof!

    But still nothing confirmed even this LMH rumors are not confirmed let alone anything else!

    • AS minoz if he picks this drama I’m not confident with this girl and you know LMH has megahit reputations to defend and she dosen’t have that aura that says this is going to be great.. Or she is not experienced enough to produce these great hits and when I say great hits I mean these once in a life hits that LMH usually produce from time to time..

      Park shin hye had that aura and she was useful to produce something great with, same goes to crazy yet silly GHS’s Geum Jan di character and the same to Kim Nana( PMY) at her peak. I totally agree with you on Suzy she has that innocent aura and powerful energy that can produce great fruits with Min-ho in any upcoming drama. I hope If LMH takes this that they drop Shin Min-a… Suzy has strong fanbase as well + the hype.

      • I Can see benefit with LMH-Suzy in this webtoon you have a guarantee megahit on paper before it airs and even starts filming.

      • I see where you guys are coming from.. Shin Min ah is a good actress and even veteran but still its not enough.

        The good candidates IF LMH takes this.. Jun Ji Hyun, PSH or Suzy.. the two later what they don’t make for talent they make it for fanbase and trending power. Jun Ji Hyun has skills and trending power so she is extra plus but Suzy-LMH rumors could make this into something really especially but thats only IF he takes this. since all of this is just rumors.

      • @nabila PSH might not at JJH’s level (actually emotionally acting I think she is better) but she is far from “don’t make for talent” nor to compare with Suzy. In fact LMH isn’t that great in acting compared to all the young actors in her generation.
        LMH-Suzy could have make a huge hit but more for the hype, not the acting of either of them.

      • LMH is superior actor and watch Gangnam blues him outshine Kim rae won.. ”one of the most beautifully designed and lushly filmed Korean productions ever made.” He found Lee Min-ho “thoroughly convincing as a rising gangster with a cool exterior and emotional core,” but that Kim Rae-won’s performance had “a little less depth,” yet nevertheless was Kim’s best performance since 2006’s Sunflower, in which he also played a gangster”

        Lee Min Ho can go into all of his characters… he dosen’t just make great hits but he acts them out perfectly..

  14. I love his jerk characters the Gu jun Pyo’s, City hunters or Kim Tans of the worlds.. His really good at act out these arrogant and yet charming cocky guys..

  15. Love Shin Min Ah!!!! I will watch her in anything! Please come back to dramaland.

    No LMH please! Would be so disappointed if this happens!

  16. I am neutral with SMA. For me to watch her drama, it mainly comes down to the plot and who she is costarring with. I don’t find her exceptionally beautiful. Actually, her sharp features took me a while to get use to. She does look great on photo shots though. Her acting is just okay at her best.

  17. Frankly this actress is 100 times better than all the others mentioned here, She is super cute and very natural and his acting is just awesome ……. And his smile sublime
    I think it is a natural side she has and that’s why I really like this actress after course one can not love everyone but me she has my merit

  18. have you guys watch leeminho on Gangnam 1970? ppl who say he cant act must be blind. try to watch that movie and im sure you’ll take out what you’ve said. he is so good there. among 4 hallyu stars who enter chungmuro he is the one that critically acclaimed. idk about SMA but seems her acting never that stand out too. i would like to see minho cb with a total namja character, myb like kimjongdae in Gangnam 1970. He is freaking hot and sexy hahaaha

    • Saw it. And no. I liked him in BOF but after that drama with this, Heirs, and Faith, he really needs to get more experience as an actor. He showed his limits as an actor in these dramas.

      • I watched Gangnam Blues and I agree with Mins its Critically acclaimed and a very successful movie for him to have on his CV with a great director who is known for his merciless way of filming.

      • Gangnam Blues was awesome movie altogetheronly if you like violent movies.. The violence in that movie is unheard before!

      • whats with ‘these dramas’? ugh BOF that cringeworthy drama hahahaha its ur opinion but my fav is his recent work Gangnam 1970. He nailed Jongdae character till the core. He played emtionally and his charisma explosion srsly daebak. critics say so too heehehe

      • Clearly you cant separate difference aspects of a drama/movie. I never said BOF was a good drama but his was performance was good. After that with Heirs, Faith, and this, he is limited as an actor and need to work on being better.

      • Sorry, my brother was using the family computer last. It’s actually me. Let me say that I do like him, but I was disappointed with what he did in these and expected more especially with what I saw.

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