Yoo Seung Ho Lights Up the MBC Section TV Interview

My boy Yoo Seung Ho is basically a baby male god status right now in Korea. From halmonis on down to elementary school kids, he’s beloved in Korea comparable to the Moon Geun Young‘s popularity heyday from her Painter of the Wind era. Koreans love their talented child actors and Yoo Seung Ho has the added bonus of behaving perfectly as the elders like: he did his military service young and enthusiastically, his acting is universally adored, and he’s known to be super duper sweet and polite to everyone he interacts with in the industry.

At this point he just needs acting projects to be proud of to cement his status completely. He’s filming the sageuk movie The Joseon Magician right now and it’s unclear whether he’ll take another movie or drama later this year (I hope he does), but he remains a busy bee with so many CFs flying towards him since his discharge. MBC’s Section TV caught up with the cutie for an interview after a dessert CF, and this time he sits down alone for the chat and sends the interviewing noona into fits of girlish giggles. Wouldn’t we all.

Yoo Seung Ho for MBC’s Section TV:


Yoo Seung Ho Lights Up the MBC Section TV Interview — 10 Comments

  1. I first saw Yoo Seung Ho in Missing You — and he was the only good part of that show — and loved him in it. He is one of the few anti-protagonists that I rooted for over the lead. Can’t wait to see him in more dramas!

  2. First time I saw him was in a movie with kang sora.
    Both were so young then. But they were good actors back then.
    Hope they can reunite in anoher movie.

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