K-ent Reports More Glowing News on Song Joong Ki’s Tight-knit Friendship with Industry Pals

Count me in with the group that is not surprised Song Joong Ki landed the male lead role in Kim Eun Sook‘s big budget high profile upcoming drama Descendants of the Sun. I love him as an actor and a genuinely nice guy, but even then I’m still constantly taken aback at how popular and beloved he is in Korea. Case in point, lately there is an unending stream of articles about Song Joong Ki whenever he does anything, aside from substantive acting updates, basically if he sneezes the K-media will write glowing articles about it.

He was spotted at the wedding of good friend Kwang Soo’s little sister last week, and this week he secretly attended the wedding of also good friend Kim Moo Yeol to actress Yoon Seung Ah. Song Joong Ki will be discharged in May and has accumulated lots of leave time, so the media is reporting how he’s using it up solely to attend celebratory events for his good friends. What makes the industry love him is that he really goes go to support friends in a low key way, never announcing it beforehand and always dressing incognito as to not take away from the attention on the happy couple.

Aside from attending weddings of close industry friends, the media is reporting that back in February, while Song Joong Ki was on the standard army leave for lunar new year, it so happened that the father of Jo In Sung’s manager unexpectedly passed away. Jo In Sung and Song Joong Ki are super good friends so Song Joong Ki spent a day of his vacation break at the memorial hall along with Jo In Sung to support the manager.

Going to the army right after the movie and drama successes of The Werewolf Boy and Nice Guy, respectively, definitely put the brakes on a breakthrough that didn’t have a ceiling in sight yet. That he got tons of drama and movie offers thrown at him while he was still half of year out from discharge confirms that the industry is dying for his comeback as much as the public still remembers him fondly.


K-ent Reports More Glowing News on Song Joong Ki’s Tight-knit Friendship with Industry Pals — 23 Comments

  1. Hahahahah… I’m pretty sure his a nice guy but your squirting to much for this guy and sucking him like there is no tomorrow.

    • Same here. I wish they’ve got someone else as the lead actress. Perhaps a younger but good actress like Han Groo, Kang Sora, etc…

      • The part is not for a younger actress, it’s for a woman in her 30s and the writer needed a big name. Those 2 are not as popular as this drama needs.

    • She is the reason I am going to watch this drama and not SJK (though I like him too).

      You may not like her but there are tons who like her. Same like I may not like YEH, PSH, Kang Sora, and others but there are fans who adore them.

  2. Song Joonk Ki is my favourite as well as an actor and a nice guy. Its nice to read how everyone and the industry itself appreciates people like him. Thank you fir the sweet post.

  3. I admire him as an actor and for roles he picked but disappointed that he picked KES drama. Maybe because she guarantees success. I won’t be watching it but wish him success.

  4. While he’s not a favorite of mine yet, I still love his acting. TWDRs and SSKS – awesome in sageuk form. I have no doubt that he will rock KES’s drama and I wish him all the best.

  5. Another military discharge I’m waiting eagerly for – so talented, and such a sweetheart too! I hope Descendants of the Sun is less pedestrian and chemistry-free than Heirs, but I have faith in his acting even if I don’t have faith in KES’ script.

  6. My baby!!!1 Even though I’m going to be sorely disappointed by descendants of the sun, I’m going to check it out because I have missed him so very much. Why does Kim Eun Sook always cast actors that make me want to stick around her shows?! I already know that I’m either going to hate his character or her’s (most likely his. Just for once I hope Song Hye Kyo’s character has a backbone.

  7. Why do you have to put an article like this? Now I definitely need to go to Korea this May, meet SJK when he’s released, offer myself and all my savings for him to take me as his wife, or even just as his personal assistant (with benefits wink, wink). Reading this just made me love him more. 🙁

  8. SJK is so far the whole package, talented + good looking + a nice guy in real life (very important) I like him too and it made me happy to see that he is a good person.

  9. This post is totally for the people who doubt his relevancy in that one article’s discussion lol. Here’s more to SJK’s smexy pals gang, from Lim Ju Hwan’s recent interview:
    “Me, Jo Insung, Kim Kibang, Lee Kwangsoo and Song Joongki. 5 of us often meet and contact each other and the meeting itself is a serious kind of meeting. it’s not that we give an advice to each other, but its more like where we talk about things that we missed as we lived as an actor. all of us have a different tone in acting and even thoughts so its fun to talk about some things together. and we got to learn things that we don’t know too. of course we didn’t talk about serious things only, we talked about a pleasant things too. we joked around too as we drink together. not long ago, we got ourself a youngest in the group. we recruit exo’s member D.O. as our new member. he did a drama together with Jo Insung in it’s okay it’s love drama and because of that connection he got to join us. but because of that the other members’ response is “why we always met with men only”? cause never even once there is an actress that joined us. to the girls that read this article please contact us hahaha” (translation by: kyeongsew)

    • Hello, I am willing to join this group LOL Too bad I am not an actress nor do I think I can ever be one. I love that this group exists. They seem so random, but they sound like they genuinely care for one another. As celebrities, having friends/support system that you can always rely on is so important.

      Thank you, Ms. Koala for all your articles on Song Joong Ki! I cannot wait for him to come back. To be honest, I am cautiously optimistic about Kim Eun Sook’s new drama. I haven’t ever finished any of her dramas though. I hope the male lead is finally someone I can get behind and root for.

  10. I’m his fan after watching Nice Guy and The Deep Rooted Tree. He is such an ace actor who nailed each role thrown on him regardless it’s a leading or supportive one or even the script sucked at some point like Nice Guy. So I’m very curious how he will handle KES’s drama since my memory of being traumatized by Heir is still fresh. LOL….

  11. Ari, when i watched DOTS it was pretty much because of Song Hye Kyo, i later appreciated Song Joong Ki, Again i believe actors/ actresses grow with time so i never dismiss anyone.

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