Spop Magazine Features Someone Like You Pretty Leads Kingone Wang and Kristen Jen

I’m still happily watching TW-drama Someone Like You (Chinese title Hearing Happiness). It’s the SETTV Sunday night tent pole drama but feels like the network’s stepchild with how the daily drama Dear Mom and the Friday night new arrival Murphy’s Law of Love are both getting so much more publicity blasts. SLY isn’t a drama that is terribly memorable after I watch an episode but it gives off an immediate warm sweet charming vibe that is really satisfying even if it evaporates quickly.

I continue to love Kingone Wang‘s male lead Zhan Cheng, a genuinely funny, nice, smart guy that is the entire package with no flaws other than having the bad luck to lose his first love and eyesight in a car accident. Kristen Jen‘s female lead is still stupider than a baby panda but just as cuddly and playful. Visually these two make one of the better looking onscreen pairings in recent years in Taiwan dramas so even if this drama was terrible I would probably still follow. Luckily it remains super watchable, and now the two leads finally get their overdue publicity turn with an Spop Magazine cover.


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Spop Magazine Features Someone Like You Pretty Leads Kingone Wang and Kristen Jen — 26 Comments

  1. Love this T-Drama and love this pairing! This is currently my favorite T-Drama and I enjoy watching it weekly (even though it only airs once a week). I can’t wait for Episode 14 ’cause they finally started dating! 😀 Thanks ockoala for posting this. Hope to see more SLY related post here. 🙂

    • Yup. They are currently my favorite drama couple. She is goofy but sincere and really does brighten up his world like sun. I love the way he looks at her, and I loved the way he looked when he was thinking about her even when he couldn’t see her. He needed someone exactly like her. I liked how she forgot that he could see and she kept making the faces at him, which of course he found adorable.

  2. I love this show. I have rewatched ep 13 twice already for the warm and fuzzy. Anytime a pair can make me feel absolutely NO sympathy for a beautiful, innocent, kind girl who just recovered from heart surgery, you know they have some chemistry going. Really, every time she shows up, I whisper “go away heart transplant girl, I don’t want to like you.” I purposefully forget her name even. Sigh. I know that it is going to get all angsty soon (the opening and commercial introductions keep reminding us), so I am wallowing in the cute while I still can. (And hot Kingone–I love the smooth corporate punishment of the ex-boyfriend) Thanks for the pics. I wish there were more places in English that I could talk to people about this show.

  3. The organic manner in which their relationship developed is one of my favorites in an asian drama. I loved how they learned to trust and confide in each other and continually encourage one another. On top of that I love their intimate conversations. Really lovely couple. I also really like the supporting characters (minus the cellular memory girl with no personality of her own and ex-baby of course). Kirsten’s mom is my favorite asian drama mom so far, she’s so awesome! I also ship the hell out of their best friends!

    They look great in these pics!

  4. Stupider than a baby panda? ROFL. I about died from laughing. She was squealing a tad much for ep 14.

    But omg, she is so cute. And he is so hot.

    And even though I am watching better written Kdramas; this is the drama I am super addicted to. To the extent that I even followed the station and live streamed yesterday. And I can’t even read Chinese so keep having to use the audio feature of Google translate to understand all the posts.

    How many episodes is this baby? Because I keep expecting the break up next week. It’s absolute torture waiting but those 2 are so adorable together.

    And it’s them together because I went and watched the last 2 ep of ” why why love ” because of him… and I about puked watching all 3 main leads. Even though I actually like the 3 of them in other dramas.

    Is there any possibility of of the boss not breaking up with Yu Xi??? Please?

  5. Love the last few episodes. Super cutesy and adorable but Kristen really needs to lower her aiyos. They are moving super fast, I wonder if there’s a bed scene soon lol?! And I don’t like the heart transplant girl. I want her to secretly go away, so boring, I don’t like ZC sister loveline as well. The whole drama is saved the chemistry between KO and KR, otherwise I would’ve dropped it. They are both so beautiful and handsome I couldn’t stop staring at them.

  6. Its nice to see a few familiar IAGW commenters also following this drama, I thought I was the only one. 🙂 And I also noticed the lack of publicity surrounding SLY compared to other SETTV dramas.

    On to the SLY, I never thought its the warm and fuzzy type of drama, but it has a surprising way of creeping up the warmth. And I think Kirsten’s role is more on the ditzy and playful side, but it works well here coz it balances Kingone’s serious but hot boss role. Just like what @trotwood mentioned, Someone exactly like her was the one he needed the most.

    I’ve been analysing my ambivalence with the heart transplant girl, coz I just want to snooze whenever she appears on my screen, and I think more than half the reason is the actress’ portrayal. I know the role is supposed to come off as this quiet, prim and innocent type, but the persona is so lethargic on screen and appears unnatural, there is this “I need to appear innocent” type of acting going on.

    @ck1Oz I read on IG that during the fan meet, they mentioned 6-7 more episodes to go. And with that information, I’m pleasantly surprised with how they managed episode 14. It was kinda unexpected for the characters to know all the information. Whatever it is, I just want the couple to hurdle all the onslaught together.

  7. @akikisetsu and @Chaeki Thanks for your posts. I was beginning to think I was a really evil person for hating the heart transplant girl so much when she has absolutely nothing to garner such hatred. I, too, just want her to go away. It’s like the oxygen in the room gets sucked out when she shows up.

  8. Can’t wait to see Episode 14! Love Yu Xi and Zhang Cheng together. It’s about time they finally hook up. She needs to stop calling him “boss” though and start calling him by his name now that they’re are dating… 😀

    LOL, I agree about the heart transplant girl. While she seems nice and harmless, I’d rather she stayed friends with the main leads than cause them to break up. I don’t want her to get together with Zhang Cheng nor him hooking up with her (as a rebound…if he and Yu Xi ever breaks up, which they better not! Or out of sympathy) because of the heart transplant she got from his deceased fiancée. I’m glad his unlikable stepsister is not pining for him anymore and instead has shifted her focus, attention, and time to the priest guy, aka Yu Xi’s adopted brother, lol… 😀

  9. I started to watch this drama with no expectations but ended up really liking it. I have watched In A Good Way and didn’t really like Rong Rong (Lorene is her new English name btw) much there because of her acting but here she has really gotten a lot better, especially her crying scenes. Her speech on the graveyard in episode 14 made me tear up. Kingone has always been a good actor. But what I like the most in the series is the chemistry that Rong Rong and Kingone share both on-and off-screen. I like the development of their relationship and the last two episodes are so sweet and looking at the preview it seems like there will be more sweet scenes to come (as all of you I really hope their sweetness will last till the end, I’m also very afraid that Ya Ti will come in-between them).

    • Likewise here. I noticed this drama because ockoala (thanks) posted about it here. So glad, I checked it out ’cause I’ve loved and enjoyed watching every episode since then. Let’s hope Yati doesn’t come between them because she seems like a nice girl and gets along well with our favorite couple. Speaking of our OTP, there scenes together were so sweet and romantic in the last two episodes. Definitely episode 13 and 14 are my two favorite episodes with their sweet couple moments I love re-watching, thus far. 🙂

  10. I love Kingone Wang’s voice. Deep, yet soft.

    Chen Yu Xi is over the top but I think it’s to show the contrast with Luo Zhan the dead fiancé.

    It’s mostly a low-key show, which I appreciate because the cutesy sound effects/music in other Taiwanese dramas bug me.

  11. I just finished ep 14 and am posting because I have to talk about this show with anybody (even though I know no one is going to be reading this now). I feel as if I am finally being rewarded for all the times I shipped Kingone as the second lead who waited around and lost. He exudes such warmth every time he smiles that I turn into goo. Oh my. The smile, the eye crinkles. And his character cooks, too! I also like how the secrets just keep coming out and he confronts them. Now I am trying to figure out what is going to tear the OTP apart. I know enough about dramas that they only give this much cute/love in the middle to break viewers for the inevitable OTP parting. I can’t for the life of me now figure out what that could be. Heart transplant is is NOT a viable option for a threat. She is too good and kind. Maybe the unwanted pregnancy cold be turned around and be stuck on him? But how? They can’t even use the white truck of doom because that has already been used.

    • Another thing I like about this drama is that the problems/misunderstandnings get solved very quickly, eg. Yu Xi knowing Zhan Chen likes her, Yu Xi accepting the fact that Luo Han is her twin sister, Zhan Chen telling Yu Xi regarding Ya Ti’s heart transplantation etc, and also the fact that the leads are so honest with each other so I can’t think of anything that can break them up either unless Yu Xi decides to let Ya Ti have Zhan Chen because she has her sister’s heart.

      • Yes, I agree with everything you said about this drama. I love that the problems/misunderstandings are solved quickly too and doesn’t drag like other T-Dramas or K-Dramas. Also, I love that our favorite OTP do their best to be honest to each other and whatever problem they encounter, they work through it together. Not too mention, a few supporting/minor characters I thought I would dislike/hate, I didn’t really (even though I didn’t care at all for them as much as I do with our favorite OTP) because they turned out to be not a threat or were not what they seemed to be. For instance, Zhang Cheng’s stepsister, though I’ve always find her annoying and didn’t like her when she was pining for him, as soon as she meet Yu Xi’s adopted brother who is a priest, I was glad she devoted her attention to him (even though Yu Xi warned her that he’s a priest), lol. Also, I thought I would dislike/hate Yati when she first appeared on the series as the intro montage that included here keep reminding us that she might be into a love triangle with our OTP. But she wasn’t so bad or such a threat to them as I thought she would be. Instead she seems like a kind and friendly girl to our OTP even though I don’t really care for her, but I do feel bad for her. I think I even like her than Zhang Cheng’s stepsister. Still, who knows what’s she’ll be like in later episodes, but from the ones we’ve seen her, she’s okay to me. I hope she just stays friends with our OTP and not be a cause of a possible break-up between them. And lastly, I hope that the montage intro we keep seeing is just that…and not in any scene (as sometimes one of those scenes doesn’t happen or not shown in the drama itself). a lot of T-Dramas keep repeating those montages (that becomes annoying after a while after seeing it on repeat too many times in every episode).

    • Let’s discuss the drama here. 🙂 Now that I think about it, I’m honestly torn with how everything were laid out in episode 14, just because I don’t really know what to expect anymore. The writer totally took me by surprised with how s/he is pacing the story and how everything is out in the open, with all the characters pretty much showing maturity and accepting of the truth. I did checked their chinese wiki and it says there that they’ll end at 18 episodes (but this is wiki, so…), but I remember reading an IG posts that during the fan meet, they mentioned having 6-7 more episode. And for the life of me, I really don’t know what those 6-7 episodes would be like. But I’ll take it as a good thing, surprise me good, SLY!

      P.S. I’m a bit sad that SLY has been overshadowed by the very popular Dear Mom, hence the lack of publicity. For the sake of Rong Rong, Kingone and the rest of the casts and staff, I hope their ratings would exponentially increase. 🙂

      • Yes, Lets discuss it here, indeed. I’m glad there’s a thread I can come to here and discuss this drama with others who loved and enjoyed watching it as much as I do too. I don’t have anyone to talk to about this drama, so glad ockoala started this post and to see others talking about it here too. 🙂

        Anyway, just saw Episode 14 this afternoon. I thought I loved episode 13, but I loved this one even more! Loved the kissing (finally) scene between our OTP and all their other scenes together especially the graveyard scene, the bowling scene, and the last scene when he told her about Yati’s heart transplant from her deceased twin sister. Can’t wait for Episode 15 (with more sweet kissing between the OTP…in the rain this time…as seen on the preview!)

        I must say this drama keeps getting better and better every episode! I just love, love watching it. I look forward to it every week. This is by far my favorite T-Drama (hopefully, the rest of the episodes are as good as the last few episodes). Btw, love that Yu Xi’s jerk ex-boyfriend got fired. Didn’t see that coming, but I was glad that he got what was coming for him. He’s such a greedy, liar, and a jerk. I’m glad she dumped him too. 😀

    • Er I did say I’m addicted.

      Of course they’re going to break up. However I want to know if the writer can do that well. I think Boss will show concern towards Ya Ti and Yu Xi will feel empathy towards him. Then they will break up. If that is the reason- I actually want him to suffer terrible, terrible guilt and pain. Because didn’t he promise her mother not to hurt her?

      • Actually I don’t see the big thing about Ya Ti being the receipt of Luo Han’s heart. Like a lot of people said at ptt when Zhan Cheng said to Wei Lian that he thinks that Ya Ti has Lio Han’s heart, we were like “So? What are you going to do about it?” It is still two different people, Ya Ti is not Luo Han. If Zhan Cheng really can’t differentiate that and end up hurting Yu Xi he will be scolded by the netizens like how Po Yan has.

      • The script made it a big deal by painting neon signs about her instinctively knowing which hospital room he is in, and cooking the eexact same thing etc.

        That’s why I said it looks to try to make Ya Ti as Luo Han.

      • I’m afraid they will go down that route too but hopefully Zhan Cheng will be able to handle it well and keep his promise to treat Yu Xi well.

    • the part where Yu Xi hands him a letter might be a clue that she will bow out, being an understanding kind person she is to give them a chance to explore the possibilities & yearnings.

  12. Does anyone have a clue how SLY will end at Episode 20? It seems the male leading actor has never ended with his girlfriend in his other dramas. I do hope Chan Zheng and Yu Xi will get back together in the end.

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