Lee Jin Wook Confirmed as Male Lead of K-remake of In Time With You

Whatever your thoughts on the K-drama remake of popular TW-drama In Time With You, the project is for sure happening and now both main leads have inked their involvement. Lee Jin Wook has just been confirmed as the male lead of upcoming SBS weekend drama The Time I Loved You, 7000 Days opposite already confirmed female lead Ha Ji Won. Funnily enough, this will be the second role that Lee Jin Wook shares with ITWY male lead Bolin Chen but in a reversal as Bolin played the same role as Lee Jin Wook in the C-remake of Miss Granny.

With Lee Jin Wook’s confirmed casting as for theΒ K-version of Li Da Ren, while Ha Ji Won is doing her interpretation of Chen You Qing, no word on whether other reported male lead contender Rain turned down the offer or was never seriously considering it in the first place. Those wanting a Rain-Ha Ji Won project, after their hot and hilarious MV pairing, will have keeping on waiting. There is still a few months out until 7000 Days airs as it’ll be premiering towards the end of June after Divorce Lawyers in Love wraps up.

I’m happy that Lee Jin Wook has been confirmed as the male lead, partly so this drama is locked down and partly because I think he’ll make a refreshing pairing with Ha Ji Won. She gets so many huge name male leads, as Rain would have been, but someone unexpected like Lee Jin Wook shakes things up and gives audiences something unknown to look forward to. 7000 Days will be penned by the scriptwriter of Full House while the PD directed Pinocchio, Gapdong, and I Hear Your Voice. There have been various K-remakes of Taiwan dramas recently, first with Witch’s Romance and then Fated to Love You. This one might top the other two in buzz and hopefully ratings since the weekend time slot gets more viewers these days.


Lee Jin Wook Confirmed as Male Lead of K-remake of In Time With You — 39 Comments

    • Thank god!! Though I don’t know Lee Jin Wook, but he at least fits the image. I was so horrified when Rain’s name came out that I’d just be glad if anyone else took the role. I apologize to all the Rain fans out there, but I need an actor not an idol at the very least for this piece of gem.

  1. My interest in this drama had officially restored. He seemed suited for this role, like Koala mentioned, probably because he had already done one for INR 3. However, I like Li Da Ren character a lot more than his in INR3 so Im curious how he going to play this character.

  2. I’m a little deflated because I really did want to see Rain and HJW reunite. Their chemistry in the MV was just so good that I wanted a longer version of it. But this isn’t the worse choice and if I didn’t know Rain rejected, I’d have been thoroughly contented with this casting. Oh well, there’s always next time.

    • Here. Here. JW will do fine but I sincerely would have loved him in the ex role. It would be perfect for he and Bi to play against public opinion’s “type.”
      Not angry, just a little disappointed.

  3. i thought LJW is very good in Nine! His longing gaze towards heroin when she is getting amnesiac and forgetting their love romance…. it make me truly heartache and i believe he will do this again with HJW! Looking forward for this pairing!

  4. Rain is preparing for his wedding instead of doing dramas *cries*. Lol i think its a legit reason for him to decline two high profile dramas. I guess he gets lots of offers whenever he wants to come back anyway. Still, I wish this was him instead of LJW. He’s the bigger name and the better actor IMO. SBS preffered him too I’d assume. Back luck for me, but will try it out for HJW. Not a fan of remakes, but FTLY was great.

    • Not a fan of remakes, but FTLY was great.

      This is how I feel too, like I really don’t like most remakes but FTLY is the drama that gives me faith this might be good.

  5. OMG!!! YEEESSS!!! Both leads are now confirmed. I have been waiting for a year now for a new Ha Ji Won drama. Finally! It’s happening! Expect some major sizzling chemistry between these two good looking people! Lee Jin Wook is perfect to act alongside Ha Ji Won. He’s handsome, he CAN ACT and He has the best kissing scenes ever! Of course, Ha Ji Won “The Amazing Yeoja”, Korea’s National Actress, Hallyu Queen, Queen of all genres of acting. Ha Ji Won, like always would showcase her superb acting. This drama will be E-P-I-C! A future number one drama to add to Ha Ji Won’s long list of successful dramas! SO FREAKING EXCITED ALREADY!

    • Ditto! I’m super excited with this pairing. I am so rooting for Lee Jin Wook, Yey! I know they’re going to have HOT chemistry. Hoping that when the drama is done, LJW will shine even brighter. He’s a good actor and daebak in kissing scenes, not to mention handsome. πŸ™‚

  6. He is so dog gone sexy, I don’t know how HJW is supposed to not be aware of him, and then resist him once she falls for him.

    This will be interesting to watch! Can’t wait.

  7. YESSSSSS!!!! So happy for this news! I was worried they would have gone with Rain as lead and shoved Lee Jin Wook into the dreaded second male lead territory. My personal choice would have been PIE as Li Da Ren because after seeing him in Heart to Heart, I just feel like he could really nail the role. He has a certain subtle charm and also really grows on you. But well, I’m definitely not complaining!

    • yeah when I first heard about the role being offered to Rain I was afraid Lee Jin Wook would end up second lead. I very much prefer seeing him have a succcessful love <3

  8. Yay! So glad it’s LJW and not Rain! Thanks K-Drama Gods, lol. He and HJW would make a great pairing on this drama. I am most definitely looking forward to seeing this now that they are both confirmed as the main leads! Can’t wait! πŸ™‚

  9. I thought Rain will be the second lead though but not. Aww, I want to see Rain acting with HJW too or at least a girl at the same age bracket with him.

    • Lol, why would Rain ever agree to be second fiddle to someone as unpopular as LJW (practically speaking). I really wanted to see him with HJW but if he’s doing the drama, he would’ve been the lead undoubtedly.

  10. Is this drama really that good? I saw few episodes, and getting bored. It reminds me I Need Romance 2, which I didn’t like. Only focus and circle on love…love…love…from the beginning till the end. And female character was so annoying. That’s why I don’t get the hype over this remake.

      • I don’t understand what’s so good about this drama too. Being honest, not really a fan of Lee Jin Wook’s actings. Just from the title I’m more excited with Divorce Lawyers in Love. Who’s the lead of this series? Not sure but from he title it sounds something fresh.

  11. WooHoo! I am so elated with this pairing. His kisses are are DAEBAK! I know they are going to have some fiery chemistry. I’m in cloud nine! πŸ™‚

  12. I think HJW may not know what hit her… LJW is truly one of the sexiest men to ever grace the screen, in my opinion!! I’m so looking forward to this!!! I hope it’s more than 16 episodes. Oh, to be kissed by LJW…..

  13. LJW is 10 times better than RAIN and with the power house name like HJW, their chemistry will be uproar to the sky… I’m exciting to see LJW again after mesmerised by him in The Three Musketeers…. and HJW? the Goddess is a Diva.

  14. I think this will be a great pairing, I just hope this drama translates as well into a Korean setting as fated to love you.

  15. Rain & Song Hye Kyo looked good together in Full House. But I’m also a fan of Lee Jin Wook whose performance have improved tremendously. I’m looking forward to watch him with SHK in 7000 days.

  16. I’m happy that at least it isn’t Rain but still sad that I never got my Gong Yoo wish. Still, it’s okay because I can see them both having chemistry and he seems like he suits the Li Da Ren role. Yay, pretty excited for this one! I hope they don’t screw it up.

  17. I wonder why they do not cast Jo In Sung.

    Lee Jin Wook has been very active since he broke off with Gong Hyo Jin (???) which makes one wonder why they broke off & why he is then suddenly so active.

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