Park Bo Young Considering First Drama Leading Lady Role in Upcoming tvN Supernatural Romance

Even the possibility of this casting happening is fantastic news enough, if it’s confirmed later on then it deserves confetti throwing celebration. K-media is reporting that beloved young movie actress Park Bo Young has been offered the leading lady role in upcoming tvN drama Oh My Ghost. If she accepts then she’ll be making her first drama leading lady debut despite the fact that she’s been acting for going on nine years now.

Park Bo Young is already well known despite not doing any dramas in her adult career, what with box office behemoth movies like Speedy Scandal and The Werewolf Boy under her belt. I’m excited just imagining the broader audience that will get a chance to see her delightful onscreen presence through dramas. The drama, despite the silly sounding name, got publicity earlier this week as it’s the follow up project from the production team behind High School King of Savvy and will be getting a prime July air date after Ex-Girlfriend Club.

Oh My Ghost Husband is the story of a sultry flirtatious lady ghost who needs to seduce human men in order to earn her reincarnation right. She ends up falling in love with her target, a rude arrogant chef who doesn’t believe in the existence of ghosts. I had zero interest in King of Savvy since I am cold towards Seo In Guk (okay but nothing compelling) and I cannot stand Lee Hana at all, so that drama just had DO NOT WATCH stamped all over it for me. With that said, I heard good things about it which makes me happy that Park Bo Young is considering working with that production team for her first drama leading lady foray. Make it happen, tvN, lure my beloved Bo Young to the small screen STAT!


Park Bo Young Considering First Drama Leading Lady Role in Upcoming tvN Supernatural Romance — 17 Comments

  1. She is so my young favorite actress. I am so happy. But I don’t like HSKOS either. Why TVN? She deserves a Big 3 leading lady. She even acted with popular guys like Lee Jong suk and song joon gi.

    • You’re kidding right? They couldn’t be any different.

      It would be great if she’s paired with Joong Ki or Yoo Seung Ho or even Seo In Guk

    • I’m watching “A Good Day for the Wind to Blow”, with a young Kim So Eun, right now, and I absolutely had the feeling that Kim So Eun looked very similar to Park Bo Young. Maybe that’s a little less true currently (she did that drama in 2010, and her features were a little bit rounder then), but still… I do see a resemblance.

    • C’mon, Adobo…let’s persuade the rest of our friends here on how good that drama was! People, I couldn’t even stand the synopsis of this but when I gave it a shot (out of boredom, I confess!) I got hooked within the first 2 eps!It was more of a comedy than a romance! And yes, they did what any drama should NOT do but the OTP was sooooo cartoon-ish that it actually dodged the bullet. So to make the long story short, the production team is totally capable of taking something “weird” and transforming it into pure comedy! And we all need a good laughter, don’t we?

  2. Liked her in A Werewolf Boy and the premise sounds interesting to me. I dropped HSKOS though. Just wasn’t my cup of tea. But I may give it another try.

    And can the rude chef be Yoo Seung Ho? I’d say SJK but he’s got his hands full with DoTS and he’s not even out of the military yet. 😉

  3. I liked High School King of Savvy but I did’t appreciate the romance between a HS student and older lady. (I like younger men older women romances but making him into a HS student just bothered me)
    I hope she gets the role, she really deserves a leading role on the small screen.
    Plus this sounds like it could be super funny!

  4. It have always amazed me how Park Bo Young have eluded the small screen for this long in her career. To be able to snag her into a drama is a feat of its own. Unfortunately, I’m not that big with King of Savvy, so while I would like to see her foray in dramas, I’m a bit disappointed that it wasn’t with a bigger network or at the very least a production team that I liked.

  5. Yoo Seung Ho and our usual biases are probably too big for cable tv :/

    I hope they find her a good leading man, is all. My wishful thinking says Song Joong Ki, but he is DEFINITELY too big for cable tv. Seo In Gook is doing another drama too, so it can’t be him.

    • Yoo Seungho did Operation Proposal in 2012 and that aired on TV Chosun, which is cable TV.

      I don’t think there are stars that are “too big” for cable NOWADAYS- unless we talking the level of Wonbin and Jang Donggun. I mean, Cha Seung Won & Yoo Haejin, two BIG stars, did a tvN variety-not even a drama, but a variety show- and it was a legit hit, as we all know. Lee Seo Jin is even worth mentioning. tvN has had numerous dramas that hit ratings even higher than shows from the big 3 stations (Misaeng, Reply series; Secret Love Affair for jtbc). The big 3 are even planning to start cutting down on some dramas’ airtimes, or dramas in general, because they aren’t being profitable anymore, as compared to paid programming in cable + commercial breaks within dramas.

      Anyway, I think that nowadays, doing a cable drama over a public station drama does not make a big difference for actors, in general.

      • You can’t compare tvn variety to their dramas. Na PD variety shows are probably harder to get cast in than most dramas and movies. I’m sure tons of Korean celebs are begging for the chance.

        That being said, I do hope some of the stigma of cable dramas being somehow below the big 3 end since it’s silly. The main thing is cable dramas probably can’t afford to pay some of these big stars the salaries they are used to getting.

    • Joo won should not come any near romcom as he was horrid in those similar genre be it movies or dramas. His last movie fashion king was a real pain to watch not mention the 7th level.

  6. What is happening?? most of my favorite actress is doing drama this year!!

    This sounds like my type of drama… lol.. If Park Bo Young accepts, I hope she’ll be paired with someone like Yoo Seung Ho, Ji Chang Wook, Song Jae Rim or Lee Soo Hyuk.

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