TW-drama Someone Like You Delivers Satisfying Romance in Spades

Sunday night SETTV drama Someone Like You continues to thrum along nicely, an uncomplicated and sweet little drama featuring two of the most likable leads in a long while. This drama romance also took a long time to get going, with leads Zhan Cheng and Yu Xi finally getting together for the last two episodes. It’s been sweet but I want more sizzle, which is what I’m going to get in the next episode judging from the preview. There’s rain, the age-old Kabedon move, and a shut your nervous girlfriend up with a kiss smoothness.

I think it’s going to take a long time as well to get Yu Xi comfortable that her smexy boss is now her boyfriend, I find it hilarious she still calls him Boss and can’t quite grasp that he adores her to the ends of the earth and back. While TW-dramas still lack the breadth and depth that a good K-drama can deliver, it does excel at the individual OTP moments once the romance gets going rather than spending all the time only on the buildup. There is another 7 more episodes left, I can’t wait to see what Boss has in store to romance his Yu Xi.

Kiss preview for episode 15:

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TW-drama Someone Like You Delivers Satisfying Romance in Spades — 33 Comments

  1. Kyaa, he finally getting the girl. I love this actor but he’s always a second lead giving me heartache. I hope it subbed somewhere. It’s been a while since I saw a tw-drama. I always love Joe Chen dramas and the last drama I watched I think “In time with you”. Any recommendation for a good TW drama?

    • A lot of these dramas are fluff, but that’s my guilty pleasure.

      In a Good Way
      Autumn’s Concerto
      Just You
      Inborn Pair
      Prince Who Turns Into Frog
      Boss and Me/Shan Shan Comes to Eat (Mainland Chinese)

    • Here are some TW dramas I like:

      – My Queen (敗犬女王)
      – Autumn’s Concerto (下一站﹐幸福)
      – Happy Dandelion (幸福蒲公英)
      – In A Good Way (我的自由年代)
      – The Way We Were (16個夏天)

    • PRC drama – Battle of Changsha is one of the better war-themed drama (lots of good angst and heavy stakes) out from the country which does not go overboard with anti-Japanese sentiments (a rarity). There’s a good script, good acting from all round, good looking leads, and good chemistry.

  2. I. LOVE. THEM. Really. I talk about this show all the time and I have rewatched eps 13 and 14 more times than I care to admit. Kingone is hitting it out of the park with the way he looks at her and the way he responds when she smiles at him. My toes were curling so much that I had to take my shoes off to rewatch! I also love how the misunderstandings get taken care of really quickly. Any other drama would have kept the “that girl has my fiance’s heart that probably still loves me” and the “I knew my dead fiance was your secret twin” hidden to bring out to blackmail the hero later and pull them apart, or the heroine would’ve been so upset that she would not have talked to him for days for lying. I loved the way they are both handling things even if Kirsten’s character is a bit dim–although I’d pretend to be afraid of the dark, too, to get Kingone to kiss me. Just saying. And I do not mind her character because she acts like a fangirl, and I would act like a fangirl if he looked at me the way he is looking at her. The problem that I ma having is that the only other person I remotely care about is her mother. I am not interested in the side story of the sister in love with the priest brother or even what the ex boyfriend is up to. I find myself caring that the pregnant character (I can’t remember what her name is off the top of my head) does not end up with him or with her mother but has her baby and a business all on her own, leading a happy life.

  3. Can someone please tell me what the written preview is please? I am totally dying here. Also, 7 more episodes? Yikes that means there’s so much room for break ups?

    But oh boy, Boss moves fast. She’s meeting the parents officially as a girlfriend already?

    I have no hope of liking any other male lead while Kingone is lighting up the screen.

  4. I like Yu Xi and Ya Ti’s friendship and hope they get to stay friends and not become enemies over Zhan Cheng.

    And I just love Kingone Wang’s voice.

  5. Where is the written preview?

    Anyhow, super cute!!!! I love King One and always watch his dramas. So happy to see him land in the lead for SETTV’s Sunday drama. TW dramas almost always take away any frustration that I have with kdramas in the romance dept. Hehe… nothing like a good excuse to kiss your girl. 🙂 🙂


      • My attempt at translation:

        Yu Xi’s sudden appearance in Zhan Cheng’s world, in becoming his eyes, accompanying him as he overcomes the lowest point of his life, supporting his ideas, enabling him to do what he wants to do and protect people whom he cares about, she has become an irreplaceable and important woman in Zhan Cheng’s heart.

        Zhan Cheng’s direct and clear confession sped up the heart rate of those people in love, yet at the same time, it made those people awaiting love a little bitter and jealous. It also kindled a fire of regret, anger and hatred in those people who had lost love. Like a stone thrown into a pond, what ripples would this confession set off?

        (Sorry if this isn’t grammatically correct… hope this helps you guys 🙂 )

      • @Glomp-You’re a lifesaver!!! Thanks so much.

        This series is going to kill me. It’s not the best and Yu Xi is way too childish. But omg, when you’re addicted you’re addicted. And I am so addicted it’s not funny.

        I think it’s the Boss character and the OTP pairing’s chemistry.

      • @Giomp – thank you so much. you saved my day 🙂

        @ck1Oz – yes, i think it’s the chemistry of the OTP that blinded us from the show’s flaws. LOL

  6. I can’t wait to livestream tonight’s episode, need to see that RAIN KISS!!!!!!!! Kingone and Rong Rong’s characters, are really one of the most likable leads in awhile. Boss is just the epitome of sweetness and maturity, while Yu Xi is just sunshine and kindness. Their moments by the pond are just so precious, it’s more on the quiet side where they’re able to know each other deeper with those talks.

  7. i’m sooo loving this show. i’ve been a fan of kingone since devil beside you and finally, he got the girl. it’s about time. i love kirsten in in a good way with lego lee but i’m more loving her with kingone.

  8. I haven’t been shipping or liking an on-screen couple this much since Autumn’s Concerto. Rong Rong and Kingone are so sweet on-screen and off-screen they are fun to watch. I hope the rest of the episodes will be filled with “goodness” and not problems that always seem to come up towards the end to break the couple apart. I got really frustrated last time while watching Pleasantly Surprised.
    Rong Rong’s real-life sister Selina (of S.H.E) will be making a cameo-appearance in this episode. They sound so alike that it will be weird to see them acting as strangers/people that are not blood-related at all.

  9. I was looking for some fluff drama and specifically this drama but couldn’t remember the name at all.. I usually watch the Taiwanese dramas when I need to watch something quick, funny, and sweet.

    My all time fav are Mars, Devil Beside You and Autumn Concierto. Office Girls is pretty good for re watch too.

    • That rain kiss was perfect and exactly what a kiss in the rain is supposed to be like!!! Lol at Boss’ family being so giddy in discovering them haha..

      *waves to an old fellow IAGW fan* ^^

    • Yes, I agree with the uploader the kiss was very long indeed but it was shot beautifully with the rain and sunlight, not to mention how good Kingone and Rong Rong look together in whatever they do. This is one of the most beautiful kiss scenes I have watched in a Twdrama.

  10. Today’s episode was good but YaTi’s character is getting very distasteful. Why is she always showing up and interfering in OTP’s life? She appeared out of nowhere with his dead ex-girlfriend/Yushi’s twin sister’s heart and then feels “uncomfortable” that OTP is together? She’s not the dead girlfriend and has no moments/history with boss so I don’t know how they’re “be” together, out of responsibility or love? I don’t like watching her cause she just ruins OTP’s sweet moments and always try to look so innocent and pitiful. The poor acting by the actress doesn’t help either. I really hope Boss stands his ground on this matter and don’t let a third wheel get in between them. I don’t see how Boss is “responsible” for YaTi, she’s just a recipient of his ex-gf’s heart, they are completely unrelated. IMO, she should be more thankful for the donor’s generosity then create conflict in others’ relationships. She’s actually becoming a nuisance cause Boss is actually moving on with life and not looking back. Sorry about the rant but couldn’t help it.

  11. Just saw that preview Rain Kiss between our favorite OTP, Zhan Cheng and Yu Xi. Hot damn! That was too hot and swoon-worthy! Can’t wait to see the full episode soon! 🙂

    “I think it’s going to take a long time as well to get Yu Xi comfortable that her smexy boss is now her boyfriend, I find it hilarious she still calls him Boss and can’t quite grasp that he adores her to the ends of the earth and back.” -Ockoala

    I couldn’t agree with you more. LOL, love at how you called Zhan Cheng, her “smexy boss.” 😀

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