Another SNSD Member Off the Market as Yuri is Dating Korean Pitcher Oh Seung Hwan

Another K-ent dating news started this week off with a fast pitch out of the gate, pardon the pun but I just had to use it since rarely do I get to use baseball jargon. Notch another name off the list of single SNSD (Girl’s Generation) members as Kwon Yuri has just been revealed to be dating Korean relief pitcher Oh Seung Hwan. While K-pop netz might think “who the hell is he?” or assume Yuri could do so much better, Oh Seung Hwan is the shiz in Korea for being one of the best relief pitchers in Korean baseball history.

Oh Seung Hwan played for the Samsung Tigers for 9 years before getting signed in 2014 to play in the Japanese pro league for the famous Hanshin Tigers. His nickname is the Stone Buddha for being implacable under pressure. Next stop for the guy is probably the MLB, so just think of him as the Korean version of Mariano Rivera, with some Derek Jeter attitude thrown in. SM was very forthcoming with this dating news broken by Dispatch, the agency confirmed it right away and even sent well wishes for this news couple who started dating in late 2014.

Yuri is the fifth SNSD member to be confirmed in a high profile relationship: first there was Yoona and Lee Seung Gi, then came Tiffany and Nichkhun of 2PM, followed by Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho, and topped off with Taeyeon and Baekhyun of EXO. I’d say Yuri’s the only one who branched out from the flower boy type, not to mention her boyfriend can probably bench press the other guys if there was a group date. I’m entertained by the SNSD ladies letting their dating flags fly, whether with SM consent or because they don’t give a damn anymore about preserving the aura of being single for their legions of fans. Congrats to Yuri on finding herself a man!


Another SNSD Member Off the Market as Yuri is Dating Korean Pitcher Oh Seung Hwan — 33 Comments

    • Yeah, those conspiracy theories are dumb. That news is ongoing and this is not. The people who pay attention to dating news and are distracted by it probably don’t give a shit about political matters in the first place.

      • THIS!! U r right, people don’t care about political turmoil most of the time but only entertainment gossip. That’s the nature of humanity. People who are interested in politics will not hinder them from voicing their opinions on political issues.

      • Well the comments on Naver disagree. Dispatch had the photos since December but the day the evidence of over 200 calls to Lee Wan Goo comes out Yuri gets revealed

    • I was going to say the same, probably because I love those two individually and together!

      As for Yuri, good luck! I think it’s good that everyone is not that sensitive about dating anymore..

    • I agree. tho i like seung gi too. but not as much as i love kyung ho.he is love <3 BTW, his new drama is the bomb and he slays it totally.
      i'm fan of him since cruel city and only for him(and little cause of HJE) i watched almost till the end the mess that was endless love. he's one of my biases now and i loove the guy and so his cute girlfriend.

  1. He seems like a nice guy and they seem pretty seriously. Trying to imagine the double dates with other Soshi girls and their boyfriends. Some are pretty funny.

  2. Lololol. All I can keep thinking is ” wow5, their fans. Are they mature and sending congratulations now? ”

    Yeah they all dated ccelebrities. I am waiting for a chaebol heir news. Just for variety sake.

    • Haha. Yeah. That would be awesome.

      Honestly, no offense but Soo Young is one of the only few from there who still looks human and not a complete barbie doll and she scored the best. Just got to know it and I’m so happy!

  3. Actually,k-net are the ones saying he could do better.they say the guy 10x bigger and richer than LMH.I hope they date I want to know who seohyun and hyoyeon are dating

  4. Hyoyeon is most probably still dating that guy.They had bad publicity before maybe thats why they aren’t revealing their relationship. Jessica too is dating Tyler Kwon,although now i guess we can’t include her in SNSD list. 🙁
    Sunny and Seohyun is left. My bet is on Sunny being the next one.

  5. Ms. Koala, I like when you said this “not to mention her boyfriend can probably bench press the other guys if there was a group date”. Hahaha…so truth!!! I cheer for Yuri!

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