Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young Share Pictures of Their Baby Shower with Fans

What a heartwarming episode of celeb sweetness to start the week off right. Married acting couple and soon-to-be-parents Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young graciously shared their personal baby shower with their fans, posting a series of candid snaps on Instagram that perfectly capture the unbridled joy of welcoming impending parenthood. I love them both so so much, just the info the fans know about them as actors and as gracious and giving human beings makes shipping them that much more worthwhile. The casual and playful baby shower is infinitely more awesome than something overly coordinately and extravagant, not to mention seeing the baby momma and baby daddy glowing with happiness. Thanks for sharing some down home happiness with the fans!


Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young Share Pictures of Their Baby Shower with Fans — 33 Comments

    • The actress with the huge baby bottle in the first picture (and also in the fourth picture) looks like Byun Jung Soo from The Legendary Witch. Though I cannot figure out how she may have become friends with either LBY or JS or both. It doesn’t seem like they have acted in any projects together.

      • They are in the same drama long time ago and that’s how Byun Jung Soo, Bae Jong Ok, and lee boyoung know each other.

    • There’s also Bae Jong Ok in first picture. If I’m not mistaken they’re close friends and Byun Jung Soo (who uploaded these pictures) also uploaded a picture when they’re hanging out together not too long ago.

  1. I love this. They look so exited! I hate those glamorous staged baby bump shoots, there is nothing as indearing as real emotions.

  2. Finally I can see the baby bump. Never come across any baby bump of any celebrities in Korea. i.e lee min jung, eugene etc.

  3. I saw the photos this morning (in my timezone) and they nearly gave me a heart attack. They are so cuuuute! And according to some sources, it’s actually Ji Sung that plans the baby shower to surprise Bo Young, so Bo Young didn’t know at all at first.
    Now I want a man like Ji Sung.

  4. This celebrity couple holds the gold standard for managing their private lives in public. So sensible. I see lots of pink….a baby girl?

    • Yes, it’s a girl. Ji Sung already mentioned it. And they call the fetus Kwak Bo-Bae. Kwak=Ji Sung’s real family name, Bo=Boyoung, Be=Baby. Bobe sounds same with ‘Bobae’ which means treasure. How cute!

    • In one of the pics it says girl, so I am assuming that they are having a baby girl. This will be so cute and you know that baby girl will have Ji Sung wrapped around her little finger.

  5. LBY is really glowing. And she looks greatwith a bit more weight.

    I am so impressed how they managed to share their private lives. Yet remain so private at the same time.

  6. Thanks for this! I will keep positive thoughts as the date comes closer.

    The fact that she will look like the “female” version of Yo-na, IRL, makes me giggle.

  7. Omg! Why am I so happy watching these pics? lol they are usually so private, it’s a treat just watching their personal lives once in a while. Adore this couple!

  8. She’s glowing and her baby bump is adorable. Congrats to the happy couple. I have a huge grin on my face because of their adorableness.

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