Cute College Era Cuts to Commemorate MBC Acquiring License to Air My Sunshine in Korea

It’s been a few months since I watched C-drama My Sunshine (based on the novel Silent Separation 何以笙箫默 He Yi Sheng Xiao Mo) and so far nothing else this year out of China has been as satisfying. It’s not a great drama by any means, but having read the source novel there is a really addicting aspect of the central romance that keeps the audience hook. Lawyer He Yi Chen (played by Wallace Chung in the C-drama) and photographer Zhao Mo Sheng (Tang Yan) are college sweethearts broken up by circumstances but get a second chance years later and make the most of it. There isn’t much angst really but tons of dreamy male steadfast pining to make the typical female viewer desperate want to be the female lead.

MBC has just acquired the rights to My Sunshine, with the drama airing on TV in Korea starting May 1st. My favorite parts of the drama are actually the flashback to college sections, of which there are two versions, one with the adult leads Tang Tang and Wallace playing their own college selves, and the other with young actor Luo Yun Xi and Wu Qian doing the flashback sequences. The leads honest to goodness college dreamy romance is the sole reason the more ponderous adult sections are even worth watching. Thanks to helpful fans of the drama, the college era cuts of both versions are available, providing a condensed nugget of sweetness for those wanting to check it out. It’s like watching the Terry cuts of King Flower without any of the less stellar stuff. 

My Sunshine College Era Condensed Cute Cut – Wallace Chung and Tang Yan:

My Sunshine College Era Condensed Cute Cut – Luo Yun Xi and Wu Qian:


Cute College Era Cuts to Commemorate MBC Acquiring License to Air My Sunshine in Korea — 36 Comments

  1. I watched this drama and fell in love with Wallace Chung’s portrayal of yi Chen. He is a phenomenal actor and I think he was one of the main reasons this series was a success in China.

    I also LOVED both versions of the college sweet heart sequence, but I prefer the other two young actors chemistry in college more, and I think it was because the young actress was so adorable and loveable in her character in loving yi Chen.

    • Much preferred the younger actors… Have this allergy towards in your face acting of Tang Yan and her in your face dubbed voice…

      • Pirie your right, the young actress during college was so natural in her role, that you truly believe her to be this bubbly person. About tang yan, it’s my first time seeing her, so I’m not sure if the problem was with her cold character or her acting never read the drama, so not sure if her character was supposed to change that dramatic once she came back. But I liked yi Chen the young one, and definitely the older one 😀

      • It’s definitely her character, I’ve seen most of her works and its her character in this drama. But I’d rather her than another actress. And Yes Wallace Chung and Yi Chen OMG!!

      • Cdramafan, glad to know it was the character not the actress, because I liked her. I’m new to cdramas so haven’t seen any of these actors before, but totally a new fan of Wallace Chung 🙂

      • Why so harsh? I actually like TangYan & Wallace (both chung and huo) pairing up together. I would not be able to finish this drama if they weren’t so compatible in looks.

        Wallace’s other leading ladies are a big disappointed.

  2. I’m with you I only liked the college parts.. That’s all I watched LOL! I didn’t even finish the whole drama… Mostly due to the wig being super distracting! Yeah I’m weird.

  3. Based on the EXO fiasco of the Chinese members leaving, I get the impression that most Koreans have some prejudice against the Chinese. Do foreign dramas attain decent viewer ratings in Korea?

    • EXO fans are in a league of their own. And to be frank they have only been around a few years. I wouldn’t count the rest of the huge Korean population as EXO fans or if their bias influence their foreign drama watching.

      You’re talking about a minority reaction here.

    • Why did you bring up EXO here. This is so irrelevant. I’m an avid Kpopper and have got really tired of Kpop fans talking about EXO all the time everywhere. I didn’t expect this dang group name to be mentioned even in Koala’s blog. So sick of it!

      • Woah there. I didn’t mean to offend you. EXO was not the topic of my comment. I was just using them to reference my assumption of Korean prejudice against the Chinese.

  4. Watched this drama couple of weeks ago and agree with you that it’s neither a perfect nor a great drama but certainly quite addictive. I’m on the minority who liked the college version played by the adult leads more than the young ones mainly because, while the younger version of Mo Sheng was very adorable, no one can surpass the intensity and hotness of Wallace Chung in his portrayal of Yi Chen [This is the first time I watched him and became a fan.Would you please recommend more of Wallace Chung drama?.I’m a newbie when it comes to C-dramas so don’t know which ones are good]

    The leads had great chemistry and I loved Tang Yan’s mature sweetness.Even though I wanted to kill the second lead every time he appeared on the screen, I was able to finish the drama because of these two.

    • I think he shot to fame with period dramas. My personal fav is the Secret History of Kangxi. He’s probably more known for his roles in Treacherous Waters and Too Late to Say I Love You though.

    • Lol neseli I know how you feel, because I just discovered him recently, but have been just searching for anything to do with him. I’m not big on historical dramas, so haven’t watched any of his historical ones. Bit I’ll reconvene you his other great drama: and they ate both on YouTube now.

      Best times (his character is perfection, makes you fall in love all over again with him lol and oozes charisma, but the story is somewhat good..)

      2. Too late to say I love you. This is my favorite Wallace Chung drama, the story, the depth of acting and such phenomenal chemistry makes you go crazy for more) you’re lucky because they just started subbing this drama last week. It’s on YouTube and I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend it, if your a Wallace Chung fan 🙂

      • @Turkish Rose: I’ve just recently marathoned “My Sunshine” and fell in love with Wallace Chung character. However, i found Tang Yang character was most of the time annoying, especially in the adults part, she became passive and cannot develop her character.

        Btw, thank you for sharing the link on “Too Late To Say I Love You”, been waiting for this to be subbed. I’m also still waiting for “The Stand-In” to be subbed, I guess we have to be extra patience if we want to watch Chinese drama . If you like Wallace in wuxia, you can check “Demi Gods and Semi Devils”.

      • Selena, omg I get so happy when I meet another Wallace Chung fan 🙂 (waves excitedly) and yess I’m also waiting for the stands in to be subbed. And your absolutely right, watching Chinese dramas require a ton of patience, since it’s difficult to find it subbed.

        But, because I also just discovered Wallace Chung, my obsession with his dramas began and I try to watch anything Wallace lol. I totally agree about mo shang from my sunshine. I LOVED her character in college, her personality was vibrant, and so adorable. But once she was an adult her personality changed dramatically, and I also didn’t like her as an adult. But Wallace Chung, just made me a fan, an obsessed fan that is lol.

        Can’t wait for any new drama for him.if you want to find out more about his latest dramas, you can find it on

        Nice to meet another Wallace Chung fan, and I’ll try to watch semi gods vs demi gods, but do you know where it might be subbed?

        Thanks sweety 🙂

      • Hi Turkish Rose (wave back ), nice to know another Wallace’s fan!

        For Demi Gods and Semi Devil (2013), you can watch it in and it’s subbed already. Do you know that Wallace partnered with his sister, Jackie Chung, won Amazing Race China 2014? The siblings are cute together and you’ll see Wallace’s real character.

      • Selena, thanks for the link, I’ll totally watch it now. 🙂

        That sounds so cool about his sister, it’s funny you mention that running show, because while I was just searching about him I found him trending on weibo and I couldn’t understand what they were talking about, but it’s cool to know that he won. He seems to be very famous in China now, following the success of MY SUNSHINE, that it made his older drama TOO LATE TO SAY I LOVE YOU, top trending on weibo (Chinese Twitter).

    • Best Time is a good one that I actually finished. Not a period drama. So more of him in suits and being in the corporate business setting. It was popular enough where they continued the storyline with a special. There are two versions of this “special,” so depending on which one you watch, you’d get a different ending.

      • @kitai @Turkish Rose @Cat

        Thanks you SO much for the recommendations and the link.I will surely check out all of them XD

      • Cat, of course the Wallace ending in BEST TIME was more preferable for me lol, since it was my first Wallace drama, and I absolutely loved the way his character was written..perfection. I didn’t like the other male lead for some reason, but Wallace his chemistry with janine was so amazing, I also marathoned it quickly. But the story it self had so many flaws, but I forgave it because of Wallace. He definitely needs more dramas with suits 🙂

        And neseli your welcome sweety, I was only recently just like you, so I know how it is heh 🙂

  5. Hmmm might find the last episode and watch it. Before checking out the college cuts. I have no patience for long drawn melo dramas.

  6. I hope Shan Shan Comes to Eat moves over to Korea. I hear it’s doing well in its Japan run and its Taiwan run. Though if it goes after My Sunshine everyone will realize that the production company essentially filmed both dramas in the same locations with the same back-up actors. 🙂

    But I thought Shan Shan was so much better than My Sunshine! Storyline, costumes, lighting, etc.

    • Zilidia, I thought shan shan was an adorable and cute show, but not as addicting and mesmerizing as my sunshine. But that’s my opinion of course 🙂

      I felt that shan shan had great acting specially shan shan herself, she was so cute and bubbly, but I felt something missing somehow in 5 show, and I couldn’t connect with it in the end. Maybe if it gets a Korean remake, it can perhaps fill in all that I found missing in the original

      • totally agree with you.. my sunshine is more addictive bcuz their ‘issue’ is more wider than shan-shan. shan-shan is a very light cute bubby drama, while my sunshine is more mature..
        i could finish watching my sunshine even tang yan’s hair was a big big mistake (for me), but thanks to Wallace, he made it worth watching.
        shan-shan.. emm.. maybe it was way too cute for me haha..

      • Despite the issues I have with My Sunshine (draggy, too many flashbacks, rampant product placement), my preference still lies with it. I enjoy Boss & Me immensely, and I agree the custome & styling are much better — Tang Yan’s wig and outfits are hideous.

        I disagree, however, that Boss & Me has better storyline. It’s still too Cinderella-ish to me, while My Sunshine is relatively more realistic. It’s also hard to believe that Feng Teng, the super busy boss of a big corporation, has very, very few papers on his desk and no computer/laptop! It’s also not common to find Harvard graduates working as secretaries 😀 (Linda, anyone? ;))

      • Yui and lenje, yes and yes about the horrible outfits they put mo chang in. I felt that all the second leads dressed so much better and professional, but I kept telling myself, that perhaps somehow her style was very popular in China or something lol. But it was addictive and especially LOVED the ost by Wallace that guy does not only act with charisma, but sings so beautifully as well.

  7. Hai everyone! Woa so many Wallace’s fans here Well, I’m here to shamelessly advertise our Wallace Chung blog! Lol
    We post news, recaps and fangirl about Wallace. Come and support us. ☺

  8. himmy omg lol thank you so much for putting the links to the running show as well as his blog. I can’t belive I haven’t came across your blog while I was searching for Wallace Chung, but you opened a whole new world for me lol thanks

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