Suzy and Yoo Yeon Seok Work Together for the Third Time Modeling Beanpole Accessories

I can’t believe this is the third time Suzy and Yoo Yeon Seok have worked together, saying this not because I haven’t seen their works but because I have and neither left a memory of their interactions. Their first project was in the hit movie Introduction to Architecture, followed up with the drama Gu Family Book. Sure they didn’t play OTP in either work but they look so compatible visually I wonder why neither made an impression for me. Maybe this third time will be the charm as Beanpole has brought the two back together to model its summer 2015 accessories line, purses and backpacks that are designed with clean elegant linesĀ plusĀ a dash of tropical color for the ladies items. I don’t know if dating has made Suzy more womanly or the photographer simply did a good job of snapping these pictures, the end result is some nice couple shots that made me think Suzy and Yoo Yeon Seok have the promising potential of a fourth reunion in their future.


Suzy and Yoo Yeon Seok Work Together for the Third Time Modeling Beanpole Accessories — 9 Comments

  1. she still looked more compatible with Kim Soo Hyun, YYS is adorable as Chilbongie but here he looks a lot more mature than her.

  2. He does nothing for me, but hoping Warm and Cozy changes that. Probably because I’ve never seen any of his work, but he looks quite ordinary.

  3. Nice pics. i watched YYS in GFB, werewolf boy,Introduction to Architecture and a little in what i watched in reply 1994 (i have it on hold for more than a year, probably cause i found out who the husband is /: yeap you guessed it right – i rooted for chilboongie).
    anyway is it me or he became hot? he was decent but now he’s glowing. maybe lost some weight? i’m waiting patiently for warm and cozy..

    • I like him as Chilbongie a lot and like you, i dropped Reply 1994 midway as well. He’s really getting super handsome lately in Warm and Cozy stills. I am so excited for his new drama comeback as a male lead in prime time drama with Kang Sora.

      • I’m excited as well though i try not to come with high hopes and i’m hoping to be pleasantly surprised as i was with smelly girl.
        YYS deserves this chance as a male lead. i think he already proved himself.
        didn’t get the chance to watch many of KS dramas (beside Dr. champ where she had a very small role) but from what i heard she is good and i have faith in her. hope the drama will pave their way to another prime time dramas and main roles.

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