TW-media Reporting Someone Like You Leads Kingone Wang and Kristen Jen May Have Real Life Romance Blossoming

I don’t think this news is purely publicity generating for the currently airing TW-drama Someone Like You, the drama has a few more episodes left in its run and has been doing swell enough in ratings. With that said, take this with a grain of salt but feel free to squee about it anyway. TW-media is reporting that insiders on the set of SLY have come to believe that romance is brewing behind the scenes with leads Kingone Wang and Kristen Jen. Despite the 8-year age difference and their initial awkwardness working together for the first time, in the last four months the two have reportedly grown exceedingly close on set.

A few instances have caught the eye of production staff -a staffer bringing Kristen an umbrella after a scene and she immediately goes to share it with Kingone, the two always dining together at the staff lunch and Kristen was seen feeding her food to Kingone plus sharing her drink with him, Kristen’s family is reportedly clued in and big sister Selena Jen‘s cameo recently was so she could come and meet Kingone herself. I find the last bit LOL because Selena was all over Lego Lee when Kristen did In a Good Way, making me wonder if the Jen family is using Kristen’s acting jobs to help find her a handsome good man. I would be thrilled if Kingone and Kristen really was falling for each other in real life but right now the jury is out based on just the first report.

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TW-media Reporting Someone Like You Leads Kingone Wang and Kristen Jen May Have Real Life Romance Blossoming — 29 Comments

  1. I am loving this drama. Specially the OST! This is my first Taiwanese drama (of the few I have watched) that totally hooks me up with the music.
    Ms Koala, I have one question: i find it curious that Kingone’s character is the owner of a shopping mall just like the hero in Master’s Sun. They both walk around checking for thing to be good, etc. they are even “famous” for being the owners of the mall. Is that a drama thing or in East Asia (trying not to generalize!!) mall owners are that known? Important?

  2. I wouldn’t mind seeing the reel couple in them in SLY turning them into a real-life couple. They are gorgeous and adorable together, why not, right? It has happened before, like in K-Drama’s Creating Destiny couple. And now they’re married and just recently had their first baby. Talk about them creating their own destiny, indeed. 🙂

  3. I’ve been seeing comments about this on FB and IG. Some, of course, are happy, but a few are skeptical with the accuracy due to the timing of its release. From what I’ve been reading, SLY’s ratings have been slipping the past couple of episodes, and for this kind of article to come out right now and the sources are the drama’s staff, makes people think its from SANLI. But who knows? They seem close on their BTS, so its a possibility. 🙂

  4. That’s sweet. 🙂 And my delulu heart is thinking, mebbe the initial awkwardness is attraction.

    Y’know? How you can barely speak to someone you like?

    These are all just delulu musings though. But any happy couple dating news is okay with me.

    • Exactly. That’s why this news isn’t surprising at all. However, Kirsten is genuinely a very friendly, bubbly girl and I’ve yet to see her not find a way to be lived by her male co-stars.

  5. The only time I’ve ever shipped an onscreen couple off-screen was RongRong & Lego, before I snapped out of it, and remembered it’s none of my damn business. Whether this is true or not, I wish them both happiness. But if it IS true, it might explain why I am totally buying their chemistry in the Drama despite finding all the promo stuff to be stiffer and colder than frozen cardboard.

  6. Off-topic: Koala there is a list of the most streamed korean shows in China that came out please could you translate that article and publish it here since alot of comments interest will come with it. Thanks in advance!

  7. Although I wouldn’t be opposed to this pairing, my shipper heart is still bias towards Lego Lee and Kirsten Ren. Love them! <3 =D I am hoping for a reunion drama for soon. But in regards to her personal life I wish her happiness.

  8. Funny thing!!!!!!! I’m reading again the comments of this article, and the header that appears is that of Lego and Rong Rong. 😉

  9. I like Kingone and Rong Rong both on-screen as well as off-screen so I think it would be nice if this is true. A lot of fans would be happy and Selina and Ren Ba too.
    From what I have seen of the BTS and clips of them together they seem to be getting along well but there’s a hint of shyness when they are filming more intimate scenes or when he is close to her (doing kabedon, holding her etc), especially from Rong Rong’s side. I don’t know if she is generally like that or just when it comes to Kingone. Perhaps all the kisses they have had made their feelings for each other grow?

  10. During the behind the scenes shooting for the episode with Selena and Kristen, I remember Selena saying to Kristen and Kingone that she’s told Papa Jen to check out the drama and to check up on Kingone since he could be a possible suitor or a good guy for her little sister. When I heard that I was laughing. Plus, I think Kingone’s reaction was like, “what? He’s watching the drama?, He’s eyeing me?” and He said it in a joking tone, it was hard to determine if it really was true or not.

    Either way, this news is funny and if it’s true, then Papa Jen will be making sure Kingone is up to his standards for a future son in law. LOL. 😀

  11. Hope it’s true that they are a couple…in SLY there chemistry is off the chart…lol…hope they are paired up again in another drama…good luck to both of them in the future…:)

  12. This is my first time to watch a Taiwanese Drama and I am really impressed with this one: Someone Like You. It is indeed very impressive and never boring. Congratulations to everybody especially to the characters who never failed to play their parts well. Above all to the lead roles: Kingone and Kristen who really is a loving couple on screen. I do wish that this will not be their first project together. Many viewers from the Philippines do look forward to see them both in another project. Many will be happy too if in real life they are indeed sweethearts! Hurrah!

  13. i really love this drama it wasnt my first time to watch taiwanese drama but this is one of the best drama that i have watch. they are really good in acting and they have chemistry .. i hope they would end up..they are good together シ

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  15. I have watched the drama 3 times and I love this couple. All the actors and actresses were excellent. I hope that Kingone and Lorene be a real couple in real life.😍😍😍😘😘😘

  16. First time I watched Taiwanese show. I came to like this drama, all performers were excellent and I hope another show like this will follow. Btw I am a big fan of Kingone and Lorene, wish them all the best.

  17. Omg This is my faith Taiwanese series and I found this one the best! I laugh, I cried, got mad at Boyan Li! The actors were all wonderful my favorites of course Kingone and Kristen. Kingone was so moving in his scenes where he spoke of his devotion to his loves vey me congratulations actor! Kristen as well with her characters love and selflessness couldn’t help but get emotional with them! Hope to see more on Netflix with the both of them!!!!

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