New K-ent Couple Yoon Hyun Min and Jeon So Min Step Out as Film Festival Honorary Ambassadors

There was a recent K-ent celebrity relationship reveal that slipped by me but I’m making up for it by the couple doing something pretty rare. K-actor Yoon Hyun Min (Discovery of Romance, Cruel City, Falling for Innocence) and K-actress Jeon So Min (Princess Aurora, Endless Love) recently revealed their dating status to the world. They met via a friendly cupid in Jung Kyung Ho, who worked with Jeon So Min in Endless Love and is frequent costars and good friends with Yoon Hyun Min in real life.

The relationship is still in the early stages but the couple stepped out together this past week to attend the opening of the Suncheonman Bay Animal Film Festival. They were named honorary ambassadors together for the event benefiting animal rights and care, with both expression delight to work together and doing it for a cause they both believe him. Apparently Yoon Hyun Min owns a Maltese named Kkot-nim (flower), too cute! I’m happy for the latest couple to join the 2015 dating circus and wishing them all the best. They are super cute at the Film Festival, wearing couples rings and all.


New K-ent Couple Yoon Hyun Min and Jeon So Min Step Out as Film Festival Honorary Ambassadors — 10 Comments

  1. They are cute! There is one more couple you didn’t write about, which I expected…Jo Jung Sum and singer Gummi 🙂

  2. Unexpected , though as i follow both yoon hun min and jung kyung ho instagrams, this week i did see YHM following jun so min too and wondered what is their connection so can’t say i was that surprised, since JKH is a mutual friend of them so maybe he did matchmaking between then hehe.
    it’s also funny that jun so min was jung kyung ho’s love interest in endless love and in real life she’s his friend love interest lol.
    good luck to them, they look really cute together!

      • And that’s the only appropriate thing among friends in order for them to go on double dates! Otherwise someone loses his/her sleep trying to balance between friendships and romance…which is impossible. Trust me on this,I know firsthand, XD!!!

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