Warm and Cozy Dating Posters and New Teaser Preview

I feel like no matter how Warm and Cozy turns out there will be a devout group of fans that think it’s the best thing since sliced cheese. I’m speaking of the very ardent fans of Kang Sora and Yoo Yeon Seok, and having supportive fans is nothing new and I’m happy for them. With that said, I sure hope there is the room for objective opinions about this drama whether good or bad, rather than knee jerk awesome just because these two star in it, or even automatic dislike because it’s a Hong sisters drama.

The drama is airing in two weeks and released official posters today, four different ones to be exact. I…..don’t like them. Nothing offensive or ugly, I’m just underwhelmed by the lack of creativity and ooomph in the design and arrangement. Having Kang Sora and Yoo Yeon Seok acting like a cute couple dating around Jeju Island is a too obvious poster concept already, made worse by the visuals and color not popping. I really want this drama too hook me and each step of the way it just deliver enough not to turn me off without ever rising beyond the average into something exceptional.


Warm and Cozy Second Teaser:


Warm and Cozy Dating Posters and New Teaser Preview — 50 Comments

  1. Ok so if they didnt pose as a couple showcasing the landmarks of jeju at the same time then people would complain that they went all the way to jeju to just pose in a studio?? Can’t win with koala!!!

    • No, I think you’re reducing the critique of these specific drama posters to the extremes. Showcasing Jeju as the background is fine, and filming posters in a studio is also fine. It’s about HOW it’s presented that matters.

      These posters look like I took a happy but unexciting dating couple’s vacation pictures on Jeju and made collages of it using Shutterfly editing software. It’s uninspired artful arranging, not to mention the couple’s poses are just so flat I don’t see chemistry or sizzle.

      I thought Discovery of Love did an exceptional job of snapping pictures of the lead couple when they were dating, all the pictures were staged with vitality and palpable romantic energy, whether playful, tender, or sizzling. If those pictures got arranged into a drama poster it would probably sell the central romance more to the average viewer.

      Whatever the relationship between YYS and KSR’s characters in this drama, I don’t get a sense of it other than when they date they seem to be bland and happy.

      • Koala you summarized what I just felt. It’s “average” for a couple shoot, and definitely “underwhelming” for a drama couple shoot. Beyond that the two of them are inside the same frame, I wouldn’t have guessed what exactly their relationship is all about.

        Boyfriend-girlfriend vacation in Jeju island is just about as generic as you can get.

      • Miss Koala, you made me miss Discovery of Love with their brutal love story lol… I need to see Eric-Yumi interaction again.

        The posters are cute but from the beginning I don’t see something special about this drama. The only drama I’m excited now is Oh My Ghost-Park Bo Young.

    • LMAO to your username. Don’t tell me please that “yysksr” stands for “YooYeonSeokKangSoRa” because if it is, you completely lost your credibility to me with your comment. It just seems that you are just plain complaining because Koala didn’t compliment the poster of your favs’ drama lol.

      • Yes it’s actually is!! Changed my username after the first teaser. They turned me into a superfan!! That’s not taking away from my “credibility”, plus we are talking about dramas for crying out loud…not trying to solve NASA problems

      • Plus my comment was supposed to be on the cute-complainy side! Guess it didn’t come out that way.. Im more of a “to each his own ” kind of person regarding critique on things that i like

  2. I always dropped Sora’s drama before … DH2, DS, Misaeng for various reasons. still like her though and will try to watch this for sure since it’s hong sisters drama

  3. “knee jerk awesome just because these two star in it”

    Isn’t this what happens with every pairing of popular actors?

    These 2 aren’t that popular to begin with, though (sorry KSR and YYS fans).

  4. OK, I obviously adore these two. But just watched the trailers, I actually honestly liked them even though I couldn’t understand a word of it. It does bring me the warm and cozy and fuzzy – it seems to be a life far away on a dreamy island where everything is beautiful and laid back and lovey dovey. OK, I might be a bit biased because of the two…

  5. When you have ‘warm’ in your title, how about using bright hot colors instead of that pissy yellow background? Filters for grey skies work too…
    As for the drama, I wish it was good for KSR but everything so far is underwhelming. Good luck to her and the viewers.

  6. LOL, so Ockoala, you didn’t like the posters, does that mean the series is not good based on those uncreative posters? 😀 Me, I could careless if the posters or teasers are good or not, it’s the actors/cast (if they have chemistry or not) and the story of the episodes (and series) that I want to see first before judging if I like a series or not. Posters are just there to promote the series. Like a book cover, you can’t judge it based on its front cover, attractive or not.

      • Yay, you’ve read and answered my question. LOL! 😀 Thanks, Ockoala. Love your site (I’ve bookmarked and check it almost daily…) and episode recaps (love your fun, entertaining, and witty recaps and I often agree with you in some of the ones I’ve seen and read your recaps to such as “Lie To Me,” “Drunken To Love You,” “Sunny Happiness” and “The King 2 Hearts” to name a few and other TW dramas like “Someone Like You” [wish you had done episode recaps of that series] you’ve posted in the news, I’ve discovered/loved/enjoyed watching them), btw. Great job on keeping us updated daily on K-Dramas, TW- DRamas, J-Doramas, and K/TW/J/Chinese Ent news. Keep up the great work. 🙂

        As for the posters…Oh, I see. Good to know. Thanks for the links on the separate posters posts you’ve previously posted. I’ve checked them out and now I see/read what you meant about “judging them on poster artistic merit unrelated to the quality of the drama.” Those posters are interesting and funny…and I do agree with your commentary/critic on them as well as on these posters for “Warm and Cozy ” (esp. with too bright yellow border color in two of them)… 😀

  7. This looked… sleepy. The posters are. I mean it’s the perfect ad for those who want to vacate and just relax. I think the posters achieved that. With that said, precisely, it’s just like reading an ad for a Jeju island vacation. It’s underwhelming is what I’m saying.

    Then I watched the teaser then I dug up around a bit to refresh what the synopsis is for this drama, and once again, “sleepy” is my impression. Was it supposed to be romantic? Funny? Heartwarming? I don’t know, it just makes me want to enjoy Jeju but not necessarily focus on the story. It’s funny that I remembered big names were once attached on this drama, had it not for that then I wouldn’t even notice that this existed. And the title change doesn’t help quite a bit, from the obvious Gatsby reference to some generic romance title, it only made my expectations for this drama that much more vague.

    Maybe it’ll end up as just one of those feel-good movies where you were just immersed with the setting and leave you with the emotions instead of worrying what the characters are doing. Except it’s not a movie. It’s a drama so there has got to be some conflict worth resolving for us to watch beyond 2 hours. And conflict I see not. The plot seems a bit quaint on this one, is what I’m saying.

    I’m undecided whether this is worth watching with just what I’m presented right now.

  8. I agree with Koala. The posters are bland and the actors look very uncomfortable together. It’s weird that the famous Hong sisters chose 2 actors that aren’t THAT famous to star in their drama, but since a lot of famous actors already said no, you have no other choice but to settle in a way. ‘Settle’ might be a harsh word for this since I consider at least the male actor to be quite talented, but still their names alone can’t make a large number of people watch this. And the mediocre posters + teasers don’t help. Although you can’t do much with a drama about getting cozy on an island.

    • Actually, I agree with you. Both of the leads are well-known and thanks to their recent dramas, got a lot of recognition but you can’t help and compare the star power of their previous drama’s leads. Like for example, in The Greatest Love, it was Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin, Big with Gong Yoo and Master’s Sun with So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin so yeah’ it’s a bit underwhelming lol.
      I just think that nowadays, top stars don’t really want to star in dramas because they much prefer movies especially when the ratings are incredibly decreasing and that movies makes so much more money with more creative and challenging storylines too.

      • Hong sisters’ drama do not always have popular stars. Beside those names you listed, most of their dramas leads are usually raising stars such as Lee Seung Gi, Shin Mina, Park Shin Hye, Jang Guem Suk, Jae Hee, Lee Dong Wook, Lee Jun Ki, Lee Da Hee,…

  9. I’m excited for this drama, but i have the feeling this will be another “Big” for the Hong Sisters, i hope i’m wrong.

  10. Hmmm, what’s up with the pessimism and the negativity From some people? THey look so cute together and the drama haven’t even started yet…

  11. I’m not feeling it either. Kind of looks like a CF more than a drama poster. Same thing with the stills released. Some obvious PL going on.

  12. The queen of negativity strikes again!
    The posters are really cute
    But even more cute are all the sheeps in the comment section

    • Funny you say that. I posted the exact same thing I posted in here over at dramabeans where there is an overwhelmingly a lot of people feeling jubilant about this drama’s prospect. Soon enough someone already reprimanded me for deviating from the general consensus of whatever narrative they’re trying to push.

      It’s either you’re a white sheep or the black kind apparently.

      • Jinja? That sucks, and that’s not the DB I remember. Way back when DB was a rollicking good time of discussion of any and all opinions. I don’t know why all drama fans alike can’t just let different opinions exist (whether positive or negative) without attacking it or acting defensive if it falls within the minority opinion. I love hearing folks who see things differently and articulately explain why without resorting to cudgel responses.

      • That person who responded to you on db also called you out for posting the exact same comment here first, guess you neglected to mention that part.

  13. based on how shes already talking about this drama, i would really love it if she doesnt recap it, because im pretty sure shes going to be biased and harsh and tear all their hard work apart, so i would love it if she dont recap at all. i mean reading this review on posters when the drama hasnt even started i am getting so much negativity from it, the last time i felt so much negativity was in DS and i was most traumatized by her recap of it than the actual drama and after that i never read her recaps anymore. smh.

  14. These posters suck! I am a designer student, and believe me this is something my little cousin of 12 can do. The lay-out and the font/the too cheesy couple pose is so dull and boring :(. They nailed it with Masters Sun, but here the lead seems too nice. I think they have reversed their usual characters: the female lead is now the ‘jerk’ and the guy is the ‘nice, too good’ one.

    But still gonna check this out cuz the Hong sisters are my favorite writers.

  15. The posters don’t say anything. I think visuals should always try to convey something, but these don’t. They’re nice to look at, but rather bland on the whole, and the washed-out palette doesn’t help.

  16. Folks, don’t feel so hurt when someone doesn’t have the same opinion as you. It’s entertainment – people will have differing opinions. 🙂

    These posters to me are just plain dull. It’s basically looking at anyone’s Jeju vacations photos and then some and if I didn’t know the people in them, I’d think they were dullness too. Except this is a drama poster. Have some creativity. It’s not goon to make or break a drama. But it can pull in viewers who weren’t planning on watching it and get them interested if done well.

    Usually posters will not detract me from viewing a dram that I was planning on watchin anyways. I will check this one out for kicks and keep my expectations low. I hope it’s gooo

  17. Ok readers look I’m going to be honest and say that I agree with Koala and her critic was light-hearted and sincere since the photos kinda look random couple photos on vacation islands but the drama hasen’t yet started and this is only the photos she is talking about, so no reasons to actully be upset.

    If A PD, writter-nim, actors-actresses or directors ever should recieve critics then atleast it must be legit and I’m not against critics and Am sure that they are not against fair criticism themselves. I really didn’t enjoy Koalas take on past successful shows which IMHO was unwarranted and unfair criticism against the PD’s Writters, Actors-actresses and directors. We shouldn’t burden people with what is unfair regardless of your own taste. Example when A show gets great results and overachieves more then its limits by drawing high ratings locally and overseas then it means alot of people liked it and by default the entire team of that drama has achieved the reuslts and success regardless of your own taste so there is no reason bashing shows like that because one must remember that these shows are intended to the viewers at home and these on there lap-tops to watch and if the show reaches there set of goals or overachieves then any hard critics against that show is absolutely unfair and disrespectful to the cast, PDs and everybody else involved with that show..

  18. Where did all the trolls in the comment section come from?

    Internet Etiquette 101 should tell you that disagreeing with someone is okay but attacking them personally is not. You show who you are in the dark(ness of internet anonymity)

  19. I’m just going to throw this out there. Those posters work for me.

    I’m not particularly skilled in art and won’t be able to critique a poster on its technical merits. But the posters work because they speak to me.

    The one big thing that shouts out to me is how Yoo Yeon Seok and Kang Sora look like they are absolutely in love. I don’t know about visuals and color not popping but the warmth and attraction certainly is.

    • Oh finally a comment i agree with!

      i’m not an expert in art but i did love the posters and the teasers. and to be clear i’m not a super fan of KS (only seen her in a minor role 5 years ago), maybe more fan of YYS since i watched some of his projects. so my liking of posters or teasers doesn’t stem from some fangirling. it’s just that i don’t expect some fabulous drama just some cute here and there. who knows, maybe i will be surprised for good.

  20. Thank you for posting the lovely posters & teaser.
    I am hooked! Going to catch this on 13 May!
    Finally a OTP where both are good actors & not some idols turned actor/actress.

  21. I love this poster!…. They look so sweet <3…..warm and cozy…just like the title 🙂 .
    I read before in the synop they could be a twin….but with this poster i'm sure they arent!
    ….kkkkk….thanks god!…. I will thinks a thousand time to watch if they really a twin.
    This poster tell me about the happy ending…Happy ending is a must for me! I will regret if i watch drama/movie that have tragic ending or even hanging ending! because i watch something to entertaint (make me happy), not give me a headache/problem…enough from my real life :p.
    The yellow color associated with sunshine, joy, happyness, pure, hope, energy, optimystic, and warm….just like the title(warm and cozy)…..unfortunately it also suggest impatience, criticism, and cowardice…. Maybe because that we feel different about this poster….
    From the teaser, poster, and stills picture……i'm already feel warm, happy, giddy, and optimystic for this drama…kkk…warm and cozy fighting!!!

  22. The posters and teasers are nothing special. But I don’t wanna judge this drama would do bad. Remember It’s Ok It’s Love had very cute posters and teasers and suddenly the story line was da BOMB. SO everything could be happen.

  23. ….I actually like them. YYS/KSR look good together, and as long as they have good chemistry it’s ok. Hopefully the Hong sisters aren’t making another Big. ..

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