Masked Prosecutor Drops First Teaser Showing the Prosecutor, the Cop, and the Mask

The first preview for Masked Prosecutor is here, and I honestly feel torn. On one hand, everything looks great right off the bat with the introduction of the two leads. Joo Sang Wook looks believable as a prosecutor, not to mention charismatic and handsome to boot, while Kim Sun Ah is awesome at being a spirited kickass lady cop. Then the last few seconds of the teaser rolled around and my jaw dropped open. The preview provides a sneak peek at the mask part of the masked prosecutor, and goodness gracious do I see a lucha libre face glove mask? *facepalm* Why KBS, why you have to pick that kind of mask? Only thing worse is having him wear a hockey goalie mask while performing his feats of justice avenging. The wrestling face mask does cover the entire face but makes it near impossible to take things seriously. What do you guys think? Yay, nay, or can we have a costume design do-over?

Masked Prosecutor teaser:


Masked Prosecutor Drops First Teaser Showing the Prosecutor, the Cop, and the Mask — 26 Comments

    Yeah, I totally get what you mean XD. OH MY GOD ! ARE THEY NUTS ? It’s just so unfitting ! Maybe it’s for the laughs and it’s kind of a way not to take it seriously especially because the teaser is really bubbly and fluffly (?) but yeah’, I really wanted a darker turn with a more kickass mask lol.

  2. Buahahha… The mask is kind of the mask used by children to play.
    Please just change to Zorro’s mask or the one football players use when they got face/nose injury.

  3. Isn’t that a Nacho Libre mask?? Or a wrestling mask? Jeeezzzz……I’m so afraid it’s gonna stink to high heavens. Come on, it’s Kim Sun Ah’s comeback drama. And Jang Sang Wook, how can they “uglify” him? Is this worse or Blade Man?

  4. at least Blade Man has a story and the knifes look classy. The mask here, Waaaaaaaa, and KSA holding a pistol like that, just like Kim Ta Hae holding the pistol, nothing new.

    • is there another way holding a gun? tell the detail please!! a police must have a safety standard when and how to use and hold a pistol.

  5. finger cross the mask for the teaser only, there will be a scene where he choose from all the world kind of mask…and no I’m not the writer. And KSA so damn cool…

  6. The mask is a joke right? LMAO….It reminded me of the character in Pulp Fiction…you know the one in chains. O___O

    Then again it’s the mask of a pro-wrestler.

  7. Please tell me that mask is a fake out, I think anything would be better than that. Even a goalie mask…

  8. LMAO at his mask!!! 😀 How dare they make him look ugly with that mask?! :O LOL! 😀 Perhaps it’s just on the teaser or his Halloween costume, haha! 😀 Nice teaser though. Can’t wait to see this series already! One of the few new K-Dramas I’m looking forward to seeing this year. 🙂

  9. I think it’s hilarious and might even be a gag mask (not the real one), even if it is, I hope it sets the long term tone of the drama. Please don’t allow a comedy to turn into a melo!!!

    I’m happy for JSW that the industry is giving him a chance at comedies. You can tell he’s trying to make up for all the years he played mean or stoic characters. I hope he and KSA are having a ball, so excite!!!

  10. I take that mask more seriously than say…the mask in City Hunter lol. Or other masks that do nothing to hide a face or mess up their hair. Not a big deal to me, but I guess it depends on the overall tone of the show. It’s probably going to be super serious show. And maybe the guy will upgrade into a better mask eventually.

  11. PFFFFT. I actually like it! But that’s because I want this show to be silly. And besides, it’s actually less ridiculous than all those masks that look cool, but don’t even believably hide your face. So I say, keep the mask!!!

  12. You’ve got to be kidding. Either it’s a mask for laughs or they’ve got a serious problem in the costume department.

  13. The mask reminded me of Jack Black at his movie “Nacho Libre”….LOL…need another custom designer 😛

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