Shin Mina’s Drama Comeback Gets Delayed as SBS Schedules Another Drama For Summer 2015

Fans of Shin Mina waiting for her K-drama comeback will have to wait a few months longer. Her summer 2015 return to SBS Wed-Thurs via the drama adaptation of the popular webtoon Will You Have Dinner with Me (Let’s Have Dinner Together) has been pushed back to fall, and may or may not even get that time slot either. Originally slated to follow Mask, which is following the soon to end The Girl Who Sees Smells, SBS has instead confirmed this weekend that the next Wed-Thurs drama after Mask will be a serious work called Yongpalyi.

The drama will be produced by the company that did You From Another Star, with the PD of God’s Gift: 14 Days and written by the screenwriter of OCN‘s Reset who is adapting the drama based on the novel of the same name. With Yongpalyi on the calendar, Will You Have Dinner With Me will be competing with another webtoon adaptation for the fall time slot as Michelin Star is also vying for air time on SBS. I’m not terribly disappointed to hear the drama shuffling other than wanting Will You Have Dinner With Me solely because its a rom-com and I’m partial to that genre, especially during the lazy hot summer season.

So SBS Wed-Thurs will be: Smelly Girl —-> Mask  —-> Yongpalyi  —-> Michelin Star/Will You Have Dinner With Me. If the latter two dramas end up both airing one after the other, that will then complete the SBS Wed-Thurs line up for the remainder of 2015.


Shin Mina’s Drama Comeback Gets Delayed as SBS Schedules Another Drama For Summer 2015 — 13 Comments

  1. I read the plot for will you have dinner with me and honestly it’s not that good, I would prefer shin min ah in something else

  2. Probably they can’t cast the actor SBS wants for this drama. There’s no words from Shin Min Ah’s side about the casting too.

    Oh well, I thought I’m gonna see Shin Min Ah And Lee Jun Ki again this summer with the same timeslot (wed-thu), on 2 different drama.

  3. Is she even confirmed for this though? It feels like they pushed it to fall so they have more time to convince her and maybe a top actor for the male lead too.

  4. It seems they have already the male in hand but they want to keep it till few months later since the lead male still not ready to be announced since he has something to do this time around. I bet the male lead is top actor.

  5. Hi, I read that Michelin Star is airing on MBC. Anyway, I am glad that Will You Have Dinner with Me is scheduled to air in fall (for now). With the additional time, hopefully they can land a better writer to adapt the webtoon.

  6. I have a dream that Yongplayi hopefully turns into a blast cast of LMH-SUZY pairing.. one for the ages but its only a dream of mine and i’m afriad it may never come.. which will be a sad-sad case for drama fans in general.. prayers needed!

    However I’m not excited for shin mina-LMH pairing at all cause it lacks something, and I would definitely take PSH or GHS replay anyday over Shin mina

  7. so i might seem stupid saying that but hyun bin and shin min ah signed the same company together two months before hyun bin get back from military hyun bins movie was success but when he had his comeback drama even though he chose hajina over 3 other dramas (i was totally surprised by how good the plot was i bet hyun bin probably thought the same when he was reading it but then the writer couldn’t link anything together her writing was realistic but not interesting) not what we all expected and now shin min ah’s drama gets delayed may be the plot is not that great or it might as well be failure am i being a bit over dramatic or this had to do with the fact they set their own company? but right now sung joons drama is highly expected from and hyun bin has been offered Hollywood movie so i hope my thinking are just me being stupid and over dramatic coz i watched too many dramas lool

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