Luhan’s Meteoric Rise in China Cemented with Cover of Forbes and GQ

I would be so grateful if EXO fans could enlighten me on Luhan‘s appeal. I know he left the group over half a year ago and isn’t a member anymore, but I am genuinely clueless when it comes to what makes this very young man (who looks even younger) so popular. I ask this because Luhan just made the cover of the Forbes China 2015 Celebrity Power List edition, where inside he only ranked #37 but got his face plastered all over the magazine glossy front page. In addition, last month he also made the cover and pages of GQ China, all this happening in so short a time as to be utterly groundbreaking in any entertainment industry.

I’ve only seen him in the C-version of Miss Granny and he was adorable but no acting wunderkind to write home about. The onscreen charisma was what I deem serviceable as well, so I am genuinely curious what his fans think validates his soaring success since returning to China, success that even eclipses his former EXO mate Kris (who is also doing very well himself). With that said, my confusion┬ámust be the minority because he’s doing soooooo well after leaving SM and EXO to spread his wings in his native China that clearly the C-fans can’t get enough of him.


Luhan’s Meteoric Rise in China Cemented with Cover of Forbes and GQ — 23 Comments

  1. No idea either. He probably has some powerful backer in China that allowed him to leave SM in the first place. They definitely are promoting him hard with those huge advertisements and this, but I doubt his popularity is anywhere close to a lot of people below him on that list.

  2. Wasn’t a wife of a huge company in china is his fan. Anyway i don’t think he’s that popular as what the media or his new company is trying to make him to be.

  3. He’s REALLY pretty, but still manly enough and not super feminine, which is something that chinese youngsters eat up, especially the girls, what with the changing trends to accepting flower boys these days. Doesn’t help that he’s got one very wealthy and powerful fan either.

    I don’t think ALL of China loves him, but a lot of youngsters do like him and in a country of 1.3 billion people, that’s still a heck lot of people he’s having influence over, which is most probably a large factor in advertising companies’ decision to cast him. Being pretty, he also has a very clean and refreshing image.

    Kris is similar in that pretty manly man sense, but I think he’s more manly (eh, like your typical fashion-conscious metrosexual). Plus, he was the mouthpiece for the (at that time) very popular (and definitely rising) exo-m, which means that many people would know him.

  4. Sorry to out of topic. Miss Koala, could you please put an article about Bae Yong Jun’s getting married with Park Su Jin this fall? Thank you.

  5. I think it’s because he has a certain endearing quality about him. I’ve also only seen him in Miss Granny but he left an impression on me even though his acting was not amazing.

  6. He had the biggest fandom even when he was in EXO.
    He was the lead vocal/ lead dancer/visual of EXO(E.g. Kris was the member with questionable purpose since he can’t sing/rap/dance while D.O. is 1 of the main vocalist and in charge of having a pretty singing voice). He’s popular cause for fans, he has visual+Talents.
    He has the ‘nice person’ personality that the fans find really endearing.
    Oh and he still has a decent size fandom in Korea even after he left EXO.

    EXO popularity in China has always been Luhan>Kris>2 chinese+2 korean members(Including Chanyeol who’s in a movie with 1 of the Grandpa from Grandpa over flowers)>The 1 that will be in a movie with Yeo Jin Gu>2 other members+ D.O.> another korean member> The church oppa in prime minister and I

  7. I can’t really say he’s been that sucessful with actual acting or singing. He did sing an OST though. He has several endorsements and a few magazine covers. His next movies are the Blind remake with Yang Mi and a role in the Hollywood film The Great Wall (he looked like a cute kid in his armor)

    Kris has had a few covers and several endorsements too. However he’s more focused on movies. I think he’s on his sixth one and they just announced L.O.R.D with Fan Bing Bing. He did go to the MET Ball with Vogue China to represent China though.

    So I would say Luhan’s media team has been effective with getting him big covers and doing PR but he seems to be taking it slowly with work. Kris’ covers seem to be in relation to promotion rounds for his work and he’s doing several films.

  8. Some say China’s entertainment business has a lot to do with politics. I like him and he is sooo cute (great eye candy, so I’m not complaining). ­čśë

  9. I’m happy he is doing so well after leaving a company that worked him almost to death and discriminated against him.

  10. Honestly, it really is his face. You can say all you want about his nice personality, decent singing and acting (but nothing spectacular), and good Mandarin pronunciation, but the fact is that he had/has one of the prettiest faces in EXO (although it’s still plastic surgery).
    Still, his popularity really is more blown up than it actually is. His fans are the younger generation, so online it seems like everyone knows and like him, but the older geneneration is usually indifferent about him.

  11. Wow! I’m actually beholding this boy’s beauty! hahah…Koala, you entertain me so much by putting this article out and having such queries…I’m not a fan of EXO but have been an avid Kpopper. EXO is considered the most handsome looking idol group in the world (yup! No only in S Korea). And among all the EXO members, Luhan is deemed as the best looking one by many fans. Well for me that’s it. EXO are not my cup of tea, either in style or musicality or even looks. Besides, they lip synced most of the time on live stage since debut. And I believe many non EXO-L (the fandom name) hold the same views as I. That is, other than looks, what else can we rave about them?

  12. He’s really just a pretty face. Back when I was kind of interested in EXO and watched their performances and variety shows, Luhan was really just there. He was shy/awkward and not very talkative on screen but still popular.

    He really has that face of his to thank.

  13. Honestly not to sound like another crazy Exo stan, but if you get to know him a bit better you’ll find Luhan is a very humble, understated (even shy at times) and softspoken person who always steps back from the spotlight for other people, and has a really warm and amiable personality (everyone who has come in contact with him say he’s super easy to get along with and just generally loveable). In contrast, this modesty has pushed him into the spotlight and adoration of fans.

    This is all added on to the fact that he’s super attractive and fits the balance of ‘cute’ and ‘pretty’ but also ‘manly’ quota perfectly, which seems to be the craze these days.

    And then there’s his well-rounded array of talents, his humour, his derpiness.

    What’s not to like I guess?

    (obviously this can’t all be seen from just photos. I personally remember originally dismissing him when I didn’t know him well because I thought he looked too much like a girl)

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