Angry Mom Breakout Star Ji Soo Lands First Major Magazine Spread

Clearly K-ent knows to move fast when scooping up a new good thing, but perhaps might want to slow down and do it properly. Less than a week after Angry Mom wrapped up on MBC, the cast breakout star Ji Soo shows up in his first major publication spread in Geek Magazine. I don’t know if he’s geeky in real life, in the drama his image was a little boy lost wrapped in a bravado blanket, eliciting all the noona protective instincts mixed with appreciation of one very mesmerizing young man. Too bad the Geek spread fails to do much with the great canvas that is Ji Soo, sticking him in one particularly eye sore outfit (above) and one nondescript outfit (below). Was the coordi noona on vacation that day? Let it be said that he stands out even wearing such whatever clothes, a sign that the boy has the real goods to shine whatever the package. I can’t wait to keep seeing more of him in the days to come.


Angry Mom Breakout Star Ji Soo Lands First Major Magazine Spread — 9 Comments

  1. The first shirt must say, “OR not.”

    He seems to be looking off camera at his mgr, “You owe me, BIG.”

    I want to see the film he made, one day, on Youtube.

    Do you think he’ll do another drama soon, or stick with films?

  2. He’s adorable and Angry Mom is unexpectedly refreshing. I sorta did a bit online research about school bully and corruption in S. Korean because of Angry Mom. To my shock, the drama perhaps did not exaggerate too much. I also asked my colleague who was from S. Korean if it’s rampant in his home country. And he nodded. No wonder it’s been a hot topic in K drama land recently. Kudos to the writer.

  3. His rise is remarkable, not just because of his talent but because before the show began airing, we didn’t even know about the character of Bok Dong.

    I’m so glad the producers kept it as a surprise, otherwise if the idol agencies had known what kind of role Bok Dong would play they would have been rushing to cram one of their idols into that role instead, and we would never have known how amazing this young man would be as Go Bok Dong.

  4. I wish he would keep working hard, cause it is easy to lose the grip in this job, when you get lazy! But I think I won´t have to worry.

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