Lee Jong Seok Ushers in Summer in Maui for Allure Korea

It feels weird not having a Lee Jong Seok drama on the horizon now that it’s been five months since he wrapped his last drama Pinocchio. That’s a high note as any to take a rest but the oddity comes from him working on a new drama every six months or so since early 2013. He did School 2013 followed by I Hear Your Voice and then Dr. Stranger into Pinocchio. I miss Lee Jong Seok on my screen already, come back soon my boy!

He might not be any rush now that he’s cemented his leading man status, and who can blame him for being picky when the quality of dramas are so low nowadays. He’s also having a grand time during his off season, as evidenced by the latest Allure Korea spread shot in picturesque Maui. This is a perfect two-fer, one of my faves showcasing one of my favorite places, with his playful style wonderfully complementing the laid back vibe of the island.


Lee Jong Seok Ushers in Summer in Maui for Allure Korea — 22 Comments

  1. My favs are the 2nd and the third! Especially the third one, oh that body.

    In the interview, he says he brought a script with him to Hawaii and read it three times since he always woke up 5am there because of jet lag. Guess the wait won’t be long.

  2. Not really a fan, but I appreciate he actually did a photoshoot in a location and they actually used the scenery.

    Seems like a lot of people are missing from drama land lately. If I were an actor I’d be scared to come back and be stuck in a massive flop. They are more common than hit lately.

  3. Lee Jong Seok!!! <3 <3 <3 Please come back to the small screen soon BUT ONLY IN A GOOD DRAMA (no pulling a Dr. Stranger)!

  4. He looks pretty! I don’t want to sound like a pervert… But why is he wearing so many clothes in a beach?

  5. He is right that he doesn’t come back to dramaland now. A lot of dramas these days are low rating flops. Because I was never disappointed about his drama choices even in doctor stranger. He is also skillful in acting.
    Please act in an action or thriller film for now.
    I am so glad to see you again in these pictures. My boy is so hot and handsome as well.

  6. Why are you asking for him to do a drama now?? He doesn’t need to do 2 dramas in 1 year again. He has strong fanbase both local and international. Especially, Korean people love him, you can see he has never failed in rating even in doctor stranger because they wanted to give him a credit for his super talent even in a poor script.
    Most popular actors rarely do a drama even in a year. This is the time for him to rest and do fan meetings.
    Anyway, he has a good model-look body and height.

    • Dear, maybe you should read his interview for this photoshoot. It has been translated into English.

      Let me quote his own words:
      A big reason why actors have such a long ‘blank space’ (period of no work) is because they are afraid of losing what they have. When you consider this and that, the time will pass. As opposed to that, I would rather use that time to have a project.

      • I just read the interview…he always makes my heart a jelly when reading his interviews, he is so honest, I love that..
        What makes me sad that he always says lonely and has a boring life, that’s why he loves acting so much, he can get an interesting life of a character in drama.
        It’s so clear that he wants people know him as a true actor that people can rely on,,
        I love him so much as an actor and a person.

      • not all… some actors are busy with all other works too… especially the hallyu and popular ones.

  7. I really miss him in my screen.
    Jongsuk! All your millions fans are missing you and waiting for your next project.
    Please don’t take too much time.
    Love you so much.

  8. He’s a talented actor, but there aren’t a lot of good dramas nowadays and it’s easier to make good money from CFs than overwork yourself in a drama, so I can’t blame him for staying away from it all.

  9. lovely pictures and boy he looks good. i miss him too. before IHYV i didn’t notice him but since than i like him. didn’t watch dr. starnger but Pinocchio is one of my favorite this year. hope he takes his time and choose the next drama wisely and i believe he’ll do.

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