PD Jo Soo Won Persuaded to Resume Directing The Time I Loved You, 7000 Days

A round of applause please, as the production of upcoming SBS weekend drama The Time I Loved You, 7000 Days just went from imminent disaster to unbelievably farcical. I’m sure stuff like this happens behind the scenes in drama productions on a regular basis, but to see it play out in public with news updates is another thing. A week after PD Jo Soo Won quit his directing gig on 7000 Days, which was followed by the production finding two different PDs to take over for him, he’s now back on the job and will be directing the drama after all.

Word is that he was persuaded to return, whatever that means. I really don’t care if he was given suitcases of money under the table, the two PDs that were slated to take over were not only ill-suited for this story but have completely different directorial styles that was a disaster in the making to try and mesh, namely PD Go of Syndrome and sageuk veteran PD Kang of Emperor of the Sea, Kingdom of the Wind, and Jeon Woo Chi. How anyone thought those two PDs were suitable for an introspective romance drama is beyond me. Thank goodness PD Jo was persuaded back, now I can return to eagerly anticipating this K-remake of In Time With You.

This little directing hiccup shouldn’t add too much urgency to 7000 Days as SBS has ordered a two-episode extension for Divorce Lawyers in Love, an extension that makes zero sense from a ratings standpoint and all the sense in the world to buy 7000 Days an extra week of preparation.


PD Jo Soo Won Persuaded to Resume Directing The Time I Loved You, 7000 Days — 20 Comments

  1. Whatever the reasons and SBS deal, I’m just happy to have him back.. I love his directorial style, after watching 2 of his dramas, IHYV and Pinocchio. If the two dramas are of any indicator, then this drama will be good too!

  2. I was ready to drop my anticipation for this show and thank god for this good news. I just hope this doesn’t deviate too much from the original. Anyway, I’m eagerly waiting again! Can’t wait to see Ha Ji-won and Lee Jin-wook as You-qing and Da-ren.

  3. *whew the show just dodge a bullet. Wonder what will happened with the other two PDs. Why KBS ordered unneeded extension and potentially ruined a drama though. Can’t they just air a special drama? Is that because the rating war?

    • There’s not much to ruin with Divorce Lawyer in Love, to be fair. I’m not happy about the extension, but I’m only watching for Wang Ji Won, and if it means antoher week of cute, happy, fun photos from the set turning up on her IG, then I’m OK with that.

    • though i’m only on ep. 9 on divorce lawyers, i like it very much. it is light and funny drama. and the main leads adorable together. i don’t see why people bashing it so much. next to it,endless love for example was really meh and birth of a beauty started good and went downhill..

  4. “Good news everybody!”

    Couldn’t help quoting Futurama.

    This is excellent news. This show is now back on weekly viewing.

  5. Awesome, now can I see some super cute photos and posters for the drama?! The only thing missing is an attractive second male lead!? I was hoping someone with good looks and oozing with charms..please drama god!!

  6. Except for the writer, everything sounds good about this Drama. Sadly, if the writer sucks, most of the time it means the Drama sucks too. I hope they can make it work.

  7. For the love of all things good, please don’t cut the female lead’s hair or give her a short bob. Anymore of this can/will make me snap. Hear my cry: Ha ji won Unnie’s coordi, stylist etc

    • Me too!
      Among all things concerning this drama, one of my real concern is HJW’s hair.
      I just want it long.
      (like Ariel in ITWY)

  8. I must say I’m still very very nervous about this ‘remake’. A lot of the change I’ve heard about make me very apprehensive.

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