Ariel Lin and C-actor Chen Xiao Pair Up for Big Screen The Mysterious Family

Marriage isn’t slowing down Ariel Lin in the least, she already announced that she wasn’t quitting the entertainment industry after becoming a wife but it was surprising to learn that she had been filming starting last December when she was in the midst of tying the knot. The upcoming Korean-Taiwan-Chinese co-production movie called Mysterious Family stars Taiwanese actress Ariel with C-actor Chen Xiao, continuing Ariel’s streak of working with the most IT C-actors. Also newly married (and soon to be baby daddy with wife Jade Chou) Taiwanese actor Blue Lan is also in the movie cast. It’s described as a revenge mystery thriller and the teaser preview oozes with tension and dread.

For Louis Cha novel fans the pairing also has the weird spectre of Huang Rong in Legend of the Condor Heroes romancing Yang Guo from Return of the Condor Heroes, made all the more hilarious since older Rong Er basically spend all of RoCH hating on young Yang Guo by assuming he would turn out to be a bad apple like his daddy. The movie is described as a comedy-detective-romance caper, perhaps along the lines of an earlier movie Sweet Alibis starring Ariel with Alec Su. The movie is still filming as we speak and will be scheduled for release later this year. Doesn’t look like Ariel has any dramas either on her plate or in her sights for 2015.

Teaser preview:


Ariel Lin and C-actor Chen Xiao Pair Up for Big Screen The Mysterious Family — 5 Comments

  1. Why, Mary, whatever would give you that idea – other than the fact that her name are the only Chinese characters I can recognise? I’ve been waiting for more news on this one for a while – the poster’s been her weibo header for quite a while, but this is the first update I’ve read since about February. The difference being that now, thanks to Koala, I know there’s a good chance it won’t be dubbed, so YAY! It’s also her first since finishing her Master’s so it’ll be good to see how that’s helped.

    • LOL..I was thinking of your reaction while reading this post Stuart!! Will be looking forward to this as I like both leads!yay!!

  2. I really want another drama from Ariel!!! But a movie is better than nothing.

    Never thought of matching her with Chen Xiao but they actually look cute together! Lol at the Huang Rong romancing Yang Guo remark..

  3. Ariel won’t be doing dramas anytime soon. She already announced it after ITWY, and Lang Ling Wang was only an exception, as they were willing to provide a workable schedule for her. Now that she’s married, I doubt that she’ll be willing to put in the extra time.

    I’m happy that she’s coming out with one movie after another though.
    I basically gave up on TW dramas after ITWY, and c-dramas can take ages to come out.

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