Fan Bing Bing Confirms Long Swirling Dating Rumors with Smexy C-actor Li Chen

The wave of C-ent dating happy relationship news just keeps on chugging along. On the heels this week alone involving Yuan Hong dating Zhang Xin Yi, followed by Huang Xiaoming marrying Angelababy, good news must come in threes because the week end was capped off with China’s top movie actress Fan Bing Bing confirming that she is indeed dating rumored boyfriend C-actor Li Chen. LOL, like anyone was doubting that rumor based on how much they’ve openly flirted on weibo with each other in the last few months but it’s nice of her to post the couple picture above in confirming the news at last.

This couple met on the set of a drama, her mega hit period C-drama The Empress of China to be exact. He wasn’t anywhere near being the leading man, not because he wasn’t leading man worthy as he’s been in the lead of many a drama before, but for this particular role he was just guest starring. Even though he didn’t have that many scenes with Fan Bing Bing, they clearly caught each other’s eye and the rumors have been swirling nonstop about their budding romance. It’s great to get confirmation at last so that wedding watch can officially get started. I actually like Fan Bing Bing more now that she’s dating Li Chen, because hot dang it the girl has got good taste in men is all imma going to say.

Li Chen has always been seen as a major onscreen beefcake, albeit one who can act, but seeing him in the variety show Hurry Up Brother (the C-version of Running Man) has been nothing if not casting him in a whole new awesome light as the Big Black Bull.


Fan Bing Bing Confirms Long Swirling Dating Rumors with Smexy C-actor Li Chen — 12 Comments

  1. the way she’s looking at him in that picture is adorable! she’s looks like a teenager with a huge crush. this is just me but I’d want the guy to claim me publicly first! of course, things are a bit different since this is the entertainment world.

    • Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m assuming Fan Bing Bing is the bigger star and has more weibo followers, and that’s partly, if not THE main, why she outed them and not him. And frankly, if they’re happy together, it won’t really matter to either them who claimed who first.

      As for me, personally, rather than wanting a guy to publicly claim me first, I’d want us as a couple to do it together. A simultaneous posting on our SNS accounts should do it. 🙂

    • Apparently, Li posted that selfie on social media first, with the caption “Us”. Fan then shared his post on her own Weibo page.
      cr. straitstimes

  2. I don’t know who is is but not finding him “smexy” overall, outside of abs. Bod is better than the face.

  3. Fan Bingbing made the promise to Huang Xiao Ming if he and Angelababy get married, Fan Bingbing will go public with her relationship! well, she kept her promise!

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