Ji Sung Guest Stars on Popular Variety Show Three Meals a Day

The ardent fans of Kill Me Heal Me are likely still disappointed that Ji Sung didn’t win the Drama Best Actor award at the 2015 Baeksang Art Awards, losing out to Lee Sung Min for Misaeng. It could have easily gone to him, or either of the two Punch boys Kim Rae Won or Jo Jae Hyun, so at the end of the day I chalk this one up to a tough as nail competition field and not a lack of recognition for Ji Sung. It’s actually more meaningful for me to watch his acting breakthrough occur in real time as his performance in KMHM kept improving week after week in jaw-dropping ways.

Ji Sung is currently taking acting time off to await the birth of his first child with actress wife Lee Bo Young, so those missing him onscreen will have a fun treat next week as he guests on the tvN variety show Three Meals a Day with Lee Seo Jin and Taecyeon on a farm. He’s the second big guest star for the show in as many weeks as Park Shin Hye made an appearance this past week. I’m so going to check it out for the extra dose of bromance on that farm, not to mention Ji Sung looks so darn happy to be there to hang out with the guys.


Ji Sung Guest Stars on Popular Variety Show Three Meals a Day — 12 Comments

  1. OMG!!! I only watched few ep of 3MD and it wasn’t THAT entertaining, so I watch whenever I like a guest.
    NOW, I have to catch Ji Sung ahjusshi <3 <3
    Wonder if Seojinnie will try making him a slave too.

  2. LMAO at the captions in the third last frame: “wife’s mobile phone number…”

    Don’t tell me he doesn’t even know his wife’s phone number! The bane of savable-contacts!

  3. Loved how Na PD introduced Ji Sung as ‘Yo Na-sshi’ to Taecyeon, and Ji Sung greeted Taec ‘Nice to meet you oppa!’ haha XD

  4. OMG really?! I have to find out who subs this..

    I love seeing him in variety.. though he isn’t usually very talkative.

  5. Love to watch this & when psh is the guest star but i can’t fine any site that is showing it with eng sub….

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