Shin Se Kyung Reunites with Yoo Ah In for Six Dragons Flying, Time to Relive the Fashion King Ending Madness

I now like Shin Se Kyung, so it pains me to hear her getting cast in a new drama that serves to bring back memories of one of her biggest flop projects (and performances) to date. Shin Se Kyung just wrapped The Girl Who Sees Smells for SBS but must love the grueling drama shoot and the network because she turned around and signed on as the leading lady for upcoming SBS sageuk drama Six Dragons Flying. She’s taking on the role that was initially offered to Baek Jin Hee, but Shin Se Kyung‘s casting seems even more apt since the Dragons production team worked with her already in Tree with Deep Roots.

Six Dragons Flying already has its male-centric cast of six dragons, with male leads Kim Myung Min and Yoo Ah In holding down the method acting fort. Shin Se Kyung’s character will have a love line with Yoo Ah In, which immediately flashes me back to the craptastic SBS drama Fashion King where they first worked together to terrible awful results. The chemistry was all wrong, the acting was over-the-top from everyone, and the writing in that drama was the absolute pits. It was all capped off by the most ass-backwards WTF drama ending in the history of bad drama endings. May or may not be THE worst but is definitely one of the worst. Maybe Dragons will finally wash this stinker off their plates.

Fashion King Ending:


Shin Se Kyung Reunites with Yoo Ah In for Six Dragons Flying, Time to Relive the Fashion King Ending Madness — 23 Comments

  1. Hahaha if anyone can remember a more hilariously WTF ending for a drama, please let me know and I’ll watch it right away. Because I don’t think anyone can out-do fur coats in a swimming pool with someone shooting the guy on the head. It literally went with a bang – that’s certainly the definition of WTF and I’m really not looking forward to this reunion.

    • WTF drama ending for me is “What happened in Bali” lol. It went with Triple “Bang”. Though I just watched this one and it’s pretty WTF too. I don’t get it. So SSK the one who hired the shooter? What happened with YAI acting here?

      • you know when I was watching what happened in bali, halfway through I had a deep deep suspicion and I immediately went and checked fashion king writer and guess what it was the SAME was like a hammer hit my head

  2. Production Team of Tree with Deep Roots ? I am looking forward to it ! I freakin’ loved that drama. Such a masterpiece 😀

  3. Honestly, everytime I think of that ending I get simultaneously angry and horrified. The entire show was me waiting and praying for it to get better. I ranted for 3 weeks straight over that ending.

  4. I cannot stand Shin Se-Kyung, but I admit she has not been as bad in sageuk as she is in modern drama. But she has not been the lead either. These people are nuts. She is so incapable

  5. They filmed the ending at the very beginning of the shoot. YAI’s hair grew back into his head between the previous scene and that one. That means the writers could have switched it any time, but kept it. Despite the WTFery of it all. Despite the fact that it wasn’t supported by any of the story up to that point. Ghhhahhghhahgllglglasgasdasd.

  6. I might just watch Fashion King to see how bad it really it is. It’s one of those dramas you have to experience first-hand to appreciate how bad it really is, such as “Marry Him If You Dare” or “Boys Over Flowers”.

  7. Lol! I’ve just spit all over my tablet from laughing. Omg that ending reaches epic levels of horrible. Didn’t think yai could actually act that badly, the overacting was just hilarious. I can’t believe it was a serious drama, and honestly have a hard time believing that yai didn’t do it on purpose. It’s too hilariously bad. I almost want to watch it on ff as satire.

  8. I think the writer of ‘Fashion King’ tried to pull another ‘What happened in Bali’ but never worked. I mean, all the elements are there.. 4 leads meeting overseas, abused chaebol son, jealous ex, female lead that you can’t understand and male leads doing everything for the female lead. It was good until ep 10 but gave up at ep 14. I think I should blame the writing and acting why FK was so bad

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