The Cast of Descendants of the Sun are All Smiles at the First Script Reading

I feel like I’ve seen these pictures before, and then remembered that I already saw the lead up moments before these pictures were snapped. KBS released the script reading pictures of the big budget upcoming drama Descendants of the Sun, which isn’t as exciting to see since the media already published pictures of the four leads heading into KBS studios last week for this table read. With that said, it’s still nice to see everyone sitting around the table and looking so mighty cheerful.

Those concerned that Song Hye Kyo, who is a few years older than Song Joong Ki, may look noticeably older than him can rest assured they will probably look just find standing in the same frame. The biggest concern is on chemistry, it always boils down to chemistry to sell the OTP. The script reading appears to be fun for all involved, rarely have I seen such big beaming smiles from a cast running through the lines. Either the script is a barrel of laughs or it’s just that good in quality and everyone can’t help smiling like a cat on cream to be cast.


The Cast of Descendants of the Sun are All Smiles at the First Script Reading — 24 Comments

  1. Still can’t see SHK and SJK together.. Nope!! Seems k Netizens agree with me too.. They say that they look like an aunt with her nephew side by side, plus people are still mad with her for the tax evasion scandal!!

      • Unlikely. In the last DotS thread, she was all about not getting SJK’s appeal and why’s Koala so gung-ho on him. And citing K-netizens’ portal reactions as yardstick for public opinion? The same place where Kim Hyun-Joong’s and Park Shi-Hoo’s fans show up en masse whenever there’s any article on their misunderstood oppas and vote up their conspiracy theories? Yeah, that’s a reliable way of gauging “public opinion.”

      • Yes i actually am a SJK -MCW shipper as i loved nice guy! And @CL i think you need to check my earlier post more carefully. When did i say that i dont see song joong ki’s appeal? I even said that i think he is a good actor and that i thought that he is over praised in koalas blog as if he is a mega star or something, that’s it. I never said he didn’t have talent. Also why is it bad to mention k Netizens reaction? I mean they are potential viewers of the drama and they live in korea so they know what’s the public opinion and reaction better than us internationals. That doesn’t mean of course that they know better or that i trust their judgment on what i should watch. That’s all.

      • @srwycs1490: There was more to your commentary than acknowledging he’s a good actor but let’s set that aside since that’s not the point here. It’s either dishonest or misguided to cite so-called K-netizens’ reactions as “public opinion” without understanding the system (of posting comments then letting users to vote up & down) is easily manipulated by the hard-core fans AND antis and thus represents only a fraction of said public opinion. It’s a terribly biased sample and when you say you agree with “those” who post things like “they look like aunt and nephew!!” you either ignore or do not realize many of them are some of the worst and obsessed antis you’re likely to see with an actress, stalking and maligning SHK online long before the tax scandal became an issue. If “K-netizens’ reactions” were representative of public opinion, we/Koreans would have a different president, and idol dramas and movies would do a hell of a lot better in the ratings and the box office. So forgive me if I have a hard time taking seriously anyone who cites those as “public opinion.”

    • Oh please, the age difference between them is just 4 years–hardly an issue, especially when the 2 people involved are so beautiful. Sure, Joong-ki is baby-faced, but claims that Hye-kyo looks like his aunt? Me thinks that K-netizens (who, of course, are known to always speak the gospel truth) need their eyes checked.
      So no, age isn’t a problem for me. Only chemistry. To judge that, I’ll wait until the drama actually airs, of course. But I’m cautiously optimistic. Other actors managed to create perfect OTP sizzles on-screen despite a much greater age gap between them: Ha Ji-won and Lee Seung-gi (9 years), Kim Hee-sun and Lee Min-ho (10 years; I had my problems with Faith, but the OTP was absolutely not one of them) etc.

      • She looks like an aunt next to him bc he looks like a little boy!!! There’s no hate just an honest opinion

      • Oh please…anyway you look at them, SHK does not look at his aunt “even if he does look like a little boy” which I also dismiss as I think he’s grown into a “man” now with charm. Why people’s criticism can be so extreme is hard to understand, so if the age gap is 6 ages then ppl will say a mother & son. I guess there are still ppl that can’t expect older woman younger man relationships. I mean the drama should be judged on the quality and acting if the artists…shouldn’t judge a book by its cover!

      • @Jojobean
        Your definition of what “a little boy” looks like is very different from mine. If you honestly believe that Hye-kyo looks old enough to be Joong-ki’s aunt, I have nothing more to say. We’ll just agree to disagree.

      • Ha. Little boy? If that what little boy looks like in your eyes, okay then -.- To me he looks like a man now.

    • they look like an aunt with her nephew side by side ” ??
      You are seriously blinded by your hate toward her. I am not even fan of SHK but I think they look comparable in appearance. SHK does not age so much since Autumn and I dunno what a fuss about him looking younger cuz for me he looks his real age and MCW is the one that appear older than her age.

      • “I dunno what a fuss about him looking younger cuz for me he looks his real age and MCW is the one that appear older than her age.”

        Yet, she looks totally fine with Lee Seung-gi, Joo-won and Lee Min-ho who are younger than her? 🙂

  2. I always love hye kyo… its good to see her again in dramaland. even there is big gap in ages or appearance for hye kyo and jongki, I don’t mind that… she always shine beautifully in her own way…

  3. I Love SHK and SJK and I am sure they will have fantastic chemistry together

    SHK is beautiful and very young looking its just that SJK has a baby face but I

    am sure they will look hot together. Good Luck to them, I am definitely looking

    forward to the drama.

  4. i love SHG but…
    i can see my self rooting for second female lead… oh i love kim jiwon..
    and i am prepared to be heartbroken T_T…
    i hope this drama will do well, DotS fighting
    Song Joongki<3..Kim Jiwon<3

  5. Not a fan of SHG but at least she isn’t a horrible actress. Watching it for SJK! I agree it all depends on whether SJK and SHG have any chemistry on screen. In her last drama “That Winter, The Wind Blows” her chemistry with JIS was as cold as the title imho. But I have hopes – even though it will take until later this year so they can prove it. 🙂

  6. She does look older than him.. I’m kinda worried whether she could pull off looking younger as the script says. But she doesn’t look much older than him, probably around one or two years only. Certainly doesn’t look like his aunt xD
    And as long as they have chemistry, things will be fine. I’m slightly more to the optimistic side regarding that :3

  7. “like an aunt with her nephew” ?…absolutely no, they look very fine together, for me they look like they at same age. SHK is very cute like living doll..:)

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