Jo In Sung, Song Joong Ki, and Kwang Soo Take Their Bromance Overseas on a Buddy Trip

It must be a slow news week when the personal travel plans of three K-stars made multiple front page news. This had a tinge of Dispatch catching surreptitious couples on an overseas jaunt, but without the salacious aside and definitely no homoerotic subtext in any of the articles I read. Best friends Jo In Sung, Song Joong Ki, and Kwang Soo were spotted at Incheon airport leaving the country bound for the same overseas destination. A memo to Song Joong Ki, it would be impossible to travel incognito when you choose to travel with your two besties who happen to be among the tallest entertainers in Korea.

Stack them next to each other and you guys might as well have walked around with a blinking neon sign. The representatives of all three stars confirmed to the media that it was a personal trip for the buddies, and judging from Song Joong Ki’s upcoming filming schedule for Descendants of the Sun will likely be his last fun trip for the next few months. Plenty of guy friends travel together whether ordinary folks or entertainers, the funny part of this story is how high profile all three of them are, and whether variety TV maestro Na PD wishes he were a fly on the wall with a camera following along to capture the highlights. I bet wherever they went there will soon be fan sightings of these popular guys.


Jo In Sung, Song Joong Ki, and Kwang Soo Take Their Bromance Overseas on a Buddy Trip — 18 Comments

  1. I’d volunteer to be their luggage girl… Make it happen somehow PD Na, I promise I’m funny enough for TV

      • it’s definitely a blessing to have genuine friends who you can depend on no matter who you are!

    • So happy to know that both of them are friends it is so rare to see a celebrity close to jeon ji hyun. I love the hugged they shared.

    • wuuh mind-blown indeed. How coincident. SJK was among the very few celebrities who attended JJH’s wedding back in 2012, but I didn’t really think they were this close. Guess it’s because they both debuted with Sidus-HQ. JIS looks awkward standing alone watching them tho, where is your other buddy Kwang Soo? lol.

      • Judging by sjk’s comment at the wedding, they seemed close indeed. He said she is a good cook and will make a good wife haha

  2. (single?)guy best friends, taking a trip together and one of them just got out of a 2 year army stint? There’s probably going to be some/alot of alcohol and women involved.

  3. I kind of wish it was a Na PD show, but that won’t really be a fun and relaxing trip for them. I wonder where they’re going..

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