Li Chen Steps Up to Protect Fan Bing Bing Against Ex-girlfriend Viann Zhang’s Lowball Attacks

The hottest star couple in C-ent right now is without a doubt Fan Bing Bing and Li Chen. It’s not just the couple being super famous actors even before dating, or that they look so adorably perfect together, the third layer of media and public scrutiny involves the prior relationships that continue to generate headlines. Li Chen’s ex-girlfriend C-actress Viann Zhang (Zhang Xin Yu) has been passive-aggressively posting on her weibo laments mixed with congratulations for the new couple, hinting that things didn’t end properly with her and Li Chen before he moved on.

The two officially broke up in 2013 so public sympathy isn’t on her side, especially since the reason for the breakup was Viann cheating on Li Chen with Wallace Huo (which Wallace denied). Then Viann’s friend posted on her weibo a direct attack on Li Chen for two-timing Viann with Fan Bing Bing, and finally that pushed Li Chen over the edge and he responded with the most direct explanation I’ve ever read coming from a star. He asked Viann and her friends to stop with the false attacks to generate publicity for her side, reiterated that they broke up in 2013 when Viann cheated on him with Mr. Huo, and he was single with he met Bing Bing. Oh BURN!

The public spotted Li Chen and Fan Bing Bing in Lhasa, Tibet last weekend for a charity event. They arrived in the city separately but spent the event together, including being snapped holding hands walking on the street with Li Chen holding Bing Bing’s pink umbrella to shield her from the sun. Later they were spotted at the airport leaving on the same flight, and then a passenger snapped a pic of them nestled together on the plane taking a nap. I think these two are way too cute for words, with the normally haughty aloof Bing Bing taking on a warmer softer aura around Li Chen. He’s also known in the industry for being down-to-earth and sincere, while Viann has a reputation for stoking the media to her advantage, so on this he said-she said kerfluffle my sympathy is all on Li Chen.

But then again, poor Wallace Huo getting dragged back into this mess when it’s been nearly two years since the scandal that Viann may have cheated on Li Chen with him.


Li Chen Steps Up to Protect Fan Bing Bing Against Ex-girlfriend Viann Zhang’s Lowball Attacks — 45 Comments

  1. Now this is what a real man stepping up onto the stage and bearing the truth for all to see is a keeper for sure!!! way to go FBB – marry him 🙂

  2. Poor Wallace! For such a low key guy, trouble loves him. There so many scandal (extremely bad ones) surrounding him. Whereas, the other Wallace (Chung that is) is pretty much scandal free.

    • I fall in love with Wallace Chung after watching My Sunshine. He’s such a good actor and he played He YiChen extremely well. He’s the only reason I finished it until the end. Wallace Chung looks so young for his age, part of it could be bcoz he’s a vegetarian too.
      Li Chen ex seems like she’s bitter that Li Chen has found someone who’s above and beyond than her. So she can’t accept and dragging it to the media to side with her. But too bad, even public can see her motives.

      It’s really not good for Wallace Huo since his name was mentioned again when it’s all forgotten. Can’t blame Li Chen for doing so, it’s all his ex fault.
      I am ready to watch Hua Qian Gu with Wallace Huo and Zhao LiYing. That drama is not going to have a happy ending for sure, but i will gladly watch it for both of them.

    • Wallace Huo isn’t exactly known as a “good guy”. He’s had all sorts of scandals in the past so I think it’s natural that he gets dragged into shit, plus I wouldn’t discount all of these rumours since – well, there must be a reason why they get spread in the first place. He’s also very good-looking, which probably makes him a ladies man.

      On the other hand, Wallace Chung just looks so gentlemanly. He’s the epitome of the good guy persona.

      • You should watch Wallace chung on that amazing race with his younger sister. I loved him more for it. Such a little boy around her.

        There was one scene when he lost her and he was walking around calling her name like he was a lost kid.

        My image of the perfect gentleman Wallace chung was shattered but in its place, a warm hearted and kindly man who loved his family, loved his career and just has so much love for life itself.

      • “He’s had all sorts of scandals in the past”- if you remember most of these scandals occurred when his dramas were airing e.g. Swordsman the rumour with Joe Chen.

        he just goes out to eat with friends or buy ice cream as one user pointed out. Btw he is known for being a good guy- he’s respected by other artists for his attitude so his “scandals” are made up by the media since he’s so boring and theres nothing to write about aside from his drama promos…..

  3. Viann Zhang Is terribly annoying she really does anything to get the attention.. Same thing happened with Ron Ng except he ignored everything she said LOL!

  4. I’ve never heard of Li Chen until he got together with FBB. Don’t see his appeal or why these beautiful ladies are all over him!

    • Me too. Can’t see the reason, and don’t know who he is.

      Looks are fairly ordinary. As for bods, most guys have them these days.
      He must have an awesome personality?

      Seems really stupid for a person who cheated first, to blow this out of proportion. Pot calling a kettle black situation. Yes draws attention perhaps, but of the unpleasant wrong kind. Stooopid.

    • Probably looks way better in person + has a great personality. Or maybe he’s just that good in bed LOL jk…sort of…

    • I don’t think he’s very photogenic. He looks better when you see him in motion like on the Chinese version of Running Man.

    • watch hurry up brother. i didn’t see his appeal and found him looking like a cherub lmao but in motion he looks quite classy and dapper.

    • He was on Saving General Yang. I love that movie. He is not photogenic but when you keep looking at his picture, you will see he is handsome. I love the way he treat FBB.

  5. Not much a fan of this couple but is nice to know that they are not hiding their romance. I’m glad a lot of celebs are open to their romance now than before. However, I do find Li Chen had spoken to much about in the letter his posted on his weibo about his relationship with Viann Zhang. Stating this happen and that happen. It makes him a lesser gentleman than he seem and a bit of a jerk to be honest!

    • Umm, no. His ex was the one who started with the Weibo posts, so obviously she must have been okay with having their relationship talked about publicly. And she told lies, with the intent of besmirching his name and that of his new gf by extension. Li Chen owed her absolutely nothing and I don’t see why he should have taken her abuse quietly when he had done nothing wrong. His ex got nothing more than she deserved (probably less).

    • Considering she was the one who brought it up constantly and must have spoken to her friends about him cheating as well for her friend to make a direct attack on him, I say he was well within his rights to fight back. If she really did cheat on him first then having not said anything in all the post she did and only did so when her friend posted makes me see him as more tolerent than most men already.

      She is basically blacking his name, and if what he said where true, he’s got a good case for defamation on her.

  6. The break up must have been pretty bad if there’re still unresolved issues after 2 whole years.

    And why does Wallace get more sympathy? Men who have affairs with women in relationships should be critised too,

    • He denied it though, it could be that Viann is just being clingy.
      Some girls like Viann just try too hard to hit on guys.

      • And why are we quick to believe him? Men hardly ever bring up other men into this kind of mess unless it is true, because it hurts their ego. What would Lichen have to gain from bringing up Wallace besides feeling disrespected and humiliated?

      • Wallace actually refused to respond to the rumours during the press conference for Journey of Flower. Plus everyone is mistaken, in Li Chen’s post he didn’t say anything about a “Mr Huo” one of his friends during their argument with Viann’s friends brought it up.

        Wallace is well known for being low key and a nice and serious guy- the reason why he probably got dragged in could be in anticipation of his upcoming drama. Wallace definitely isn’t an attention seeking guy so he would never date someone like Viann. The fact he refuses to respond to the reporters’ constant questions proves this.

    • And why is Wallace’s name being dragged through the mud when there’s no proof at all?? Why is his reputation torn to shreds and his career damaged when there’s proof at all?

      Viann’s dramatic antics on weibo are well-known. If she was truly involved with Wallace, is it possible that a loudmouth like her can stay quiet for this long? Even if she won’t say it’s Wallace out right, she’d bombard us with so much annoying hints that there’s no doubt it’s Wallace.

      This scandal was started by Li Chen in 2013, who deleted his weibo accusation about Wallace by the way. However, he can’t deny he started it because the media and other people have saved his post before he could delete it. This is a serious accusation that damages Wallace’s reputation and career severely so isn’t it right that he should be presumed innocent until proven guilty? For some unexplained reason, the public is quick to trust Li Chen and cast their stones at Wallace, based on nothing except Li Chen’s deleted weibo post.

      Anyone who bothers to read and watch interviews about Wallace will know what a great guy he is, how well he treats his fans and how the people who work with him have nothing except praises for him.

      • edit: Why is Wallace’s reputation torn to shreds and his career damaged when there’s no proof at all?

      • Idon’t know much about his scandals or hers, but I believe he handled the situation in a classy manner, with closure for the other girl, and assurance for Fan Bing Bing.

      • Was Li Chen classy when he posted on weibo linking Wallace to Viann without any proof and deleted the post later? If true, why not leave up the post and give the public some proof too? Otherwise, all the public have to go on is Li Chen’s words, which he retracted later by the way by deleting his weibo post. Luckily, other people and the media saved the post so Li Chen can’t deny he did it.

        In general, is it classy to accuse someone of a serious deed that harms that person’s reputation and damage their career without being able to show any proof?

        Through all of this, it’s been Li Chen and Viann back and forth on weibo along with their friends trying to make the other side seem like the bad guy. Wallace has stayed silent, held his head high and stayed above the fray, even though his reputation has unfairly suffered the most.

        In the 3 years from the time Li Chen started this scandal himself, Li Chen has not shown the public any proof that Wallace is the third party! What makes Li Chen more trustworthy than Wallace? Why does the public give Li Chen the benefit of the doubt and not give Wallace the same respect, especially since it’s Wallace reputation and career that have been damaged from this?

  7. I love that annouced it right before their reality show starts

    Also for those curious about Li Chen’s charisma I suggest watching Hurry Up Brother (Chinese version of Running Man)

    • I really liked his characters in Soldier Sortie (with Wang Baoqiang, Chen Sicheng, Duan Yihong) and Beijing Love Story (with Chen Sicheng, Tong Liya, Yang Mi).

  8. Good for him. He’s doing everything a boyfriend should do instead of letting his megastar girlfriend (not really clear on his status within the Chinese industry) take the heat of the scrutiny.

  9. It always amazes me, the ex-girlfriends or ex-boyfriends who just can’t seem to let go or know the meaning of “It’s over.”

    Good for him for stepping up like that. The only C-drama I’ve ever watched is “Love In Beijing” and Li Chen was in it. I thought it was great and thought he was quite good in it.

    Wishing him and his new girlfriend happiness.

  10. I feel for Wallace. Whether or not the affair was true, he really doesn’t deserve to get dragged into this issue again. Li Chen shouldn’t have taken names tbh. It makes him a little bitter and less of a gentleman when the mature thing was to just say “you had an affair”.

    • Li Chen has never mentioned who the 3rd party was. A so-called friend named the 3rd party as a “Mr. Huo”.

    • I personally don’t see it as him bitter, but rather stating what everyone already knows. Fact is, she was attacking him and his girlfriend for attention, trying to gain public sympathy while painting him and fan bing bing in a bad light, if anything she seems to be the bitter party, considering apparently fan bing bing is the hottest thing in c-dramas right now, he’s definitely moved up and is probably getting more recognition than her. He had every right to make a retort and regardless of whether he named Wallace directly or not, the moment he mentioned that she cheated everyone would have thought of Wallace and someone would mention him on comments section regardless. Sadly, Wallace will always be tied to Viann Zhang and that cheating scandal whether anyone actually mentions him specifically or not.

      • Oh Viann Zhang is definitely bitter and pretty darn public about it too which is not only embarrassing to herself but also her ex. But regardless on what te comments section say or what netizens say, rumors will remain rumors in many people’s eyes if no one confirms. The fact that Li Chen did so (if he did) openly when Wallace is not at fault for whatever Viann chooses to do? That’s rude, and immature. He could have taken the higher road and let people bring up Wallace themselves. But if he did so, that’s lame and so not a. gentleman

  11. Li Chen was the first person who dragged Wallace Huo into this by posting on weibo in 2013 wishing Viann and Wallace Huo happiness together. He straight out said Wallace’s name. However, he did not offer any proof and deleted his post, but the media and other people already saved his post so he can’t deny what he did.

    As for Wallace, he said he did not know who Viann is when asked about her. The paparazzi followed Wallace for a year but could not get any discriminating pics. All they got was plenty of pics of Wallace going to McDonald’s for ice cream.

    As for Viann, she never said it’s Wallace Huo.

    How is it fair for Wallace that Li Chen is made out to be the “good guy” and Wallace is the “bad third party” when there’s no proof at all? All people have is Li Chen’s weibo post (which he deleted by the way) versus Wallace’s denial?

    Why does Li Chen get the benefit of the doubt and not Wallace?

    • Agree ^ Wallace shouldn’t have been dragged in at all (I laughed when you mentioned him going to Mcdonalds which is true). Wallace is an incredibly private person to the point of boring. He spends 90% in Hengdian or filming so he clearly doesn’t have time to go out with Viann. Remember when she went out with Ron- they were spotted everywhere and from Viann’s history she won’t be happy going to Mcdonalds with Wallace.

      Another thing I would like to point out though- Wallace has refused to comment or respond to the matter since it has nothing to do with him. He was dragged in this scandal for no reason.

    • @ lidge, please read koala’s post below. That’s the real Wallace aka 霍建华 that I’m familiar with. But overall his scandals all these years have not affected his career since he’s still getting roles.

      • @lc, koala said and if I may quote – “When asked, Wallace’s manager denied the relationship by saying he had no idea how Wallace and Viann could know each other.”

        Wallace’s management represents him so this statement is what Wallace has to say on this matter. There’s no need for Wallace to lower himself and join the he-said, she said weibo war with Li Chen and Viann and their friends. Their posts on weibo throughout the years have shown what type of people they are.

        So in essence, why is Li Chen’s deleted weibo post given the benefit of the doubt and not the statement from Wallace’s management? What gives Li Chen more credibility than Wallace?

  12. They were in Xizang (Tibet), Lhasa not in Xinjiang. My aunt was even able to snap some pictures of them when she passed by. lol

  13. Li Chen-Viann-Wallace was a huge scandal back in late 2013.

    The info has been collected here for an easy read:

    Li Chen and Viann dated for a year. She cheated on him with Wallace Huo, they were spotted going into the same hotel room. Li Chen found out and dumped her. She later told her friends that Wallace was not the sole reason for the breakup, the relationship with Li Chen was already on the rocks at that time.

    Li Chen posted on his weibo a few weeks a wish for Viann to be happy with Wallace Huo. He deleted the weibo later at Viann’s request because he’s just a giant softie inside and still cared about her, not because it wasn’t true. Viann told her friends that she didn’t expect the romance with Wallace to last, it was just a casual thing for both of them.

    When asked, Wallace’s manager denied the relationship by saying he had no idea how Wallace and Viann could know each other. Wallace has never admitted or denied it, he just doesn’t answer the question. Plenty of stars deny scandals, it’s not a big deal to just say NO, it never happened. Wallace can’t deny it because it’s true, but it’s also no big deal. Viann probably told him she and Li Chen were on a break or some shit like that when they hooked up. Basically Viann’s reputation is the pits and in this mess I don’t think either of the guys are at fault, more like getting played by the same girl.

    I love Wallace Huo, as an actor he keeps getting better and has a great career ahead of him, but reputation wise he’s not exactly white tofu like his nickname. He has a reputation of being a HUGE player around Hendian where all the dramas are filmed. But also very low key about it, which is why it’s widely known in the industry but his fans think he’s like a boy scout. Roy Qiu dates one girl at a time publicly so when things go south he gets raked over the coals, Wallace dates under the radar. Smart move by him, but also because he’s really into his career so all his relationships are casual because he puts acting first.

    • It is easy to simply speculate that Wallace is a huge player in Hengdian. Where is the proof? It is also easy to speculate Wallace has an affair with Viann, where is the proof? For those who insist it is true, write it down. proof, pictures and all. Don’t drag innocent parties into the picture by sheer speculation and insinuation.

      And as for Wallace not saying NO to the rumours, his studio has issued a brief statement denying his involvement two years ago. That is actually pretty verbal for someone who doesn’t like to comment on personal affairs in public. And I don’t see any reason for issuing another statement just because two people cannot get over it after two years and the saga has to continue. And as for Li Chen deleting the post because he is a softie at heart and not because the statement is false, really …. if he cares for Viann, why break up with her?

      Who Wallace dates in private is his business. Why compare him to Roy Chiu? What has he got to do with Roy? You seem to have a thing against Wallace?

      The reputation of those in tatters is not Wallace but the people who cast the stones. Don’t throw stones when one lives in a glasshouse.

    • I love how you wrote all these speculations as though they are true facts that have indeed been proven. So when I write my response, I will write it too as if it is the complete truth.

      Viann did cheat on LiChun but he did not know with who. Since Wallace stayed at the same hotel, the media immediately decided to add fuel to the fire and printed news that these 2 complete strangers were sleeping together. (Let me repeat, there were never pictures of them ever entering the same room or leaving) Li chun who had already suspected her of cheating read the papers and decided for himself it had to be Wallace. He goes onto his weibo and post a message wishing Wallace and Viann a happy life. He went on a rampage and talk crap about Wallace to all his friends. His friends thought they had juicy news about an actor who was more famous then their friend and his girlfriend combined, so of course they spread the rumors too. It spread like wild-fire and everyone swears it’s the univeral truth because it came from the angry boyfriend. It finally reached Viann and she had no choice but to talk to LiChun about her affairs. Turns out it wasn’t Wallace after all. Opps! LiChun quickly tried to delet his post, hoping Wallace’s company and fans didn’t see it. But he’s too busy dealing with ViAnn that he forgot he had told all his friends a lie. They break up, Viann posts on weibo years later and his friends who were never told the truth still insist that it was indeed Mr.Huo.

      Wallace’s studio released a statement that Viann and him have never met. Wallace doesn’t even know who Viann is.

      Wallace is known to be a stern guy who is immensely private, but he is actually too famous for his own good. Fans want news on him but he never does anything. He’s boring, but news about Wallace will sell, and it does sell, so how do they get him on the cover their papers? They make up stories.

      Wallace is not known to be a playboy, or someone who has a loose personality. If he was as infamous as those rumors painted him to be, he would not have his male coworkers’ respect and praise, let alone the females’. Not to mention the hundred and hundred of extras required to film the Wuxia dramas Wallace is known for. If he was as sleezy as some papers made him out to be, wouldn’t an extra grab the golden opportunity of taking a picture of him in action. They would make good money selling it to the press. Let alone to have these rumors say he does this at Hendian. That place is crawling with the press. So many opportunity. But nope, no pictures. No videos. Nothing. If fans can spot him in some remote street stall quietly eating ice cream, you would think the paparazzi who does this for a living could surely snap a few shot of him showing his “true colors”. Baseless rumors. The press picks on him because one, news about him sells, two, they know he doesn’t bite back, and three, Wallace is a solo actor-not backed up by any big studio or TV channel. He is an easy target. But now that Wallace has finally taken action and actually sued people for the first time about his rumors, I hope the press will think twice about bullying him.

      Just for the record, I am not a Wallace fan, but am a HuGe fan, being HuGe fan you inherited follow Wallace news as well. Hahaha!

  14. A real man stands up for the woman he loves. A man worth marrying is one that puts his pride aside and celebrates his woman’s success. Go new China stars!

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