The Time I Loved You, 7000 Days Adds Second Female Lead and Sets Premiere Date for June 27th

There should be a name for the condition befalling drama fans waiting for upcoming SBS weekend drama The Time I Loved You, 7000 Days. How else to describe the gnawing worry combined with anxious excitement all rolled into one. Some want to watch because it’s the K-remake of hit TW-drama In Time With You, others are there for the leads, Ha Ji Won or Lee Jin Wook or both. I’m eager to watch for a mixture of both reasons, I have a hate-love relationship with the original drama and love Ha Ji Won unconditionally to the point I would watch her sitting around doing nothing.

The remake will be taking liberties with the original story, as a warning for folks who loved the original and won’t be amenable with changes, and the first being the second male lead is a new character being played by rising actor Yoon Kyun Sang. Also joining the cast (very late might I add) is newbie actress Choo Soo Hyun playing the second female lead, a coworker at the same airline as male lead Lee Jin Wook. Those finding her name unfamiliar will recognize her face as being the no-nonsense news PD in Pinocchio, and she also worked with PD Joo in his Gapdong. It’s pretty hilarious how many Pinocchio alum PD Joo has managed to bring back for 7000 days LOL.

Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook are playing the same character descriptions as the original TW-drama leads, and so is Choo Soo Hyun as the second female lead that actively pursues the beta male lead, much to the displeasure of his best friend. Yoon Kyun Sang’s character is the new one and all I know is that he works at a part time job but his real identity is a chaebol son/piano player. There will also be the ex-boyfriend character of Ha Ji Won’s female lead but he’ll be played by actor Choi Jung Won, who has a bit of the bad boy aura about him.


The Time I Loved You, 7000 Days Adds Second Female Lead and Sets Premiere Date for June 27th — 13 Comments

  1. If the drama failed, many fans of original version will be like “why they changed this” or “why they put this”. But, if the new additions make better plot, the viewers will be “This is much better than TW version because of bla..bla..bla..” See , how we are as the viewers are GOD XD.

    Both looks good (in their adult version). Not sure with high school uniform. But if it’s just like one or two episodes, I don’t mind. It will be refreshing to see different looks of them.

    Why they don’t cast Eric as ex-boy friend. In my mind, when it comes to bad boy, Eric is the only answer XD. Sorry for Eric’s fans. I don’t mean to say he’s bad boy. But he just gives that vibe whenever I see him lol.

    • But the high school flashback isn’t for the first few episodes only. The scenes will pop up all throughout the story as the audience learns more and more of the background between the two leads and how differently they took in certain moments they had together as teens.

  2. I am still looking forward to this drama. Wonder how the writer will create yoo kyun sang character. Gotta trust ha jiwon and lee jin wook esp ha ji won is a rating queen. Now it all depends on script writer and directing.

  3. I see the photos of Choi Jung Won from Secret Hotel, but I can’t remember his character at all. Did I miss all his scenes?

    • I didn’t watch Secret Hotel but I hear he played Jin Yi-han’s (best) friend or something, maybe this will make you remember his character? Unless I’m mixing up things with another drama where he played, in which case I’m sorry 😀

      • He played Jin Yi Han’s friend in My Family is coming, not Secret Hotel

      • Actually Choi Jung Won was in My Secret Hotel as the douche baggyish friend who worked at his company and liked the psycho reporter.

  4. Aw man, I feel like this will either be a hot mess or just mediocre after all the drama that has happened.

    I love Ha Ji Won and like Lee Jin Wook so I’m hoping all the stars align and this turns out to be a good or even amazing drama. Good luck to the whole team involved!

  5. Wat the name changed again oh mahn this drama hasn’t even started n it’s giving me the jeebs wahaha I’m going to love it already. Ha ji wonny fan all the way baby

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