Charming and Lovely First Character Stills of the Leads in The Time I Loved You

I couldn’t be more pleased with the casting of the leads in upcoming SBS weekend drama The Time I Loved You (English title The Time We Were Not in Love), all actors I like or love to varying degrees. Regardless of the hiccups with the screenwriter change or the PD carousel, at least I won’t be annoyed watching the four leads act onscreen. The first official character stills are out of Ha Ji Won as Oh Ha Na, Lee Jin Wook as Choi Won, Yoon Kyun Sang as Cha Seo Hoo, and relative newbie Cho Soo Hyun as Lee So Eun.

This drama is a remake of the hit TW-drama In Time With You so the two leads and the second female lead characters are all based on the original story, while the second female lead is not the ex-boyfriend character but a new guy who will romance our heroine. Lee Jin Wook looks like he stepped out of I Need Romance 2 onto this set, which isn’t a bad thing considering this is a rom-com, but it’s seeing Ha Ji Won go back to her pretty rom-com heroine persona that makes me happiest.


Charming and Lovely First Character Stills of the Leads in The Time I Loved You — 21 Comments

  1. I know I’ve said it before, but I’m not liking the change with the role of the second male lead to the typical chaebol character. I mean what’s the point of even casting someone for the role of her Ex if they’ve completely taken him out of the picture as an important figure in the storyline? I didn’t like Sunny Wang’s character, but he had so much more substance to him than the cliche chaebol undercover.

    • Henry is played by Choi Jung won, while Yoon Kyun sang played Nic, who is not her assistant but a pianist instead. Haven’t heard about his chaebol identity brought by the new writers as it was originally made by the fired writer.

  2. These stills are nice, but I’m despairing over the addition of a totally unnecessary second male. I find K-dramas so immature and ridiculous when they INSIST on wedging in a chaebol/genius one way or another. They pulled this nonsense with Naeil’s Cantabile and I ended up loathing the random cellist who stalked Naeil and moped incessantly. The charm of ITWY was that it was totally, completely normal. I could see You Qing and Da Ren as being ordinary people I would pass in a street and not look back. I hope they keep the second female lead like Maggie (bright, but naggy, clingy) and not like some icy bitch. It’s kind of insulting that K-dramas think women’s hearts only get beating for some genius or ultra rich guy. I hope they keep Da Ren at his ordinary job being ordinary and not some secret genius as well.

  3. I can’t contain my excitement anymore!!! Everyone’s looking good in thise stills esp. Ha Ji-won! It really is nice to see her shed her tough, badass image for a more sweet image. But damn why is her name Ha-na? Sighs anyway can’t wait for this!!

  4. Hajiwon’s a vampire!
    Why she never aged at all?
    Cant wait for june27 to come!

    And oh!
    To those who keeps in comparing the original version to the remake pls-stop saying “i definitely wont watch this” or “im not excited with this”..
    You’re fooling yourselves.
    The mere fact that you wasted your time posting comments about the drama says it all.

      • She actually looks good for her age, but not as young as people make her out to be. I think in some angle she looks youngish but then it’s the angle and lighting.

      • Everybody ages. And YES including her. For a 36 yrs. old to look like that. Woah! At least she’s NOT your typical “plastic” Korean actress.

  5. Ms. Koala, just want to give you a big SHOUT OUT for spoiling us. 🙂 Thanks for your time and effort. Can’t wait for this drama to unfold.

  6. Ha Ji Wan looks gracefully beautiful in the still. I don’t care a bit about the male lead though and I don’t even bother to remember his name. I just couldn’t get rid of his dull image in the Three Musketeers.

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