SBS Looks to Ji Jin Hee and Kim Hyun Joo OTP Reunion for Next Weekend Drama

The year of the K-drama OTP reunions was in 2014 but it’s never too late to the party especially if something new is brought to the shindig. Established drama veterans Kim Hyun Joo and Ji Jin Hee are said to be in talks to headline the next SBS weekend drama airing after The Time I Loved You. The drama is called I Have a Lover and is described as the second chance romance between a woman who loses her memory and falls in love with her ex-husband with whom she formerly loathed to the core. Of course the unsaid explanation is usually giant misunderstanding or both characters were way immature and finally grows up the second time around. I like both Ji Jin Hee and Kim Hyun Joo, he always delivers solid performances in any role while she’s always delivering the weekend drama ratings these last few years. I am a little concerned reading that the two leads will be playing lawyers, case in point the current ratings disaster SBS weekend drama Divorce Lawyers in Love. Can’t she get a profession change after her memory loss and turn the setting into something other than argumentative lawyers?

Ji Jin Hee and Kim Hyun Joo worked together way back in 2005 on a SBS drama called Miss Kim Makes 1 Million. I never watched it but looking at them then and now, these two certainly have aged nicely.


SBS Looks to Ji Jin Hee and Kim Hyun Joo OTP Reunion for Next Weekend Drama — 18 Comments

  1. cant wait!!!! they are like my first OTP when i was young.miss kim makes 1 million is one of first kdrama i watched.since then i always followed these two

  2. Oh I’m loving this trend of pairing old co-stars again! And Ms Kim was also fantastic when it aired, a simple rom-com and it delivered. Made me a fan of both and Bong Tae Gyu. Good times good times

  3. ahhhhhhh Missing ‘Miss Kim’ and ‘Park Gun’ Missing the way Ji Jin Hee calling her Miss Kim, and how they always fight and when they fall in love with each other, oh my god, i loved them so much when Miss Kim making Millions was aired. cant wait for this

  4. I thought Divorce Attorneys was meh for 2 – 3 episodes. But I stuck with it as I like the 2 male leads and the main female lead. It got a lot better – I am glad I did not give it up.

    • IKR? Such an underrated drama. Ultra-talented actors in a fine plot, good humour and even some noona romance…What’s not to like? Perhaps the SBS’ week-end curse has done it again! *snif*

  5. She looks like PS has been done to her looks. But I am not complaining as I am very fond of her. Just a comment…

  6. I am so excited that “I have a Lover” is actually happening with these lead, and they even had their script reading yesterday.. But now – no one seems to write about it…. I hope you would, Koala…

  7. Please make a movie to continue the story of ‘I have a lover’. To include more on of Kim Hyun Joo n Ji Jin Hee marriage life. Will they have a kid and what happen to her twin sister and mother, etc. really looking forward. I’m sure it will hit the highest rating of the year for the movie.

  8. I just can’t move on from this drama…oddly addictive and I watch other drama…but non of the story and chemistry as perfect as this…even untill now I still post on instagram and repeat it more than 20times…and lot of her fans out there admit the same to me. this drama is such a lifetime gift to us…

  9. yes I’m hoping that there is a continuation of the I Have a Lover and the Ms. Kim’s million dollar quest. I fell in love with their partnership. They are so adorable couple and how I wish they are in real life.

  10. Please have a ji jin jee and Kim hyun joo together in one project. They have strong chemistry together. What about a I have a lover part2?

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