More Yoo Seung Ho and Park Shin Hye as the Cutest of Lotte Duty Free Coupling

I already gushed about Lotte Duty Free pairing up Hallyu stars Park Shin Hye and recently out of the military Yoo Seung Ho as their latest spokescouple, but there is a new batch of way too cute stills that merit a repeat gush session. It looks like this pairing is here to stay, at least through the end of the year, and the brand has been on a roll doling out great new treats that perfectly fit the seasonal mood. Their first CF around Valentine’s Day was heavy on the pink romance, but for the spring into early summer, the mood is has transitioned to playful and breezy.

My babies enjoying ice-cream, going out on bike rides, and making hand heart shapes captures their sweet synergy without forcing a more mature vibe that isn’t there between them. It could come across as saccharine but instead ends up working mostly between Park Shin Hye and Yoo Seung Ho are clearly enjoying themselves and have a genuine connection with each other. It’s still a bit noona-dongsaeng but with enough wiggle room to imagine more. Love it! Now I’m genuinely looking forward to the winter-fall concept.


More Yoo Seung Ho and Park Shin Hye as the Cutest of Lotte Duty Free Coupling — 19 Comments

  1. Such a cute couple. They gave a really lovely vibe. Feel like I wanna go shopping at LDS now. Shin Hye looks good with almost everyone. I love their mv for So Ji Sub.

  2. Both of them are emitting the buddy vibe here. But I know they can bring on the heat as lovers if they want as seen in SJS MV. They look so cute together and seems to be having so much fun.

  3. Talk about small face. His face is so much smaller than hers, hence making him look like her younger brother. I’m not saying that women should have small face, such and such, cause that’s silly. It’s just that I find the pairing off and awkward.

  4. So cute, both of them, especially when they smile *-* I think I would buy whatever those two were selling- pairing wise or product wise XD

  5. i dunno about the pics being off but i do know i wish i was in her place..i love his smile certainly.. crazy ex-teenager that i am

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