The Time I Loved You Accused of Plagiarizing First Cute Teaser, Replaces it With Two Odd Ones


The development process of upcoming SBS weekend drama The Time I Loved You is the very definition of a rough ride. The PD leaving and then returning, the original scriptwriter getting swapped out for a replacement duo, things were already looking dire even before the release of the first teaser landed the production in its latest mess for plagiarizing the concept from another work. This strikes me less as a real problem than the first two, the bigger worry is SBS doesn’t have the controls in place to check stylistic concepts against prior works whereas the earlier issues could herald a poorly directed and/or written drama.

SBS acted fast against the plagiarism blowback, pulling the now confirmed unoriginal first teaser and replacing it with two new character-driven teasers featuring leads Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook doing their own thing. I am still looking forward to the drama as much as I have been but I really don’t like these teasers. Ha Ji Won’s version is way too cute in a way that doesn’t work with her style while Lee Jin Wook’s is pretty pointless since a dude shooting hoops until he collapses of exhaustion doesn’t tell me anything. On the upside, these teasers are so forgettable it’s sure to be an original concept that no one else has wanted to try before.

New character teasers for The Time I Loved You:


The Time I Loved You Accused of Plagiarizing First Cute Teaser, Replaces it With Two Odd Ones — 12 Comments

  1. At that point, I’m just waiting for the show itself. I will probably only watch HJW scenes (& the Pinocchio kiddo). It won’t be hard to surprise me in a good way (even if sadly, SBS delivers the bad surprises with regularity these days).

  2. Same thing happened with its okay that’s love and look how good that drama was lol maybe it’s a good sign? XDD

  3. These new teasers do not make me feel any better about the direction of this drama. Ariel Lin’s character was a lot of things in the original but cutesy wasn’t one of them. Seeing adults do ageoyo doesn’t appeal to me.

    • I know I’m not alone in this, seeing noona trying to act like 17 years, big big no, and Ha Ji Won totally fails in this category.

    • Can’t agree more. I mean it doesn’t even seem like she’s playing the same character anymore. The original one was smart and sassy. She’s the one with the answers to everything except her own love life. This one just looks like another damsel in distress…

  4. The post’s title should read not “accused of plagiarism”, which implies it wasn’t plagiarism, but rather something like “SBS caught plagiarising, AGAIN”

  5. Just wait for the real show. It just a teaser though. Nowadays, many korean drama teasers show totally different with the original stories. But, really I hope it won’t show adults being cute or kiddo look like. I don’t like aegyo. Really don’t like it. I prefer an adult behaves like an adult. Of course we have aegyo side, but not that kinda-trying hard to be cute.

  6. Totally agreed! HJW in that babyish voice…*cringe* not a big fan of an over the top cutesy female character. I thought the female lead is supposedly a strong, mature, assured type so not sure why the teaser is portraying her as otherwise. But the story sounds promising, hope it delivers.

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