Bounty Hunter Male Leads Wallace Chung and Lee Min Ho Attend Kickoff Movie Press Conference

Casting is firming up for upcoming big-budget Chinese-Korean joint produced movie Bounty Hunter, but beyond the two popular male leads I’m not sure anything else is needed to lure in the eyeballs. This movie made the news last week for being Hallyu superstar Lee Min Ho‘s comeback project for 2015, and may or may not be his last work prior to enlisting sometime in 2016 when he bucks up against the enlistment deadline for his age group.

Joining Lee Min Ho in Bounty Hunter as the other male lead is now confirmed to be Wallace Chung, who has been rumored for awhile to join this production. Despite the 13-year age gap between the two men, they look age similar and pretty darn equal in good looks. They will both be playing bounty hunters and good friends, with the movie being described as an action comedy with both aspects in equal measure. Sounds good to me! Check out the two guys all buddy buddy with a side of aegyo at the kickoff press conference.


Bounty Hunter Male Leads Wallace Chung and Lee Min Ho Attend Kickoff Movie Press Conference — 14 Comments

  1. By the way.. I agree with you on the enlistment. he will probably take on more project before that. I am guess late 2016 or maybe early 2017 enlistment.. if he could postpone it would even be better.. so that he can enlist 2017 bc if he enlists now wher his at all time high in his career it would ruin him

  2. I am really happy for LMH and he has build himself an awesome career. TS Lee Min Ho is the lead in this movie even thou Wallace chung is a co-lead. just like LMH-KRW situation. LMH is the main lead role

      • Lee min ho is more popular so obviously he will be ‘the’ main lead…Looking at the posters also suggests that.

  3. Its funny to see the 2 competing guys in this years ”Male god” poll contest who respectively ended on number 1 and 2 casted in the same movie

  4. the classic tale of a successful individual is Lee Win Ho. the question is what and where didn’t he slay? his doubters, haters and nay-sayers are all giving up on him and just taking the road nowadays

    • Lol so true…starting from his Bof days he was always doubted or rather dismissed whether he was just a one hit wonder but now look, he is standing at the center of Asia.

    • Why one would do a drama if he gets to star in a movie with biggest budget till now? And dramaland nowdays is not what it used to be. It’s better to expand yourself in movies and raise your reputation.

    • He will be the reason I watch. I love him to pieces. Hopefully with Lee Min Ho starring, subbed versions will come out quickly and there will be access to the movie outside of Asia. (*crossing my fingers*)

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