Puff Guo and Bolin Chen Double the Cuteness for New Waterproof Phone CF Event

Bolin Chen and Puff Guo are both such well-known TW-entertainers with so many popular projects under their belts that each has costars that fans are attached to seeing paired as a couple. I certainly loved Bolin with Ariel Lin in In Time With You, their chemistry and not necessarily their romance narrative, and Puff with both Aaron Yan in Just You and Liu Yi Hao in Pleasantly Surprised are fave TW-drama couplings of mine.

Puff and Bolin have actually worked together before in the comedy TW-movie Machi Action but seeing them reunite this week for a Sony CF event made me wish they could do a drama together. They were tapped to rep the brand’s new waterproof Xperia phone and the brand did a whizbang job picking them because they are insanely cute together. So pretty on the eyes and great with the energy and charm on stage when trying out the camera. Enjoy all the cute pics from media shots to their own selfies using the new phone camera function after giving the phone a water bath first.


Puff Guo and Bolin Chen Double the Cuteness for New Waterproof Phone CF Event — 5 Comments

  1. Ok who here in this forum reading this take such good looking selfies of themselves??

    All I can see now is the BSC selfie rule that the guy has to be in front so that the girl’s face is smaller. Who knew that it was an actual truth?

  2. I’m amazed at the commitment to ppl here. She actually put the product name on her chest so it comes out in all the selfies!

    That aside, the cuteness explosion has me up in squees. ^^

  3. Bolin sure look better up close. All the long shot made him look weird.

    In the selfies he looked rather decent.

    Are my eyes deceiving me?

    Puff looks fantastic though. Love LOVE the sleek hair.

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