Roy Qiu and Alice Ke Romance Their Way Around Busan for Upcoming TW-drama Marry Me, or Not

When Office Girls wrapped up its 2011-2012 insanely popular run on SETTV, I was ready to let the drama go thinking that there will be plenty of other opportunities to watch leads Roy Qiu and Alice Ke in future great projects. Boy was I wrong as neither has done anything in the four years since that have remotely touched the charm of OG. There have been plate shifts in their personal lives in the intervening years, with Roy going from taken to single while Alice got herself a cute serious boyfriend in fellow actor Kun Da

Judging from these first drama stills of them filming the overseas location shoot in Busan for their upcoming drama Marry Me, or Not, the adorable and effortless chemistry between them onscreen hasn’t decreased one whit despite their changed real life circumstances. I still never want them to actually get together in real life, but I would ask for them to get together and make a romance drama for me at least every four years. Check out all the pretty pics from Busan which will wrap up principal filming for the entire drama.


Roy Qiu and Alice Ke Romance Their Way Around Busan for Upcoming TW-drama Marry Me, or Not — 8 Comments

  1. True that both of them didn’t act together for 4 years but they went to mainland China to pursue their carrer in several mainland series separately. So I don’t think they weren’t taking any project in last 4 years.

    If I were to be Roy, I’ll be happy to accept several project in Mainland for more money ^_^

  2. They seem to genuinely like each other as friends and seem quite relaxed with one another. I’m so glad they are working together again.

  3. Does anyone know why “Wine Beauty” never came out, at least nowhere I could find with subs?? It looked like a fun drama…

    • It didn’t get picked up by a big network, so it aired on a really small one. The episodes (without subs) are available on YouTube, but they’re really bad quality. I’m guessing that subbers are waiting for when the drama gets picked up by a bigger network to get better quality videos. An already aired drama getting picked up by a big network and re-airing is rare, but it does happen.

      • They get picked up if they score good ratings. I’m guessing the drama kind of flopped. Plus, Myolie Wu and Roy Qiu don’t exactly have a fanatical fanbase (they are not “popular” in that sense) and RQ didn’t do a whole lot for his image with his bad breakup (with Tiffany Tang who’s the golden girl of TV currently). So yup, I agree that it probably won’t air on any of the bigger channels anytime soon.

  4. I love this couple so much. They look so cute and relax with very good chemistry. I’m so excited with this drama.

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