Chen Qiao En Headlines Military Academy Period C-drama Destined to Love You

Not often does an upcoming drama stroll along that I actually want to watch because it looks terrible. The glossy C-drama Destined to Love You totally fits that bill because I’m curious if the actual drama will turn out to be as unintentionally hilarious as the previews suggests. Starring Chen Qiao En, Jia Nai Liang, Bosco Wong, and Zheng Shuang, the drama got unfortunately early press when there was sniping behind the scenes when script producer Tong Hua accused slimy Yu Zheng of stealing her idea for an early Republic era military school drama. The drama just premiered this week but I haven’t check it out yet since I’ve been on vacation until now. Those interested can take a gander and share some first impressions.

Maybe she should have laid low on this one since the end result seems to be so ridiculous I’m not sure the idea was worth stealing in the first place. The preview is so comedic as to border on farcical, at the same time every character is amped up for maximum costumed and packaged appeal. The scenes of the military academy male cadets in “training” had me laughing at the abs and posing going on everywhere. I actually liked Bosco’s second male lead the most out of the leads but I doubt he’ll get the girl.

Preview for Destined to Love You:


Chen Qiao En Headlines Military Academy Period C-drama Destined to Love You — 28 Comments

  1. For the thing about accusing Yu Zheng for plagiarism, despite it maybe being bad press, I think Tong Hua was justified in doing so. Yu Zheng has a long history of blatantly plagiarizing plots (and nonchalantly denying it). After Tong Hua released the concept drawings for Destined to Love You, Yu Zheng released very similar concept drawings the next day. I don’t think that could be just a random coincidence.

    • Wait so is this Yuzheng’s production or Tong Hua’s? I had the impression Yuzheng always manages to force his productions to speed up so they come out first (COUGHGongCOUGH)

      • This is Tong Hua’s production. Yeah, Yu Zheng usually tries to push out his dramas before others can, but he didn’t in this case. Yu Zheng likes to play around with the media to get attention, bad or good, on himself and his productions, so I think his concept drawings may have just been a ruse to get attention. Maybe he was trying to “calm the waters” before he goes off plagiarizing something else.

  2. Oooh, I am up to date with all 6 eps released. Although the comedy is OTT it surely is addicting (though one must not take this too seriously for maximum enjoyment). The comedic set up dressed in sleek uniforms surprisingly works, especially the fantasy-like set up of fit men donning smart uniforms.The pace is quite nice, though i am scared that it may turn melodramatic when the plot thickens.

    • I want to watch for the LOLs, but I can’t stomach watching Joe Chen in anything for the time being, to get over the stink that was Cruel Romance. That drama put me off period romance dramas, which seems to be the go to thing lately.

      • Cruel Romance was horrible…. It certainly was disappointing making it easy to forget ;). But honestly i cannot resist that time period. The fashion, the set up everything is just so dreamy.

      • Cruel Romance was ok at first, if you ignore the bad editing that left a lot of gaps in the plot. Towards the end it became so ridiculous, and I gave up watching when *SPOILER* Joe suddenly came back as a spy/agent with Kimi. Ne

  3. Yes, it is totally hilarious….so far. Laughed till I cried. Hope it holds and doesn’t veer off to melo land. I like Bosco’s acting and his role character more too! 🙂

  4. As much as I love Bosco and Joe Chen, I’m still not going to watch this because Bosco isn’t the main lead. Plus, I don’t like the main guy (Didn’t like him in The Best Time, still not going to like him now) and Zheng Shuang. Her glaring face and her acting are just MEH! She killed The Cage of Love for me besides the bad writing. I thought Hawick can have chemistry with any actress, but she proved me wrong; Hawick had more chemistry with the cat than her ==.

  5. I watched it. It’s ok but the main guy is annoying and some actors are too exaggerated. Bosco is indeed the best and he looks so handsome and manly here. *spoiler*And his character is soooo warm and sweet to QE. They make a great cp onscreen. What a pity she won’t choose him!

  6. So far, It’s addicting and fun to watch. The harem of soldier men abs is amazing. Chen en qiao is so cool. I love her. Super sassy instructor. And Bosco is da man. He’s so sweet and always there for chen. Unless, the main male somehow convinces me that he’s better, I’m going to be so disappointed if chen doesn’t end up with bosco.

    • Oh I love this drama.. This surprisingly very good, sweet, and funny.

      Chen Qiao En is so badass! I love her, she is a strong female lead that can think out of the box 😀 She has so many tricks! LOL! Yes Bosco is such a gentlement, he’s so sweet and caring to Bao Bao. But Xiang Hao is silly and funny but at the same time also charming. I don’t mind who Qiao En end up with, and like always QE have great chemistry with all the guys, well anyone actually!

      • YES, I AGREE WITH YOU. I love dramas with strong female leads and not the typical damsel in the distress ones! OMG BOSCO! He is breaking my heart in so many ways (the good ones) hahahah I love the fact that he is a gentleman, but dang he going to lose out on our main girl lead with being too overly gentleman-ish. I wish he would have taken action beforehand; for me, he was the the first one to fall in love with her than the other guy, but just stayed quiet about it and lost from there on. *sigh…My heart already broke for him on certain episodes gahhhhhh. BUT HIS SMILE IS JUST CRAZY SEXY, WITH THOSE HOT BLAZING EYES! Can’t wait for all the episodes to come out, as long as all of our main leads end up happy I’m good hehehe

  7. OMG, I AM OBSESSED!!! I love this drama! Im caught up to ep 6 and have watched the rest till ep 24 raw because I could not wait for the subs! I like the otp, BUT I LOVE LOVE LOVE OUR SECOND LEAD (wen tao forever!!!!!!!!) this drama gives me the worst case of second male lead syndrome (addiction). The rom-com antics are awesome. The drama is not cheesy and I like how it mixes a light rom-com with the typical politics, conspiracy, especially along a military set background. Overall, I love this drama especially because of Tong Hua. Huge fan of the work! I cannot wait till the rest of the episodes are released. Even if they are raws, I can still catch myself giggling, rofl, and enjoying this very much ADDICTIVE, LOVEABLE, SEXY, SPECTACULAR drama. ……….(WEN TAO, wo ai ni!!!) <3 <3 <3

    • I need somewhere to rant about this drama in English but it was mostly more on fire in weibo. I just watched the final two episodes and now I feel depressed because *SPOILERS* the ending is heartbreaking especially dear Wen Tao’s ending. Ahhhhh!!!! Now I feel like I’m having the worst second lead syndrome ever. He was too perfect! Why the torture??

    • I’m not a big fan of Tong Hua. DTLY for example has many loopholes and awkward storyline and towards the end I grew to dislike the female lead character Bao Bao. Mostly because of the writing. My most favorite character is Shen Wen Tao(and omg Bosco’s acting was subtly awesome. Joe Chen also praised his acting)

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