First Look at Lee Soo Hyuk Along with Hale and Heart Lee Jun Ki on the Set of Scholar Who Walks the Night

Consider me impressed with the visuals so far of all the male leads of Scholar Who Walks the Night. First there was Lee Jun Ki as the titular vampire scholar, which is basically a role he can play in his sleep and the sageuk garb an outfit he rocks like no other. After his onset accident last week, Lee Jun Ki is back filming and below are three new drama stills released by the production showing him in a great mood and looking no worse for wear despite the nose fracture suffered.

In addition to new pictures of Jun Ki back on set, the production also released the first look at model-actor Lee Soo Hyuk in his role as the vampire antagonist character. I must say he looks insanely fine, way better than I expected and even more alluring than the character was drawn in the original manhwa. He only got on my radar after Valid Love earlier this year but it was as good a role as any to really breakout. I thought Changmin’s first stills as the Crown Prince released earlier this week was unexpectedly promising, so added all together the male leads in Scholar all get my first impression thumbs up!


First Look at Lee Soo Hyuk Along with Hale and Heart Lee Jun Ki on the Set of Scholar Who Walks the Night — 19 Comments

  1. Wooow! Lee Soo Hyuk looks really good! I think I’ve never seen him look nicer.

    I will hold my judgement until I see the first few episodes.

  2. Yeah, right now, Lee Soo Hyuk looks way more like a vampire to me than Jun Ki does, but we’ll wait and see how the actual drama looks before knowing for sure. (And while I love both of them, damn Soo Hyuk be looking gooood.)

      • He looked beautiful/hot in High School King and Valid Love. He looks amazing here though, geesh.

    • Lee Soo Hyuk makes a beautiful vampire. He is what I imagined Louis or Nicolas to look like from the Vampire Chronicles. Dark hair, dark eyes, beautiful, flawless skin.

  3. Daebak…. Look at that noseeeeee
    Glad to see nothing happened to it hahaha. They all look yummy. Simply can’t wait.

  4. Lee Soo Hyuk is so handsome….though I was rather hoping his look for Gwi would be like the manhwa – long flowing while hair, and perpetually shirtless/with his robe about to fall off one shoulder. lol.

    And good to see Lee Jun Ki back at last! I hope Lee Yoo Bi is recovering well too, I’m still worried because her injury sounds bad and is the type that normally needs at least 4 weeks to fully heal.

    • Yeah, I was looking forward to the bare chest and white flowing hair too. LSH will always look hot; but his hair here is like weird in a mehh sort of way. Stylist–why??????

    • I guess the production thought that Gwi’s manhwa look would be too conspicuous and out-of-place in a live action drama? I remember there was a swimming scene in the manhwa and I also read that there will be bathing scenes in the drama, so maybe we’ll still get to see the manhwa version of Gwi, lol.

      • Maybe his hair will turn white when it comes in touch with water? Totally speculation on my part, lol.

  5. Finally, I’ve been waiting on stills of Lee Soo-hyuk forever, he looks really good and so perfect in this role. Now, I wonder when Kim So-eun’s stills will be out. I only care about the both of them in the show.

  6. Yes Koala, just keep updating, keep updating, and keep updating. I’m really looking forward to this one. Please Mr/s writer and Mr. director, don’t disappoint me. There have been tons of K dramas that failed me at the midway. Producer is one most recent example. LOL…that awkward kim Soo Hyun character….

  7. oh my goodness.

    I cannot handle this. I cannot. *stuffs napkins into nose* HELP.

    I just hope he will not only keep playing vampires cause he was very good in a quiet dramatic role too
    but wowza

    at least the production design, costumes, make up, all of that is already fantastic.

  8. Lee Soo Hyuk looks amazing. He’s dark, beautiful and mysterious all at once. His costume seems more medieval than Korean?

    Glad that Lee Junki is back, and he has recovered well.

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