The Time I Loved You Looking Solidly Intriguing Again with Release of New Fourth Teaser

This fourth teaser is is my favorite by far from upcoming SBS weekend drama The Time I Loved You. It’s not much but does improve in the right direction, delivering in 30 short seconds tons of snippets that all work for me. There is the cute chemistry between leads Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook, showing us their current incarnations of successful career person but still unsettled in the romance department, and finally for a Pinocchio fan like me there is a veritable who’s who of faces from that drama showing up in Jin Kyung, Shin Jung Geun, Choo Soo Hyun, and Lee Joo Seung. Of course hyung Yoon Kyun Sang is also in this drama but so far he hasn’t shown up in any video teasers yet so I wonder if he’s being deliberately kept under wraps. While new scenes from the high school years still look laughably like two adults playing kiddie dress up, the energy is great and will likely be easy to digest with some playful acting by the leads as to not take it too seriously. All in all this is looking promising again.

Fourth teaser for The Time I Loved You:


The Time I Loved You Looking Solidly Intriguing Again with Release of New Fourth Teaser — 8 Comments

  1. Like koala mentioned, i see many supporting characters from Pinocchio. I am looking forward to this and The scholar who walked the night. There is also YongPal with Joo Won and KimTaehee drama airing after Mask.

    • Agreed Ariel is daebak Then again Ha Ji Won is quite awesome too
      I really hope this drama lives up to the Taiwan version because this is quite a solid storyline and did very well in Taiwan looking forward to this drama!!!

  2. Is it just me or does Ha Ji Won look like Hyun Bin in the first picture. Or it might just be me missing the Secret Garden OTP. Love the Queen, looking forward to the drama!

  3. They look very unfit in the high school setting. Sigh! But I’ll give a shot for the sake of Ha Ji Wan and L. Perhaps I’ll just quit watching after that mere 3 episodes of adorable L. LOL….

  4. hope this would different from taiwan version, why?? cuz i just saw Ariel-Bolin’s chemistry in new pic. i would compare them. so no no no.. better different ‘vibe’, so i can enjoy ha ji won eonni and her new pairing man. he’s always good with whoever she played with.. so.. pleaseeee be better 🙂

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