Additional Drama Posters for The Time I Loved You Continue to Impress with the Comfortable Warmth

The Time I Loved You could still end up sucking but there’s no question the drama production has delivered 110% on crafting beyond gorgeous drama posters. None of those flat photoshopped creations with the faces of drama leads looking cute/constipated/intense arrayed around each other. I always prefer drama posters that are shot in real outdoor settings, or at least designed with a realistic fascimile of a scenic backdrop, or else go fully computer generated but in an eyecatching or unusual way. Anything is better than giant faces of the leads slapped on a sheet.

The Time I Loved You already wowed me with the first poster of Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook in comfortable intimacy enjoying a coffee, now the second and third drama posters are out and continue in the same design concept showing the world of these two best friends. In the top poster Ha Ji Won looks out her window facing Lee Jin Wook’s house but she’s looking into the side distance while his character stares intently only at her. In the third poster below, they are smiling for the cameras while sitting side by side, normally nothing to write home about but their smiles and body language are just so on point in showcasing how much they enjoy being around each other.


Additional Drama Posters for The Time I Loved You Continue to Impress with the Comfortable Warmth — 11 Comments

  1. These posters carry a bit of INR2 flair…The old friends who become lovers (time and again, in tvN’s drama) while living in next-door houses. I’m not nagging, I’m just stating the obvious. Since we’ve seen this before, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a better plot and execution. I haven’t watched the original and I’m not planning to do so in order to be as objective as possible…

    • Lol. They won’t be friends with benefits, right? Haha. I didn’t finish INR 2 though. I couldn’t stand LJW’S char.

    • You should try watching the original drama I do believe you’ll like it. It shows how familiarity can also become a way for people to feel distant despite the physical contact.

  2. The photoshop skills on the first poster is laughable.

    I’m eagerly anticipating this show, given my love for the Taiwanese version.

  3. tbh, I’d have a constipated face too if my elbow was growing out of a brick wall. The bad photo editing kills all the cute, which is a shame because HJW and LJW look so good when they are actually together.

  4. The two have such awesome chemistry in whatever they are in, this will be really really good – even if the script isn’t award winning.

  5. LOL the photoshopping in the first poster. =))

    But all jokes aside, they do have some serious chemistry. At least we’ll still have that even if the script were to suck.

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