Moon Chae Won is Fun and Flirty in Vivienne Westwood Sunglasses

It’s past the halfway mark of 2015 already and the networks are nearly finished lining up K-dramas through the end of the year. There remains a few working projects and time slots but it’s increasingly looking like actors and actresses that haven’t signed up yet for a drama land return will likely not be on the small screen this year. Included in that group may be Moon Chae Won, who was in Good Doctor in 2013 but I skipped that drama so it feels like ages since I last watched her in Nice Guy.

There has been so much buzz around Song Joong Ki returning from military service with plenty of fond memories of NG, an awesome melodrama that worked not just because of Song Joong Ki but also in equal part due to Moon Chae Won’s impressive commitment to the prickly role. I find myself missing her lately and came across a CF campaign released this March featuring Chae Won modeling the spring/summer collection of Vivienne Westwood sunglasses. I love love love the pictures and frames, she’s so cool and vibrant even without showing her eyes once to connect with the camera.


Moon Chae Won is Fun and Flirty in Vivienne Westwood Sunglasses — 17 Comments

  1. who doesn’t excited about Moon Chae Won..?..
    Queen of saeguk,
    Queen of melodrama,
    Queen of Hanbok.,
    and definitely Queen of Rating..
    please make a comeback..

    • when she paired up with joowon, i thought : omo, the queen and the king of rating! but then joowon failed once. i hope, she considered a good drama for comeback.. cant wait!

  2. We all miss her sooo much! Her management company said that she would be making a small-screen comeback by the end of this year, but I guess it is not happening. What ever happened to the Korean remake of Love Letter. I know she is a big fan of the movie, and I can see her playing the part. Or what happened to the Lee Kyung Hee drama? I want MCW to work with her again. Whatever the project is, she needs to comeback soon because it has been far too long. At least her movie with Yoo Yeon Suk is coming out around October so we have that to look forward to.

  3. So miss her. It’s to the point where every time I hear new drama castings, I’m hoping to hear her name attached. Still hoping.

  4. I miss her like crazy but I know she’s carefully looking for her next project..I hope she’ll be cast in Lee Hyung Hee new drama..

  5. *sigh* I keep hoping to see a casting news with her in it but it doesn’t seems like she will return anytime soon.. the writer of Cheese and Trap wants her to be the FL but I don’t see her interested for that role.

  6. I miss her so much! And she looks vibrant and gorgeous in these pics. 🙂

    I want her back on the small screen as soon as possible but I’ll happily wait for her to choose a good drama. It was probably good for her skip a good amount of dramas this year. Even though it was slightly better than last year it was still a horrible drama year. So let’s hope for better project to come – either towards the end of the year or next year. 😀

  7. She’s SO PRETTY. And such a good actress too.

    I wish Cheese in the Trap at least offers her that lead role instead of going for crappy idol casting, I realise she is A list but she would be so good as Hong Sul.

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