Lee Seung Gi Goes for Casual Sexy Charm in Promoting Recently Released 6th Album

Multi-talented cutie pie Lee Seung Gi had a music comeback last month in June, dropping his 6th full length album to the public at the start of the summer music crush. I haven’t gone through the whole album yet since I’m a Seung Gi acting fan while finding his music easy listeningĀ but not something I’m intensely attached to. I’m still keeping an ear to the ground on the possibility that he may be coming back with an acting project by year end, but so far still no word on that yet beyond rumors.

If I can’t get acting Seung Gi onscreen then at least I can nosh on seeing cute pictures of his for his music promotions. Unlike when he acts there hasn’t been a flurry of pictorials accompanying this comeback, but what little there is have been most excellent. The K-wave spread, which I posted about last month, was a nice appetizer while the main course is the styling he chose for the album. Lee Seung Gi is sporting what may be his best hair to date, and this boy has been known to rock seriously fugly hair over the years. Even better is the clean crisp outfits ranging from sweater casual to a simple tussled white dress shirt. It’s like he knows exactly how to press all my right buttons. Rawr, major major rawr.


Lee Seung Gi Goes for Casual Sexy Charm in Promoting Recently Released 6th Album — 10 Comments

  1. Owhh my puppy! Cant get enough of him! You might be missing him so much right ms koala? Im missing him like crazy!

  2. Thanks, Ms. Koala. Love this post! Love his performance at YHY’s Sketchbook. super charming and…. the boy knows how to make fun of himself with that “funky” dance. šŸ˜€

  3. You should listen to his full new album. It just simply full of awesomeness. Falling in love again. his voice and all is LOVE

  4. This cutie pie live performance in Sketchbook is amazing! You should check it out. Kbsworld already released the eng sub

  5. His album with his second one is the best ever (my opinion) I’m a fan of everything he does, but once he starts singing I swoon <3
    And Ms. Koala ^^ if you heard the news, he'll be on a variety show, no drama this year I guess. Well, dramas aren't that fascinating lately, so he made a good choice, nice boy. I mean man! Man, when did he grow up to be a man? He's an oppa and I consider myself a noona to him, he looks so young but still giving a manly vibe unlike the times he was just a cute baby-boy. SeungGi-yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa <3 <3 <3

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