Singles Delivers Colorful Yet Unintentionally Awkward Pictorial with Shin Se Kyung at Legoland

Shin Se Kyung is striking while the iron is hot and who can blame her. Up next is long sageuk Six Dragons Flying, but before then she took a fun work trip to Southeast Asia after wrapping The Girl Who Sees Smells. While The Girl Who Sees Smells fell into the same single digit ratings malaise that is industry wide these days, not to mention resorted to the same wacky crime procedural pitfalls that dog all such K-dramas attempting a criminal-police side story, the OTP was a sweet breath of fresh air and half the credit goes to Shin Se Kyung.

Shin Se Kyung’s biggest acting weakness is sometimes looking totally like a dead fish onscreen, with paralyzed facial expressions and a blankness that sucks the energy from the air. That happens often in melodramas but clearly the same affliction isn’t there in rom-coms, she was effervescent and adorable in Smelly Girl, and brought the warmth in her chemistry with Yoochun. I like her so much now, which is why I wished her most recent pictorial at Legoland Malaysia with Singles Magazine was better thought out. Half the pics are cute and perky, the other half has her posing in surpremely inappropriate ways in front of a kiddie paradise. What gives, Singles?

Do you guys cringe at some of the pictures like me? The one where’s she bent over under the Lego giraffe. Or the two where she’s draped over a Lego book or a parapet. Or the one where she’s suggestively sucking on her drink straw. And let’s not leave without cringing at the one where she’s told to sit on some Lego animal creation with it’s tail right before her legs. None of this is Shin Se Kyung’s fault, and honestly she looks smashingly gorgeous in every shot, I just want to smack the photographer upside the head for conceiving some of the poses to begin with, much less when the shoot is at Legoland. What’s next? A risque shoot at Tokyo Disney?


Singles Delivers Colorful Yet Unintentionally Awkward Pictorial with Shin Se Kyung at Legoland — 16 Comments

  1. I do like the photo next to the knight. The black and white dress has an almost Lego-like appearance that goes nicely.

    Most of the other shot are indeed rather discomforting.

  2. I think it’s the photographer and her. She’s doing an identical mouth-wide-open pout in nearly all of them, which always screams of someone not being able to connect to the camera.

    That said, the whole concept is awkward and I’m no fan of these kind of ‘instagrammy’, low resolution and over-saturated type photos.

  3. why i think that lee jong suk would flawlessly do the pose? he got childlike character and he such an actor-model that would easily be a chameleon.

  4. I love it. They´re angling for a Lolita feel, sort of back to being a teen and unintentionally sexy. I´m not a big fan of the concept, but I do like that the pictorial isn´t pretentious, it´s playful and confident and in my opinion SSK nails it. Love the colors and styling.

    • You must agree, though, that the sexual hint in almost every shot and pose has gone beyond the term “hint”, right? The question is to whom this photoshooting is addressed to…And why would any professional photographer choose this kind of a concept?! Who are the readers of this particular magazine and why would they like something like this? A slightly erotic shooting inside a colourful play park for children is not what common people could have easily accepted!

  5. i think you still have residues of dislike because i dont see it
    of course to me she was the first korean actress to portray something other than silly and stupid which at one point made me think that korean women were actually stupid in real life to accept these kind of character
    but to the photos – its CYNICAL – to go to a playground and look uninterested and joyless – why else in an amusement park? if they wanted something fun at an amusement park they would have taken an appropriated age wise model

    • i think reading between the lines is not your forte
      although i do like your articles iv noticed your are not very
      feminist in the characters that you like

      • “Feminist”? That’s the definition of woman exploitation in my view. People who made this poor girl do this, should be ashamed.

  6. I agree, this was a little bit off the wall. So are we to assume, she has no control over her image and that she was just putty in the hands of the photographer? I don’t believe this for a minute.

    There was nothing cute about this photo shoot at all. Just my opinion.

  7. She looks odd. Most of the photos are with her mouth open and it doesn’t look natural but weird. Sex and legoland just don’t mix. The only photo that I liked is the second one where she looks natural.

    I simply cannot watch her in anything. I tolarated her in A Tree With Deep Roots (in which her character was mute most of the time) but I fast forwarded all her scenes in When A Man Loves (the only time I did that while watching a K-Drama).

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