Lee Min Ho and Moon Chae Won Lead the K-stars Attending the 19th Annual Bucheon Film Festival

This is one of the smaller film festivals in Korea but the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (BiFan) actually celebrated it’s 19th year holding the event this week. Not bad for a film festival held in one of the smaller cities in South Korea and with a smaller niche of fantasy movies such as supernatural, horror, and mystery. BiFan still showcases majority of its submissions from East and Southeast Asian countries, which have actually been leading the way in the supernatural and horror niche for many years now.

This year’s festival opening night was attended by some movie veteran faces less familiar to K-drama fans, but the K-drama popular acting talent did show up led by Lee Min Ho and Moon Chae Won. The two attended to receive the Producer’s Choice Award, and also reuniting them since starring in Mackerel Run together in 2007. Check out the red carpet walk below – there was one major fashion fail, I’m totally in love with Jung So Min‘s white lace dress, Moon Chae Won should have chosen a less heavily encrusted gown and definitely no short sleeves, and Lee Min Ho looked fantastic with the perfectly tailored tux and the nice hairstyle and color.



Lee Min Ho and Moon Chae Won Lead the K-stars Attending the 19th Annual Bucheon Film Festival — 38 Comments

    • IKR? He seems a bit puffy in the pictures here. Handsome but puffy. I dunno how to explain it. Or maybe it’s the hair…too long and too tame? I liked his long hair in Faith.

      • I mean he has already started looking like an Ajasshi already (and not a handsome or a smexy one either )


        It’s my personal opinion and I have no intention of hurting anyone’s emotion

  1. Moon Chae Won still looks prettyyyy. Tho I admit she could’ve chosen a better dress.
    So sorry to the lady wearing half dress-half bra. They don’t fit together
    And I don’t see how the dress is appropriate for a film festival.

  2. Koala-nim, do you know So Ji Sub is against Shin Mina in the drama ‘Oh My God’? I felt so happy that I could die.

    • I will definitely fire my stylish who style me with unfinished dress. The red bra…seriously! Wadrobe malfunctioned…look like the designer ran out of fabric. The boobs probably hand made by the plastic surgeon 😉

  3. What’s wrong with MCW’s dress!? O.o I mean at least she doesn’t look like a nun or schoolgirl. I like it. It’s classy! It doesn’t show too much while still showing she is a lady. It’s definitely an improvement to her past fashion choices.

    Also she looks well-rested. 🙂

  4. Moon Chae Won is very pretty. Her dress has aged her by 20 years, not suitable & not flattering. Yikes, that half red bra dress is so ugly, who is she btw? Also, that black & white dress (first pic) and blue & black dress are a completely lace nightmare!

  5. As Kolala unnie Jung so min ‘looks gorgeous with her beautiful dress , dress of Moon chae Won looks a bit dated(which makes him look older) ;Otherwise the most beautiful dress was that of the splendid Oh Yeon Seo ‘beautifully’

  6. Personally I think Lee Min Ho lost his attractiveness after Faith. Maybe because he works too hard, he looks older than his age. And I noticed, after in relationship with him, Suzy also looking older than her age.

    • Oh , I saw LMH at the airport in Seoul abut two weeks ago upon his return from China, looked super splending, not puffy at all, I think something is really wrong with camera here, everyone looks a bit ghostly 🙁

  7. I can’t recognise most of the actors in pictures but I love the white shimmery dress on the actress in the 5th pic from the top. Very elegant (so envious cos I can never carry it off with my short height ). And who’s that actress with the dimple (4th pic)? Very sweet smile.

  8. I love Jung So Min dress. But I am kinda seeing Lee Min Ho everywhere and starts getting tired of him and couldnt careless how he looks like. I havent got anything nice to say about him since Personal taste (coz its kinda funny), City Hunter didnt do much to me…and never even tried to watch that fusion sageuk? Drama he was in (there I dont even remember the title). As for Heirs, there wasnt much to remember (were there?). It feels like he is forever going for popularity…and how terrible I feel right now talking abt him like this since I loved him so much in Bff. Btw, I watched his movie and I better not say anything about him. He is just there. Ok? I am sorry for the long probably and totally unrelated comment. Peace yo!

    • I saw LMH in Faith, I think he was amazing, really portrayed the role so authentically, as I would imagine hero, he was majestic. I saw him 3 times in person, once during fan meet up.He was just amazing, there was a girl in wheelchair, he stopped to talk to her, so non pretentious, incredibly kind and down to earth. The I saw him at the filming of Heirs set, totally super nice to the fans and kind to the actors. He really is so kind. :):):)

  9. Looks like the Amazon Lady was holding a pet kitten on her chest right before going out to red carpet. Because the exposed half of the bra has a big scratch.

    • ROFL! i had to look at that pic again to see if what i’m seeing is correct or if there was something wrong with my vision, but it’s just that dress – look so primitive, like Jane from Tarzan or something….ugh, ugly…the dress, NOT the wearer

  10. Lee Min Ho’s face is getting more bloated over the years as compared to Boys Over Flowers’ period. Either because of aging or ???. His legs are still skinny. His attractiveness is dwindling… I don’t watch much of his works anymore.

  11. Moon Chae Won was definitely look beautiful but yes she could have chosen a better dress..This is always my problem with her and Son Ye Jin,idk if they have the same coordi since they comes from the same company but they could really blow awards ceremonies if they choose dresses that will make stand out more.

  12. lee min ho looks good he has matured over the years and i like this look better.i always thought he was so pretty of a face.he hasnt lost his attractiveness like the way people make it sound.he look just fine and healthy

  13. Jung so min looks the best on that Red Carpet among all of actresses out there…

    About MCW, sure she’s beautiful but i never impressed with her style in awards ceremonies…only like her dress in KBS Drama Awards 2013 part II when she’s received Best Couple Awards with Joo Won for Good Doctor…

  14. Which project did Lee Min Ho win the PD Choice award? Don’t tell me it’s Gangnam Blues?!

    To think that I marked him as someone to look out for after BOF. He had the looks, charm and X-factor to be a star. Well, he has definitely achieved fame, stardom and popularity but not much as an actor. I was hoping he would prove his critics wrong in Gangnam Blues after the disastrous Heirs. It turned out to be nothing more than growing a moustache and frolicking in the mud.

    @Michaelcorleone, I don’t know if he looks older than his age but it is definitely not because he works too hard. Can’t blame him when he gets awards like this for such performance.

    • he did very well in gangnam blues.if you watch that show on the internet it kills the flow of the show because of the bad subtiles.if u thought he got the it factor before,the thing he still have it.it going to take 1 or 2 project to prove that.he is not the best out there but he is definitely a good actor.

  15. LMH look just fine to me. Personally I like his style in Baeksang award compare to Bifan. It’s about his bad hairstyle and no socks shoes that turn me off. That split center hair style always made someone face looks old. Not helping because he originally have mature face.

  16. woa that dress with the red bra. the worse thing is that you can see her actual bra through the fake one. plus the leg slit on top of that. so tacky.

    Jo sung min looks gorgeous, but she and whoever she is coming with look like they are at their wedding. (the little girl looks like a bridesmaid or flower girl even) So many other lovely wedding looks, as per usual.

    • that’s hong jong hyun, they have a movie called “Alice” or something like that which i think premiered at this film festival. and I agree that it looks like they are dressed for their wedding, especially with the kid.

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