Lego Lee Returns to All Black Locks for New Drama and Goes all Green at CF Event in Taiwan

What’s cute even dressed in all green and it’s not even Saint Patrick’s Day as an excuse? Lego Lee, of course! He’s one of the cutest TW-actors ever, with none of the bad boy aura and appeal yet when he acts there is plenty of manly charm hidden in the depths of those eyes. I keep wondering when he’ll come back to the small screen and forgetting that he was in that turd drama Aim High which ran from late 2014 through early 2015, so he was in a drama more recently except it was so bad I couldn’t even watch it for him. Sigh.

Lego went all silver fox hair after the drama wrapped but has since returned to his jet black locks and coming back with a new Friday night SETTV drama tentatively titled Top Chef. I love that he’s looking exactly like his Liu Chuan character from In a Good Way if Liu Chuan grew up and turned into a pitchman for skincare brand The Body Shop. I don’t care if he’s hawking tea tree oil or snake oil, he’s absurdly adorable to me in any incarnation. Hopefully the next acting gig is soon and a character as awesome as Liu Chuan.


Lego Lee Returns to All Black Locks for New Drama and Goes all Green at CF Event in Taiwan — 5 Comments

  1. Awww…i miss Liu Chuan and the rest of the cast and the drama itself “In a Good Way.” I was so bum that there’s no movie sequel. I want to think that our Otp ended up together, though they were apart at the end.

  2. LOL looks like I’m going to be paying more attention to The Body Shop’s products. More than I already do normally that is haha.
    Awwwww I miss Liu Chuan. In a Good Way was such a great drama and I still haven’t come to terms with the ending quite yet. WHERE IS MY MOVIE SETV????

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