Kim Hee Ae as Mrs. Cop Takes Over the SBS Mon-Tues Slot from High Society

SBS Mon-Tues drama High Society wraps up this week, and it couldn’t happen faster for me. The drama was definitely promising early on but a lack of chemistry between the main leads and scene-stealing by the second leads upended the general viewing experience, plus the final stretch plot lameless just grounded everything to a halt. It’s probably a good thing the network is changing gears for the follow up drama, a cop procedural headlining Kim Hee Ae as Mrs. Cop.

There have been tons of law enforcement dramas in recent years, and SBS itself did it with You’re All Surrounded and Three Days, and that’s not counting the police elements in Hyde, Jekyll, Me and The Girl Who Sees Smells. If Ms. Cop follows in those footsteps then we can expect mostly inept crime solving skills and copious amounts of police policy fail, but it’s not fair to the drama to write it off beforehand so I’ll keep a cautious open mind on account of loving both leads Kim Hee Ae and Kim Min Jong. Check out the teaser and stills below to see if you’re in the mood to watch Ms. Cop kick some butt.

Preview for Ms. Cop:


Kim Hee Ae as Mrs. Cop Takes Over the SBS Mon-Tues Slot from High Society — 7 Comments

  1. Kim hee ae is an actress to the 10th degree. Whatever happens in this I know her acting won’t be the problem.

  2. Its true the second leads of high society stole the lime light from the leads. They had such amazing chemistry they kept me interested in the show only because i wanted to know how their story would progress.

  3. It’s nice to see Kim Hee Ae trying something different, but I agree…I don’t expect much from Korean crime dramas. Hopefully it can follow I remember you by having strong characters with interesting backstories to pull it through.

  4. With the serial killer case solved, Young-jin s team takes on a new crime ring. Boss Park steps up his own personal revenge plan and we learn a bit more of his history with President Kang, though there are still a lot of unanswered questions.

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